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RiscCloud by RISC IT Solutions

At Risc IT Solutions we aim to offer you a solution that's different. Not only is our storage platform software cutting-edge, our service and technical assistance are first class giving you peace of mind about where your money is being spent and how your data is protected.

  • On-site primary data backup, so you can restore at LAN speed
  • Off-site mirror for those DR situations
  • Backup for all your servers, desktops and laptops, controlled and monitored from one single console
  • backup storage restore
  • Free telephone and remote support (UK based)
  • Near zero disk usage, as little as 0.01% of selected data
  • Fast backup and restore, 150+MB/S
  • Runs on Windows, MAC, Exchange, SQL, Solaris and Ubuntu



ADrive Enterprise Cloud Storage by ADrive

ADrive Enterprise™ Cloud Storage liberates your datacenter and system administrators from the costs and tasks associated with operating your own production storage systems. Our expert storage-focused teams build best-of-breed solutions with proven technology from today's leading datacenter, storage and network manufacturers. We guarantee 99.9% uptime by deploying enterprise-class storage systems from NetApp®, hosted in Tier IV datacenters with multiple redundant service providers. Our top of the line storage systems are designed without any single points of failure. We guarantee your business applications are always up and running, and we continue to serve your data even during simultaneous failures of storage controllers, disk drives, network, power and cooling systems. 

Secured with VPN Encryption.

We connect to your offices or datacenters via optionally redundant VPN connections to ensure uptime. By leveraging your existing firewall technology, ADrive Enterprise is available for immediate integration into your existing infrastructure. Establish a secure VPN connection to one of our sites, and using IPSEC VPN we provide end-to-end encryption of your data as it is accessed. Once connected, you have access to your private, remote LAN at ADrive Enterprise's site. Different VPN topologies can be implemented, such as GRE tunnels and Remote Access tunnels, to increase the flexibility for custom solutions. Using multiple bandwidth providers, we assure accessibility and minimal service interruptions to your dedicated VPN tunnel. Available encryption options include 3DES, AES128, and AES256 based on the security level your business requires.

On-Demand Scalability.

With ADrive Enterprise Cloud Storage, you choose how you access your storage. We provide file system access protocols such as CIFS and NFS, or the block level protocols iSCSI and Fibre Channel. We also offer custom access via HTTP, FTP, or WebDAV for dedicated customers. It's simple to mount your server farm to various NFS mounts, or integrate CIFS with your existing Microsoft Active Directory Domain to provide remote Windows file shares. With the option to connect multiple office locations and datacenters to ADrive Enterprise, it's easy to centralize your storage and always know where your data is stored. With ADrive Enterprise's on-demand scalability, you can grow your storage capacity on the fly to keep your business competitive.

Optional Mirroring to Multiple Datacenters for Added Protection.

ADrive Enterprise Cloud Storage offers the option to mirror your data to geographically diverse locations. Get remote enterprise-level storage bundled with additional backups. Customize the level of redundancy for your backup site and the number of data copies necessary to keep your business protected. The level of redundancy provided with a Tier I datacenter is often sufficient enough for certain data sets. With the choice of Tier I up to Tier IV datacenters, we can accomodate both your budget, and your off-site backup requirements.

Connect other sites to your ADrive Enterprise Cloud to centralize your data and simultaneously mirror it to one or more destinations. In addition to providing backups and data protection, mirroring allows for read-only cache functionality as well as historic snapshotting. Cloud Storage with added data mirroring delivers an end-to-end, storage and backup solution for your growing business.


Hybrid Cloud Storage Systems by StorSimple

StorSimple enables hybrid cloud storage and 60-80% savings

StorSimple cloud-integrated storage provides primary storage, backup, archive, and disaster recovery, combined with Microsoft Azure. This allows you to optimize total storage costs and increase data protection and service agility. With StorSimple, you can integrate the public cloud with on-premises storage to reduce datacenter infrastructure complexity, maximize data protection, reduce overall storage total cost of ownership (TCO) by 60-80%, and provision storage more rapidly to reclaim IT time cycles.


Box Enterprise Cloud Storage by

Keep Content Organized

Box makes it easy to upload and organize all your files. View over 200 file types in just a few clicks.

  • Create and organize multiple layers of folders for all your content.
  • Access your information seamlessly from any device.
  • Easily find and keep track of folders and files using tags and full-text search.
  • Store files up to 5GB.

Share Files Quickly and Easily

Share content with your team, external partners and vendors just by sending them a link. No more forwarding logins and passwords. 

  • Send links to files or folders of content and see when someone's viewed a file.
  • Receive email notifications when files are uploaded, downloaded or added.
  • Invite recipients to a shared folder for ongoing collaboration.

Manage Content Acces

Define who can access and edit specific files and folders, including password-protected shared links and expiration dates for shared-link access.

  • Integrate with AD/LDAP for single sign-on to facilitate simple and secure roll-out.
  • Easily manage file and folder access permissions.
  • Keep an audit trail of all file and user activity with our robust admin console feature.

Reduce Storage and Systems Maintenance

As a fully cloud-based solution, Box eliminates the burden of provisioning new hardware, increasing storage, updating operating systems, implementing patches and maintaining network infrastructure.

  • No hardware, software, infrastructure configuration or tuning is necessary.
  • Application updates are seamlessly integrated and rolled out.
  • Full data backup and data center redundancy ensure availability.



Rackspace Private Cloud by Rackspace

What is a private cloud?

A private cloud is a scalable cloud environment—providing the agility and efficiency of a public cloud—built on infrastructure dedicated exclusively for your organization. It can be hosted in your own data center, in a partner data center, or at Rackspace.

Private clouds are ideal when you need to accelerate innovation, have large compute and storage requirements, or have very strict control, security, and compliance needs.

We offer a complete open-source package, Rackspace Private Cloud Software, that you're welcome to use at no cost. And to help make your private cloud deployment successful, we're here to help: we offer a training and certification program, managed services, and support options to help you as you build your private cloud.

Software built on cloud operations expertise

We run the world's largest open cloud, and we host many private clouds on OpenStack. The lessons we learn, we feed back into the configuration and tuning of our Private Cloud Software.

Access to cloud ops experts

Benefit from the deep operations expertise we gained building the Rackspace Cloud. Take our experience running OpenStack clouds at scale, and apply it directly to your private cloud. Read about available service levels.

We know your environment

We can work with you to design, deploy, and operate your cloud on-premise, so we always know the intricacies of your environments and the best and fastest way to address any issues that may arise.

Cloud specialists scaling with you

Focus your time and energy on growing your business while we focus on running your cloud. We have the dedicated teams with DevOps experience and skills you need to run your private cloud at scale, so you don't have to.


Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform by Mezeo

The need for cloud storage

The explosion of unstructured data growth is driving businesses to implement cloud technologies for more efficient and scalable ways to store, manage, back up, and archive data.

IT also needs to mobilize content for the flood of devices created by BYOD and deliver convenient file sharing and collaboration services, while also meeting budgeting, security, and compliance requirements.

The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing (NIST Special Publication 800-145) defines essential cloud computing characteristics as on-demand provisioning, broad access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity, and measured service.

Cloud storage solves many challenges with unstructured data access and management with broad access via REST APIs and resource pooling across distributed or local storage in a single, global namespace.


Amazon S3 by Amazon Web Services

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is storage for the Internet. It is designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers.

Amazon S3 provides a simple web-services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. It gives any developer access to the same highly scalable, reliable, secure, fast, inexpensive infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites. The service aims to maximize benefits of scale and to pass those benefits on to developers.


Vaultize by Vaultize

Software-only solution that can be deployed on-premise

Vaultize's private cloud is an on-premise deployment option through which Vaultize's cloud software can deployed on customer's existing infrastructure as a single server or as a scalable private cloud. On-premise deployment gives complete control over the configuration and availability aspects. It is particularly useful for businesses having regulatory compliance requirements that make public cloud an unviable deployment option. Private Cloud comes in many flavors: from basic virtualized configurations to ones with many servers (virtual or physical) that are powered by OpenStack, Citrix, VMware or CloudStack.

  • Deployment from a basic virtualized environment to a highly scalable and reliable private cloud environment
  • Flexibility to configure storage - from a simple direct-attached storage to a complex SAN or NAS based storage to cloud storage (including cloud storage like Amazon S3 and Rackspace CloudFiles)
  • Highly available configuration - from simple HA (High-availability) to highly scalable and available cloud platforms across data centers
  • Single server can support up to a few thousand users suitable for small organizations and multi-server can scale to a hundreds of thousands of users for global organizations



Google Cloud Storage by Google

Use a durable and highly available object storage service. With global edge-caching, your users have fast access to your app’s data from any location. Google manages versioning, guarantees a strong SLA and provides a simple API that allows you to manage your data programmatically.


Egnyte Enterprise File Sharing by Egnyte

Egnyte is the only platform that offers enterprises a choice to store and control files based on file size, security, and compliance needs with a unique approach that can be cloud, strictly on-prem or a combination of the two. Users can get seamless access and share file from any device no matter of where they are stored.

Egnyte solves all use cases that companies will grow to need:

Cloud File Sharing

Easy mobile access and collaboration for files stored in the cloud, from anywhere. Get enterprise–class file sharing without rogue cloud providers or any on-prem deployment or maintenance. Private File Sharing

Remote access to files stored behind the firewall using any smartphone, tablet or computer, without the need for VPN or moving any data through the cloud. Connect to any existing storage investment, leveraging existing shares and access protocols (CIFS/NFS). Local File Access

Blazing fast, in-office file access to address issues with latency, business continuity, large file workloads, and network congestion. Attain speeds 25x faster than public cloud solutions. Cross-office Collaboration

Sync heterogeneous storage devices across distributed offices, enabling remote teams to collaborate as if they're in the same room. Leverage your existing authentication (AD or any other LDAP) and folder structures so permissions are enforced at every office.

Egnyte allows IT teams to leverage their existing investments by integrating with all industry leading storage systems. Cloud-friendly files can easily be stored on Egnyte Cloud File Server or third-party hosting solutions (S3, Azure, Google, Netapp Storage Grid) and large or sensitive files can be stored on any on-premises storage (NAS/SAN/DAS).


Symantec Enterprise by Symantec

Symantec Enterprise

Symantec Enterprise is a cloud-based archiving service that helps organizations store, manage, and discover business-critical information. Enterprise securely captures information in a centralized and tamper-proof online repository, with seamless end user access and rapid search functionality. Plus, the built-in collaborative eDiscovery workflow provides legal teams with roles-based access, expediting the discovery process. With no mandatory hardware or software required, the service is quick and easy to deploy and provides unlimited storage for a predictable monthly fee.


IBM Cloud Storage by IBM

Improve flexibility and performance while lowering costs

IBM Cloud storage software solutions provide improved visibility, simplify administration, and deliver the scalability you expect from IBM.

IBM cloud storage software solutions can:

* Add cloud capabilities to your storage environment quickly, such as automated provisioning, virtualization, high availability and service catalog

* Optimize tiered storage, using integrated analytics, and reduce users' per terabyte cost of storage up to 50 percent

* Customize with optional self-service portal, pay-per-use billing and Real-time Compression from IBM


Simpana by CommVault

A revolutionary approach to cloud data protection

As organizations shift towards IT-as-a-service models, the need for protecting data residing across physical, virtual, and now cloud environments grows with it. CommVault can ensure protection of your data -- whether in a private cloud, a Service Provider delivered public cloud, or a hybrid cloud environment – across the heterogeneous enterprise. Cut costs, scale easily, and unleash insight with CommVault Simpana software, the only singular data and information management solution for cloud data protection and beyond.

The value of a single platform approach

Easily protect, manage, and access your data with one infinitely scalable software solution -- without the costs and complexity of multiple point products. No other solution supports a full catalog of cloud data services – across server and endpoint backup, archive, disaster recovery, and search – all with a single software platform and leveraging shared infrastructure.

The most efficient cloud infrastructures

Run the same workloads for half the infrastructure as a leading alternative with Simpana software. Streamline your management with a single platform approach that can double your staff productivity. Deliver the speed and agility expected from cloud services with advanced workflow automation features. Enable anytime, anywhere access for end users who prefer the ease and convenience of self-service models.

An expansive cloud partner ecosystem

Leverage proven cloud solutions powered by CommVault through our Service Provider partners. Accelerate your access into cloud technologies through Simpana software integrations with leading cloud providers and platforms including Microsoft Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services, NetApp, Rackspace, HDS, and more.

Industry-leading support for business success

Tap into CommVault expertise in cloud domain economics, with engagement models designed to drive business outcomes and reduce time, costs and risk associated with deploying new cloud solutions. Support and professional services that lead the industry in customer satisfaction will be with you every step of the way.


Windows Azure by Microsoft

Move forward, faster

The new Azure Preview portal: Bringing it all together at DevOps speed

This Preview portal is a big step forward in the journey toward integrated DevOps tools, technologies, and cloud services. See how you can deliver and scale business-ready apps for every platform more easily and rapidly—using what you already know and whatever toolset you like most.

Never wait for servers or infrastructure again

Instantly provision Windows and Linux Virtual Machines, apps, and infrastructure within Microsoft-managed data centers around the world.

Develop amazing apps

Develop great Azure solutions using .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, or Ruby. Integrated Visual Studio tooling enables you to develop, debug and iterate apps fast.

Save money and be agile

Per-minute billing and built-in auto scaling enable you to pay only for the infrastructure you really need and spin up/down resources automatically based on actual usage.

Use what you already know

Start with the skills you already have and software you already know. Visual Studio, .NET, Window Server, Active Directory, SQL Server, SharePoint, and BizTalk work best with Azure and are all backed with end-to-end Microsoft enterprise support.

Integrate on-premises apps and data

Securely manage cloud resources and enable your users to access apps using their existing corporate credentials with Active Directory.

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