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Eptica Self-service™ by Eptica

Web Self-Service

When customers are browsing the Internet, gathering information about their available choices, Eptica Self-service™ gives your Web site the customer service advantage so they stop searching and find the answers they need.

Eptica Self-service™ is powered by an intelligent meaning based search engine, using our new linguistics features to understand the deeper meaning of your customers’ questions in order to deliver the most accurate answer from a knowledgebase - enabling your customers to answer their own questions through your Web site or Mobile Application.

Eptica’s unique powerful linguistics features and flexible Self-service deployment options opens new ways of selecting and presenting information to your customers.

  • Reap the benefits in sales and customer satisfaction
  • Increase brand engagement and the length of time customers spend on your site
  • See the big picture by tapping into the huge volume of customer insight within your self –service system
  • Reduce routine and repeat enquiries so your customer service staff can spend more time with highly-qualified Web site visitors
  • Gain the customer service advantage, providing instant online answers combined with a seamless, fully integrated route to customer service staff by email, chat or phone

Eptica enables your Web and customer service channels to work together to improve customer engagement, give customers better information, resolve enquiries faster and maximise every sales opportunity. 



Zendesk by Zendesk

Zendesk is software for better customer service


Better customer service starts with better communication

Zendesk brings all your customer conversations into one place.

The fastest path to better communication

Zendesk streamlines your support with time-saving tools like ticket views, triggers, and automations. This helps you get straight to what matters most — better customer service and more meaningful conversations.

Create one beautiful destination for all your customer self-service needsServe up customer service with an online destination for 24/7 support to help your customers answer their own questions. With Help Center you can build a knowledge base, community, and customer portal that fits in seamlessly with your brand in a matter of minutes.


Make Zendesk your own

Transform your Zendesk to match your brand. With familiar customization tools, you can tailor the look-and-feel in minutes.


Zendesk puts powerful data at your fingertips

Measure your customers' satisfaction and your support team’s performance. You can even measure your entire organization’s performance against others in your industry with the Zendesk Benchmark.


A flexible platform that plays nice with others

Customer service is a team effort. Luckily there are over 100 apps that plug into Zendesk, so you can unite your business by integrating your favorite tools. And for custom integrations, you can take advantage of Zendesk's robust API.


SugarCRM by SugarCRM

SugarCRM gives every user - whether in sales, marketing, or support - the power to create extraordinary customer relationships.


Capture Every Sales Opportunity

Transform your sales with the information you need to put your customers first. Sugar UX™ gives you contextual intelligence for better, faster, and smarter decisions. With Sugar's complete customer view you'll be prepared to engage with each account, build stronger relationships, and enjoy greater sales success.

360-Degree View of Your Customers

Sell proactively and avoid surprises by knowing what matters to your accounts and contacts, when it matters. Know your accounts inside and out with 360-degree customer activity history across the extended selling enterprise. Understand what matters to your key contacts and when to engage with smarter account intelligence based on cross-channel and social media activity.

Expert Collaboration

Sell with the power of the collective enterprise. Get every resource you need when you need it. Connect in real time with experts across your organization, collaborate and share winning practices to accelerate every stage of the deal cycle.

Social Selling

Sell based on relationships. Leverage social networks to expand your prospecting and contact networks. Track key selling opportunities across social sites and respond directly from your CRM system. Manage all social interactions along with your other communications in the context of your CRM system. Sugar is fully Social CRM ready.


Sell anywhere and stay on top of your leads and opportunities, meetings or calls -- across any mobile device. Move seamlessly between your mobile and desktop app to stay on top of every deal wherever you are. 

Real Time Pipeline Management

Sell on time with real time, personalized access to every deal in the pipeline. Track early indicators and changes affecting your pipeline so you can stay ahead of your forecast, spend time where it counts, and meet your sales targets.

Workflow and Approvals

Sell more by automating your day-to-day tasks. Automatically drive deal change alerts, route leads to teams, communicate with prospects, assign opportunities, and monitor account activity.

Email, Calendar, and File Management

Sell using your favorite applications with Sugar’s built-in email integration for Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, IBM Lotus Notes, Yahoo! Mail, and IMAP based email servers. Sugar also comes with a wide range of collaboration integrations right out of the box. You can easily integrate Sugar with Google apps (Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Contacts) and

Sales Analytics

Sell smarter. Sugar’s customizable intelligence panes, reporting, and dashboards provide you with real-time information about your pipeline, progress to quota, key opportunity and account activity, and rep performance. Sugar reports and dashlets can be personalized for every user, on every screen, so the sales professional is always armed with the selling and customer insight they need to drive results.

Data Enrichment

Sell more with account and contact information from leading business aggregators like D&B. You’ll always have the latest information on your contacts and their relationships so you’re aware and informed whenever you engage 1:1 with your accounts.


Service Cloud by

Always on, always connected.The future of customer service is here.

Built on the Salesforce1 Platform, Service Cloud allows you to deliver revolutionary customer service from anywhere, anytime, on any device. So you can embed one-touch service directly into products. It’s the full power and functionality of Service Cloud wherever you are.

Whether you're on your desktop or on the go, you have everything you need to be more productive, resolve more cases, and satisfy your customers.


CRMnext by CRMnext

Increase customer satisfaction and reduce cost by empowering customers for self-service.

Knowledge base for customers

Share tips, tutorials and troubleshooting literature to help customers self service themselves. This will reduce servicing costs significantly and also improve customer satisfaction.

Capture service requests

Capture service requests directly from the self-service portal, resolve them at a faster rate and share updates with the customers on the self service portal.

Display sales offers

Based on the customer's profile, product holding, purchase patterns etc. display sales offers and provide a fast track fulfilment process. This will boost cross selling opportunities.

Capture sales leads/referrals

Capture sales leads through the self-service portal and assign them to the concerned teams. Keep the customer updated on the fulfilment status.

Announcements and notifications

Important announcements and notifications can be shared with the customers to increase trust.

100% UI-based customizable layouts

Easy-to-use and customizable layouts based on customer segment to increase user adoption.

Easy to use admin panel

Control access permissions, layouts and information available to the customers through a simple interface.


Customer Service by Pegasystems


Customer service delivery is changing at an unprecedented pace with new channels, devices, products and regulations, combined with dramatically increased customer and shareholder expectations. With Pega, the world's leading service organizations engage customers with omnichannel service, simplify the experience for customer service representatives, and make change a strategic advantage.


Deliver a consistent experience through omnichannel service delivery. Customers move seamlessly amongst channels without any loss of context.

  • Mobile. Give your customers superior service experiences on their mobile devices. Deploy a new self-service app or integrate capabilities into your existing mobile infrastructure.
  • Social Media. Listen to customer conversations across social media channels in real time. Analyze and determine customer service sentiment and trends. Then respond in the channel of choice.
  • Customer Collaboration. Make it easier for agents to work closely with customers through friendly technologies like co-browsing, instant messaging, or video chat.
  • Connected Devices. Proactively sense and respond to service needs without human intervention.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM by Microsoft

Customer relationship management (CRM) can help reduce costs and increase profitability by organizing and automating business processes that nurture customer satisfaction and loyalty in the sales, marketing, and customer service fields.

CRM solutions can deliver ROI through marketing automation, customer service, and sales force automation. Deliver amazing customer experiences every time. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you turn every customer into a happy customer. Watch the Microsoft Dynamics Global Premiere Event to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers both on-premise and cloud-based CRM solutions to meet your unique business needs. We also offer mobile CRM apps and platforms that allow you to manage your customer relationships on your mobile devices, and tools that integrate data and reporting from social media directly into your CRM application.


SAP Cloud for Social Engagement by SAP

Engage with your customers on social media

Social media has created new channels for the way customers want to interact with you. Are you adequately prepared to find relevant messages, handle tens of thousands of them, and respond intelligently within minutes? Using SAP Cloud for Social Engagement you can deliver a great customer experience by listening to and engaging with your customers where they like to hangout. Find the most critical messages, and use enterprise data to glean customer insight. Then collaborate within your team or across the organization to resolve issues efficiently and effectively.


Amdocs Customer Management by Amdocs


Service providers today are facing intense competitive challenges from other operators, over-the-top (OTT) players and device manufacturers. The only way service providers can retain and grow their customer base is by creating differentiation via a simplified customer experience across all assisted and unassisted channels. The Amdocs Customer Management portfolio is geared to help service providers optimize their current sales and service processes, as well as leverage valuable customer insight to proactively address emerging issues before they reach customers.

In the past, many service providers were focused on differentiating their network quality, attractive pricing or the cool devices they offered. Today, most service providers understand that these aspects, while important, do not guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty. The only way to stay ahead of traditional competitors, as well as the new breed of competitors (OTT application developers such as Viber and Skype; device manufacturers, such as Apple and Samsung, etc.) is by delivering a great customer experience. And since the world of communications has become a blizzard of choice with complex combinations of products, services and applications, the best way service providers can differentiate is by simplifying the customer experience.


Bpm'online service by bpm'online

Bpm'online service is a cloud application with out-of-the-box processesfor full-cycle service management:

Leverage built-in processes - bpm'online service offers out-of-the-box processes based on industry best practices. Manage customer requests and automate service operations by following pre-defined processes for customer care excellence.

Manage omnichannel communications - personalize communications with your clients using bpm’online service. Manage all client requests in a single view no matter what channel they came from: phone, email, chat, social network or customer portal.

Engaging interface that users love - work is a pleasure with bpm’online service's clean and easy to use interface. The system provides effortless access to features and information regardless what device that is being used: phone, tablet or laptop. Thanks to the contextual display of information, you’ll see only the data needed for the current task, concentrating your attention on what’s important. 


NICE Customer Interaction Management by Nice Systems

NICE Customer Interaction Management Solutions

Getting You Closer to Your Customers

NICE solutions enable you to capture customer interactions, analyze Big Data, act on insights and impact interactions in real time. The result: the right experience delivered in every interaction, across all customer touchpoints, and a better bottom line. Driven by deep domain expertise, our solutions deliver industry best practices, pre-built content and closed-loop workflows to allow rapid implementation, and provide quick and continuous business value in the most critical areas of your business.


ePowerCenter by Astute Solutions


The preferred CRM solution for the world’s most recognized brands

ePowerCenter is proven, award-winning case management software for the contact center that creates cost efficiencies and improves customer interactions — all through a single, intuitive user interface. And it comes with a mobile app option!

Why ePowerCenter?

Maximize efficiency and reduce costs

Reduce call handle times by presenting your agents with a comprehensive view of the customer’s interaction history across all channels. This allows your agents to address issues quickly and thoroughly on first contact. And reduce your agents’ training and ramp-up times significantly.

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Deliver added value to your customers’ experience. Give your agents instant access to contextual information about the customer. Enable them to deliver personalized follow up letters and emails. They’ll also have the ability to address customer complaints quickly and easily through the use of checks and coupons. Capture special information like birthdays, favorite items and more.

Mitigate risk

Set your own thresholds to detect, manage and resolve issues early on to avoid the threat of litigation. Create audit trails easily to ensure compliance in regulated industries.

Produce better customer insights

Use our Repeater and Goodwill analysis to quickly identify trends and specific customer insights into unexpected changes or consequences resulting from the use of your products and services.

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