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Relativity by kCura

Collection a smarter way to collect your data

Relativity makes it easy to target and collect the right data.

Relativity Collection is a fully integrated, easy-to-use application that allows you to perform targeted collections of select documents or forensic images via email, in-person, or with a portable drive. By using a unique scout feature, you can quickly and remotely analyze file names and other system metadata on a custodian’s computer, providing you with a complete picture of what’s available for collection. Case teams can then make informed decisions on what data they need before initiating the collection.

Relativity Ecosystem

Relativity is a platform that allows litigation support professionals, independent consultants, and third-party software providers to design, build, and integrate applications to extend its functionality. The Relativity Ecosystem includes best-in-breed integrations and highly customized products that were built by Relativity developer partners and the advice@kCura team. It allows users to pick and choose the solutions that best suit their unique workflows, integrating them to more easily and efficiently transfer data between software packages that serve different stages of the e-discovery process.

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AD eDiscovery by AccessData

Your Holistic E-Discovery Solution

AD eDiscovery is AccessData’s holistic e-discovery solution that integrates market leading collection and early case assessment features with the advanced final review functionality of Summation. It covers the entire e-discovery lifecycle from Litigation Hold to Review & Production and everything in between in one platform. Purpose-built by AccessData to be seamless and use the same interface and core, if you are looking for a comprehensive solution to your e-discovery requirements with no add-ons, modules or hidden costs AD eDiscovery is the answer!


  • Full-featured litigation hold including automated documentation, notification, escalation & extensive reporting, graphic hold & custodian status dashboard and synchronization with management databases such as PeopleSoft and SAP
  • Full or targeted collection on or off network from every possible source including workstations, laptops, network shares, email servers, databases, 30+ structured data repositories and the web.
  • Processes 700+ data types while maintaining chain of custody.
  • Visualization tools to show case data relationships & custodian communication patterns – now includes Geolocation and Heatmap!
  • Integrated Predictive Coding
  • Interoperability with AccessData’s FTK and MPE+

Kroll OntrackEdiscovery by Kroll Ontrack

Efficient management of electronically stored information (ESI) is integral to a successful litigation, regulatory inquiry or investigation.

Increasingly complex legal requirements and growing volumes of ESI have made the ediscovery process more daunting and expensive than ever before. The proper handling of data, from identification through production, greatly decreases the costs of discovery and improves overall data collection, data analysis and data processing.

Take Control of Your Discovery

Kroll Ontrack empowers you to manage your ediscovery with confidence. When you work with Kroll Ontrack, you benefit from our technical strength, professional case management, document management and unparalleled expert ediscovery consulting services through each stage of the discovery process. We offer scalable technologies, strategic consulting services, technical application specialists and dedicated case management to control your workload and reduce costs. From the initial identification and collection of potentially relevant data located anywhere in the world to the final production of your responsive documents, Kroll Ontrack serves as an extension of your litigation support team to achieve your business objectives and comply with legal requirements for ESI.


A dedicated case manager works with you during the various steps of the discovery process. Seasoned legal and technical expert consultants draw upon their extensive experience and deep institutional knowledge to deliver high quality, reliable services and customized solutions.


The duty to preserve and collect data that may be discoverable once litigation is reasonably anticipated is well established. Kroll Ontrack has the technology and ediscovery experts to swiftly preserve and collect data in a cost-effective, defensible manner.


Through innovative technologies – such as the powerful EDA platform Ontrack® Advanceview™ – and experienced consulting, Kroll Ontrack empowers organizations to achieve significant cost control and realize strategic litigation insights by providing a window into case data prior to data processing and document review.


Kroll Ontrack processes and integrates your electronic and audio data at greater speed, volume and accuracy than any other provider. We offer the most advanced document scanning and data filtering technology, efficiently reducing the universe of potentially relevant data and significantly reducing document review time and dollars.


Leverage the industry’s most robust online document review platform, Ontrack® Inview™ – now featuring automated workflow review functionality and Intelligent Review Technology (IRT) – and the expertise and efficiencies of our document review managed services to ensure efficient, defensible and cost-effective document review.


Symantec eDiscovery Platform by Symantec

Symantec eDiscovery Platform powered by Clearwell

Intelligent Electronic Discovery Software

The Symantec eDiscovery Platform powered by Clearwell brings transparency and control to the electronic discovery process. From collection to production, our workflow speeds time to resolution, improves accuracy and lowers costs. With better insight and less complexity, the eDiscovery Platform enables you to focus on strategy and create business value.

Key Features

Transparent Predictive Coding

Open up the black box of technology-assisted review with Transparent Predictive Coding. This feature leverages machine learning technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of traditional linear review with increased accuracy, workflow defensibility, and tagging transparency.

Audio Processing, Search, & Review

Multimedia content is growing rapidly within organizations and recent regulatory activity, including the Dodd-Frank Act, has brought these file types into the electronic discovery spotlight. Symantec offers a powerful phonetic-based solution for rapidly processing audio content and making it immediately available for search and review.

Enterprise Vault Collector

Manage data through the entire EDRM workflow with a single application by collecting content directly from Enterprise Vault. UsingEnterprise Vault Collector you can apply legal holds to content in the archive from the eDiscovery Platform.

Distributed Architecture

Quickly and easily add capacity on demand with the distributed architecture of the eDiscovery Platform. For the largest and most complex cases, this flexibility improves processing speed, user scalability, and export efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • Bring transparency and control to the entire electronic discovery process from legal hold and collection through production with a single platform and reduce costs.
  • Reduce the time of attorney document review and cut costs by up to 98% with Transparent Predictive Coding.
  • Speed time to resolution and lower costs by reducing information for review by 90%.
  • Improve productivity of legal and IT staff immediately with an intuitive interface that is easy to use with minimal training.
  • Deploy the eDiscovery Platform as a single unified application or tailor the solution with just the modules you need.

EMC Kazeon eDiscovery by EMC

EMC Kazeon eDiscovery enables legal, compliance, and IT teams to respond rapidly and efficiently to e-discovery demands and ongoing information governance needs. With rapid deployment, the system can discover, classify, manage, and preserve information according to business value and legal risk.


EMC Kazeon eDiscovery enables organizations to perform in-house e-discovery quickly and accurately to determine litigation risk and legal strategy.


Reduce or eliminate outsourcing costs through automated and repeatable in-house e-discovery processes.


Place potentially relevant information on legal hold in-place to prevent spoliation and limit private information.


Identify relevant information quickly with keyword, proximity, concept, and Boolean search capabilities.


Ringtail by FTI Technology

Ringtail delivers a unique visual approach to document review and predictive coding that helps legal teams quickly and defensibly master projects of any size. If you think you know Ringtail, think again.

Harness the Power of Predictive Coding

Give your team the technology edge they need to cost-effectively meet the demands of today’s exploding data volumes and time constraints. The Ringtail predictive coding module was built in close collaboration with e-discovery leaders in both corporations and law firms resulting in an intuitive, visual interface that is suitable for a wide variety of everyday projects.

  • Transparent workflow provides simple explanations and clear objectives to keep legal teams on track.
  • Classifier training can be completed with small sets of documents thanks to Ringtail’s active learning and easy-to-use progress reports.
  • Flexible coding model enables use on a wide variety of criteria including responsiveness, critical issues, confidentiality or privilege.

HP eDiscovery Software by HP | Autonomy

A single product for a full spectrum of eDiscovery needs

HP eDiscovery is the industry’s most complete application for responding to legal matters and investigations. With a wide range of features built into a single electronic discovery software application—including data processing, ECA, clustering, visual analytics, and Technology Assisted Review—you can perform tasks from identification through production, without the added risk and cost of switching applications at various stages. Autonomy eDiscovery, powered by HP’s IDOL technology, uniquely expedites the eDiscovery process by forming a conceptual understanding of enterprise content, independent of language or format. With HP eDiscovery, you can manage the solution on premise, or rely on the security and scalability of the HP cloud infrastructure, as well as the expertise of our trained professional services staff.

HP eDiscovery Software features

Full-featured application: Consolidate operations from many disparate tools into one platform.

Technology Assisted Review: Dramatically lower the time and cost of the review process by leveraging predictive analytics.

Early case assessment: Secure a quick snapshot of targeted data to help determine risk exposure in advance of litigation.

Raw data processing: Cull down large data sets to a more manageable amount of information for streamlined review.

Investigations analytics: Respond to internal, regulatory, and federal requests quickly and cost effectively.

Unmatched capacity: Rely on a proven application that has been used to handle some of the largest legal cases in history.


Axcelerate by Recommind

Complete On-Demand Review & Analysis Platform

Powerful technology is rarely this simple. Axcelerate 5 sets a new standard for eDiscovery software – a complete, on-demand review and analysis platform with industry-leading analytics and unprecedented ease-of-use.

No external processing needed, no browser plugins to install, with automated workflows and streamlined administration. It’s about time.


EnCase® eDiscovery by Guidance Software


Reduce Costs and Risk while Streamlining Your E-Discovery Process with EnCase eDiscovery

EnCase® eDiscovery is our industry leading electronic discovery (e-discovery) solution addressing the end-to-end e-discovery needs of corporations and government agencies. This comprehensive and scalable solution for effectively managing electronically stored documents in litigation, arbitration, and internal or regulatory investigations significantly reduces the risk and cost associated with e-discovery. Our complete product portfolio spans from legal hold to identification, collection, preservation, processing, first-pass review , best-in-class early case assessment (ECA), review, and production capabilities.

EnCase eDiscovery: E-Discovery Done Right

EnCase® eDiscovery also delivers ECA, review, and production functions in a SaaS model, so that geographically dispersed inside and outside counsel, expert witnesses, and consultants can efficiently review collected documents without needing any special equipment or software other than a web browser and internet connectivity.

When to Bring E-Discovery In-House

In today’s legal and technological landscape, the best determinant of whether or not you should bring e-discovery in-house isn’t the size of your organization, but rather the size or the volume of cases you address each year. If you typically handle at least two large cases per year or four to five smaller cases each month, EnCase® eDiscovery can save you tremendous time, cost, and risk.

As Gartner Research Distinguished Analyst Deb Logan said recently in a joint webinar, "Most companies with any kind of level of litigation at all—maybe even 10 cases a year or one or two big cases a year with multiple custodians—should really give serious thought to bringing the process in-house."


ONE eDiscovery Platform by Driven

Driven’s ONE eDiscovery Platform is an end-to-end eDiscovery infrastructure built on a single database with a single user experience across the entire platform. This unified platform allow for a more accurate and seamless eDiscovery process. There are six modules that are part of the platform, each of which address a different phase in the process, with the One Management module controlling the workflow from end-to-end.

We strive for best-in-class technology at Driven, but we won’t bore you with the details (unless you want us to). What is more important is what that technology delivers. The technology should be so advanced that it fades into the background, and clients see only the business advantages it provides.

Some Key Advantages:

  • Near infinite scalability; we host petabytes of data
  • Blazing fast speed, due to our distributed processing platform
  • A single end-to-end proprietary database, no data re-entry
  • A unified User Interface, for ease of use
  • Numerous delivery models, including Cloud Based
  • Highly secure platform, with real-time Intrusion Detection and Threat Analysis

eDiscovery + Document Review by Epiq Systems

Epiq eDiscovery and Document Review Means Peace of Mind for You and Your Clients

Epiq Systems is a global leader in providing fully integrated technology products and services for electronic discovery and document review. We help you achieve your objectives by tailoring our approach case by case and client by client.

Epiq brings value, expertise, and service excellence to every matter, from start to finish. Whether your project is small or large, routine or complex, we offer best-quality eDiscovery and document review for cases anywhere in the world.

Services and Technology

Epiq Systems’ services and technology span the full spectrum of the eDiscovery life cycle, from case management consultation all the way through review and trial preparation. Supported by industry-leading proprietary technology and best-of-breed third-party platforms, surrounded by a team of highly credentialed experts, Epiq Systems is your eDiscovery partner of choice.


Exterro Fusion® E-Discovery Suite by Exterro

Advance your e-discovery processes with the industry’s leading, workflow-driven software.

Exterro Fusion® is the industry’s leading, workflow-driven software suite proven to reduce costs and risks across all e-discovery phases. With Exterro Fusion®, legal and IT teams can establish consistent, repeatable business processes and gain the complete visibility needed for faster, more efficient execution of critical e-discovery tasks.

Why Exterro Fusion®

Complete Software Suite for End-to-End E-Discovery Management

The Exterro Fusion® e-discovery suite, deployed in your choice of environments – on premise or in the Cloud, delivers complete e-discovery management capabilities from identification through production with the following applications:

  • Fusion Genome® Data Mapping (Identification): Exterro’s innovative data mapping application enables e-discovery teams to create and maintain a structured inventory of the enterprise’s ESI, so that potentially relevant electronically stored information (ESI) can be quickly identified when e-discovery obligations arise.
  • Fusion Legal Hold™ (Preservation): The industry’s most advanced, scalable legal hold management software system delivers the automation, visibility, configurations and controls needed for defensibly managing the legal hold process and meeting the preservation needs of virtually any enterprise.
  • Fusion Zeta™ (Data Management): Exterro’s advanced e-discovery data management application helps legal and IT teams effectively reduce e-discovery costs by rapidly unearthing case facts early in the process. Legal teams gain the proactive intelligence and controls needed for effective e-discovery data management with advanced search, culling, in-place ECA, predictive intelligence, collection, processing review and production capabilities.
  • Fusion Project Management™: Exterro’s workflow-based, e-discovery project management application provides 360-degree visibility into all e-discovery activities with documented audit trails and advanced reporting capabilities. With this advanced automation, legal teams can efficiently and defensibly manage e-discovery task details, timelines, deliverables and budgets from one centralized, intuitive web-based application.

Build a Powerful Framework with the Exterro Fusion® Platform

Exterro Fusion® is built on a powerful technology framework that supports all of the suite’s applications. By unifying all e-discovery activities on the Exterro Fusion® platform, legal teams can transform e-discovery projects into a cohesive set of highly interdependent, dynamic processes, each benefiting from shared matter information and multi-tiered project visibility. The system’s advanced architecture, powered by the Fusion Integration Hub™, seamlessly integrates and enterprise’s existing technology investments and EDRM point tools for greater access to critical ESI and faster, more efficient execution of critical litigation tasks.


Enterprise eDiscovery by Nuix

Nuix offers a suite of powerful, integrated tools to streamline the entire eDiscovery process, including legal hold, collection, processing, culling, search, first-pass review and production export. Our fast, comprehensive and forensically precise processing and workflow automation tools are built on the patented Nuix Engine and enable you to reduce the cost of service, minimize manual tasks and human error, capture expertise in templates and scale from small to very large matters on a single platform.

Faster data processing

The world’s fastest and most scalable technology for processing vast quantities of unstructured data, in virtually any format and location.

Workflow automation

Nuix Director streamlines your workflow with template-driven automation, reducing opportunities for error and helping you cut costs.

Defensible results

Cover all the bases with a complete audit trail and detailed client-ready reports for each stage of the eDiscovery process.


Discovery Technologies by Integreon

Integreon applies technology intelligently to the discovery process to identify and capture electronically stored information (ESI) in a forensically sound manner, as well as to process data to ensure timely and cost-effective review.

  • Advanced Tape Discovery™ to reduce time and cost of data restoration
  • E3™ platform for rapid document processing
  • eView™, iCONECT XERA, and other platforms for online or hosted review
  • First Line Analysis™ to reduce time and cost of legal assessments
  • Seek & Collect™ for efficient capture of remote ESI
  • Partnerships

KPMG Discovery Radar by KPMG

The amount of electronic data that companies produce today can be overwhelming. As a result, organizations face a variety of complex issues when dealing with electronically stored information (ESI), as well as substantial costs in responding effectively to litigation-related or regulatory requests. Effectively managing ESI is getting harder and the stakes are getting higher.

Is your organization:

  • Challenged with a growing volume of electronic data?
  • Having difficulty identifying, collecting and producing large amounts of data?
  • Struggling with a lack of process for storing and preserving data?
  • Lacking the technical expertise and knowledge of the eDiscovery process?

KPMG’s eDiscovery/Enterprise Discovery Management services help make the discovery process more cost-effective, while maintaining defensibility of the process and managing risks. KPMG’s leading technology enables our process, allowing us to quickly implement changes that can benefit our user base broadly, or to create custom implementations for specific client needs. Our proprietary technology includes the following:

  • Global Evidence Tracking System™ (GETS) helps clients track physical and logical evidence for investigation, litigation or regulatory projects—from collection through the processing and production stages. It is designed to provide a consistent and systematic collation of digital evidence, preservation of processed data, and documentation of the chain of custody for digital evidence.
  • Discovery Radar Collector (DRC) is a targeted collection application that reduces the volume of ESI collected during litigation and other matters, which in turn reduces processing and review costs downstream.
  • Discovery Radar™ is KPMG’s enterprise discovery management application that offers advanced functionality within a single fully-integrated environment, thereby eliminating the issues caused by moving data from one platform to another.

In addition to our proprietary KPMG technologies listed above, we also work with other e-Discovery applications including but not limited to Relativity, NUIX and EnCase eDiscovery.

KPMG helps companies in properly implementing an Enterprise Discovery Management platform that enables them to gain greater control over the eDiscovery processes and costs while reducing the risk caused by inconsistent, ad-hoc processes that are spread across numerous law firms using multiple vendors.


Lit i View Suite by Ubic

Lit i View reduces the cost of International Litigation

Required eDiscovery in international litigation becomes increasingly complicated every year. As an American company expanding business globally or as an Asian subsidiary, all the electronic information in your various offices may be treated as evidence subject to disclosure. Once you become entangled in litigation you must quickly sift through and extract information responsive to the lawsuit from within the body of your corporate data. In order to do that, it is essential to first understand the location and volume of all your electronic data.Lit i View reduces the costs associated with internal electronic evidence discovery while maintaining the confidentiality of proprietary corporate processes and intellectual property. For international litigation, the optimization of information discovery becomes a reality with Lit i View.

Substantial reduction in the cost of legal fees

In order to reduce the cost of data discovery, the most important point is to eliminate unnecessary work. With Lit i View, it's possible to decrease the costs of eDiscovery by up to 90%.

Accurate data handling

When appropriate data collection and review is performed within the company, responsive data for the attorney's review can be easily prepared. Properly extracted information can reduce unnecessary costs by providing the attorney with only responsive information for review that does not contain any garbled or corrupt characters. In general, by reducing 1 GB of unnecessary information, you can eliminate the costs associated with attorney review of 7,000 to 10,000 documents (hundreds of hours in legal fees).

Exporting to external review systems

After responsive data is prepared inside the company for the review work to be done by outside counsel, this data can be seamlessly migrated to the attorney's review tool without additional processing. Through this functionality work performed by the company can be clearly divided from the work performed by the attorneys. This makes additional work by the attorneys unnecessary ,resulting in a reduction of cost and time.

Lit i View sets the standard for US and Asian language electronic data discovery tools

Electronic documents containing English • Chinese • Japanese • Korean and many more languages are accurately searched. In a global business with US and Asian operations, for a timely response to legal matters electronic evidence must be processed accurately without garbled or corrupted foreign language characters.

The only in-house software developed by an experienced EDD service vendor.

After years of working with various other software tools that only partially read foreign language characters, UBIC has built a system that accurately and reliably reads it all. By deploying Lit i View with UBIC's analysis engine inside your company, you can obtain efficient, high quality job results with a sense of security.


E-Discovery Solutions by LexisNexis

LexisNexis® offers comprehensive, flexible, integrated discovery solutions that work together—and with other industry-leading tools—to help you control the volume of data, reduce litigation costs and maintain a seamless chain of custody throughout discovery.

Complete early data assessment prior to processing. LexisNexis® Early Data Analyzer software analyzes and reduces data at its source location (networks, hard drives, external drives, CDs, DVDs and/or flash drives). It helps identify the most relevant documents as early as possibly by providing insight into the size and scope of data, specifically responsive data before time-consuming processing.

Then use LAW PreDiscovery® software to process electronic and paper documents. It works as a “processing engine” to bring in all of the potential evidentiary documents—paper and electronic—needed throughout the legal discovery process. This software further eliminates duplicate, irrelevant and non-responsive files—and then processes only the essential data prior to costly document review.


Catalyst Insight Predict by Catalyst Repository Systems

Predictable Savings, Surprisingly Good Results

Insight Predict is Catalyst's engine for technology assisted review. Built on a scalable, NoSQL platform, it's the first to fit with real-world workflows in electronic discovery—enabling rolling uploads, continuous review and review teams to get going right away. You benefit from greater speed, reduced discovery costs, and a lot fewer documents to review.

Prioritize Review

Quickly analyze and rank large document populations with Insight Predict; use our powerful analytics engine to identify documents that matter and discard those that don't.

Reduce Review Costs by Half (or more)

Predict can help cut review costs by 50 percent, sometimes more. With review making up the largest part of the discovery spend, who can afford linear review?


Simpana Software by CommVault

Self-Service Enterprise Search and eDiscovery

Simpana software leverages a single, intelligent index across both backup and archive data to empower you and your business users to quickly and easily search, classify, select and retrieve all Electronically Stored Information (ESI) retained in the Simpana ContentStore—the virtual repository of all Simpana-managed information. With an enhanced, native search experience, end-users or legal and compliance teams can instantly and intuitively find what they need when the clock is ticking.

Other solutions add cost and complexity because they rely on loosely integrated point products to search multiple silos of data. Simpana Search extends the power of the single platform to significantly increase business productivity, meet eDiscovery and compliance demands, and gain business insights for competitive differentiation.

Simpana® Search Benefits

  • Deliver simple, self-service access to enterprise data and information—including Big Data—to help empower users for increased productivity
  • Reduce eDiscovery and compliance risk by ensuring all data sources are accounted for in a single, enterprise-wide search that includes edge devices, public and private clouds, application, archive and backup data
  • Improve visibility, cull ESI volume, prevent over-collection and slash document review time by up to 99 percent with integrated reporting, retention and deduplication capabilities
  • Leverage a Microsoft® Outlook plug-in to search, view and recover e-mails archived both locally on PCs and anywhere in ContentStore.

ZyLAB eDiscovery & Production by ZyLab

Automate eDiscovery, Reduce Costs, and Regain Control with ZyLAB's Powerful eDiscovery Software

ZyLAB eDiscovery software and services have been proven in the largest corporate fraud investigations, the largest criminal case in US history, and the historic United Nations war crime tribunals. ZyLAB regularly tops email archiving and electronic discovery software reviews from trusted independent technology researchers like Gartner. With our feature-rich eDiscovery software, ZyLAB is one of few eDiscovery companies to address every core node of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) and provide the basis for a defensible methodology.


ZyLAB’s end-to-end eDiscovery software empowers IT and legal departments to efficiently manage the most expensive and tedious elements of litigation in-house with automated eDiscovery tools.

The ZyLAB eDiscovery and Production system is easy to install and maintain, affordable to operate, and compatible with most specialized litigation support tools.

For organizations that do not currently require a full eDiscovery software system behind their firewall, ZyLAB offers eDiscovery onCommand services which leverage our award winning eDiscovery software, and eDiscovery onDemand for an online war room powered by ZyLAB.


  • Overall litigation costs are reduced and outside counsel is relieved of the risk of spoliation and related sanctions, unknown liabilities, and premature settlements due to the inconvenience of complex eDiscovery activities.
  • Built in accordance to the proven eDiscovery best practices methodology outlined by the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), the recognized standard for eDiscovery practices.
  • Best practices, logs, and chain of custody templates to foster a defensible methodology.
  • Minimizes disruptions to daily operations and makes it possible for various departments and professionals to work in harmony during the process.
  • Access via standard Internet browsers helps during early case assessments, accelerates case analysis and document review, as well as enables eDiscovery activities to be automatically performed in-house, thereby allowing customers to maintain control and minimize costs.
  • Modular system that scales and expands as needed.
  • Easy to install and maintain, affordable to operate, and compatible with most specialized litigation support tools.
  • Secure and sustainable long-term data storage and best available search and retrieval capabilities.
  • Comprehensive training and full-service customer support.
  • Built for large-scale eDiscovery and eDisclosure activities with the largest data collections in the world.
  • Addresses all key aspects of eDiscovery from information management to producing relevant data for opposing counsel and for use in litigation software.


ZyLAB eDiscovery software has been chosen by the most discerning groups for use in the highest-profile cases. Examples include:

  • International investigative and oversight bodies in the some of the most notable fraud investigations around the world, including Enron, Parmalat, Ahold, Worldcom, KPNQuest and many of the law suits related to credit and financial markets crises use the ZyLAB eDiscovery & Production System
  • Forensic accounting groups such as Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG and Ernst & Young use the ZyLAB eDiscovery & Production System
  • Investigators at the US Securities and Exchange Commission, FBI, and European Commission’s Anti-Fraud Office use the ZyLAB eDiscovery & Production System.

IBM eDiscovery Solutions by IBM

eDiscovery that is efficient, rigorous and helps reduce litigation cost

eDiscovery solutions from IBM® deliver rigorous and efficient electronic discovery processes to meet evolving and complex legal obligations. These products can assess costs and risk more accurately to help organizations make better decisions regarding case strategy. The IBM eDiscovery Solutions family improves alignment among eDiscovery stakeholders and links legal holds to information repositories to streamline legal processes and help reduce litigation costs.

Product Overview




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