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Extreme Networks Intrusion Prevention System by Extreme Networks

The IPS provides exceptional functionality by locating, containing, and removing the source of the attack from the network.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of business-critical resources with industry-leading Intrusion Prevention capabilities, including:

  • In-line Intrusion Prevention to provide advanced security in a specific location
  • Patented Distributed Intrusion Prevention to automate response to threats in real-time
  • Out-of-band Intrusion Detection that simultaneously utilizes multiple response technologies
  • Forensics tools for session reconstruction to simplify threat mitigation and resolution
  • Threat containment that leverages existing network investments

IPS is unique in its ability to gather evidence of an attacker’s activity, remove the attacker’s access to the network, and reconfigure the network to resist the attacker’s penetration technique. IPS stops attacks at the source of the threat and can proactively protect against future threats and vulnerabilities. IPS offers an extensive range of detection capabilities, host-based and network-based deployment options, a portfolio of IPS appliances, and seamless integration with the Extreme Networks architecture. IPS utilizes a state-of-the-art high-performance, multi-threaded architecture with virtual sensor technology that scales to protect even the largest enterprise networks.

IPS is a core component of the Extreme Networks architecture. When deployed in combination with Security Information & Event Manager (SIEM) and NMS Automated Security Manager, it facilitates the automatic identification, location, isolation, and remediation of security threats. IPS integrates seamlessly with Network Access Control (NAC) for post-connect monitoring of behavior once network access has been granted.


Radware DefensePro by Radware

DDoS Protection and Attack Mitigation Service

What Does DefensePro Do?

Cyber criminals don't keep regular hours. Instead, they work around the clock to find and exploit holes in your network. You need comprehensive enterprise network security designed to meet today's ever changing security challenges.

Enter Radware's DefensePro ― a real-time, behavioral based attack mitigation device that protects your infrastructure against network and application downtime, application vulnerability exploitation, malware spread, network anomalies, information theft and other emerging cyber-attacks.

DefensePro provides world-class security including distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation and SSL-based protection to fully protect applications and networks against known and emerging network security threats such denial of service attacks, DDoS attacks, Internet pipe saturation, attacks on login pages, attacks behind CDNs, and SSL-based flood attacks with:

  • Dedicated Hardware That Protects Without Impacting Legitimate Traffic
  • Centralized Attack Management, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Complete Set of Security Modules
  • The Accuracy of Inline, the Scalability of Out of Path

What Makes DefensePro a Better DDoS Mitigation?


Based on standard signature detection technology to prevent the known application vulnerabilities, DefensePro consists of patent protected behavioral based real-time signatures technology that detects and mitigates emerging network attacks in real time such as zero-minute attacks, DoS/DDoS attacks and application misuse attacks ― all without the need for human intervention and without blocking legitimate user traffic.

DefensePro is a core part of Radware's next generation Attack Mitigation System (AMS) a set of patented technologies designed for the most advanced internet-borne cyber-attacks. AMS extends the "network" of attack detection and mitigation capabilities beyond the data center for:

  • Cloud- hosted business services and applications
  • Tools, servers and applications need protection within a virtualized environment
  • Mobile work force increasingly depend on remote access to internal business applications and SaaS
  • Advanced detection and mitigation techniques need to be ported to tomorrows open network fabrics.

Next-Generation Network Security by Sourcefire

Sourcefire offers the smartest way to buy the best network security available. Our innovative, platform approach to network security via FirePOWER™ appliances enables us to deliver consistent security effectiveness, performance and value across a broad portfolio of industry-leading, next-generation network security products.

Next-Generation IPS

The Sourcefire Next-Generation IPS sets a new standard for advanced threat protection integrating real-time contextual awareness, full-stack visibility and intelligent security automation to deliver industry-leading security effectiveness, performance and low total cost of ownership. Passive intrusion detection (IDS) mode notifies of suspicious network traffic and behavior while inline IPS mode blocks threats. The NGIPS solution can be further expanded with optional subscription licenses to add Application Control/URL Filtering and Advanced Malware Protection. Centrally manage hundreds of appliances through the Sourcefire FireSIGHT® Management Center.

Sourcefire NGIPS has been consistently recognized as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network IPS and received top ranking in NSS Labs’ 2012 Security Value Map for IPS security effectiveness and TCO.

Read more about the features that set the Sourcefire NGIPS apart.

Application Control/URL Filtering

Sourcefire offers the first Application Control solution you can deploy as part of a Next-Generation IPS without the need to introduce new hardware, detection or management points within your network. Gain granular control of over 1,800 applications, detected and classified by risk and business relevance.

In addition, the URL Filtering subscription is available for the NGIPS or NGFW, adding the ability to filter more than 280 million top level domains by risk level and over 82 categories.

Next-Generation Firewall

The Sourcefire NGFW includes the world’s most powerful NGIPS, granular application control and advanced firewall functionality in a flexible, high-performance security appliance, bringing together control and effective prevention. An optional Advanced Malware Protection license can also be added. The NGFW is managed by the same Sourcefire FireSIGHT® Management Center as the NGIPS appliances.

In NSS Labs’ 2012 NGFW Product Analysis Report the Sourcefire NGFW set a new standard in security effectiveness, protecting against 99 percent of all attacks and demonstrating superior performance and total cost of ownership. The Sourcefire NGFW also received top ranking in NSS Labs’ 2013 Security Value Map for NGFW security effectiveness and TCO.

Read more about the features that set the Sourcefire NGFW apart.

Virtual Security

The Sourcefire Virtual Appliances and Sourcefire Virtual FireSIGHT® Management Center are available for VMware platforms and provide the same control and protection as their physical counterparts. These virtual NGIPS and NGFW appliances enable you to inspect traffic between virtual machines (VMs) and combine and manage up to 25 physical and virtual appliances with a single Management Center.

SSL Appliances

Sourcefire SSL Appliances can decrypt SSL traffic at up to 4.5Gbps line rate to enable existing security appliances to effectively inspect SSL traffic and then place the SSL-encrypted traffic back on the network for its final destination. The SSL Appliances support both passive and inline network configurations with a range of interface options, which all include a programmable fail-open capability.


IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System by IBM

IBM® Security Network Intrusion Prevention System appliances are designed to stop constantly evolving threats before they impact your business. This means providing both high levels of protection and performance, while lowering the overall cost and complexity associated with deploying and managing a large number of point solutions.IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System:

  • Achieve unmatched levels of performance without compromising breadth and depth of security
  • Protect business-critical assets—such as networks, servers, endpoints and applications—from malicious threats
  • Reduce cost and complexity by consolidating point solutions and integrating with other security tools
  • Gain advanced threat protection, powered by the IBM® X-Force® research and development team

TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) by HP

In-line threat protection that defends critical data and applications without affecting performanceand productivity.

TippingPoint Platforms

Stop the Most Advanced and Sophisticated Attacks with TippingPoint NX Platform.

Protect yourself from cyber threats that target applications, networks, and critical data with in-line, real-time intrusion and proactive network security. 

Get Up to 8 Gbps of In-line, Real-time Intrusion Protection with TippingPoint N Platform.

Secure your network and critical data with an intelligent, adaptive security Intrusion Prevention System that will protect you against cyber threats.



Huawei NIP2000/5000 Series by Huawei

The Huawei Network Intelligent Protection system (NIP) is a new generation of dedicated intrusion detection and prevention products. It is designed to resolve network security issues in modern IT environments that utilize Web2.0 and cloud age. The NIP provides such features as virtual patching, web application protection, client protection, malicious-software control, network application management, and network-layer and application-layer DDoS attack prevention.

Comprehensive Protection Ranging from System Service to Application Software

The NIP provides traditional intrusion protection system (IPS) functions such as vulnerability attack defense, web application protection, malicious-software control, application management, and network-layer DDoS attack prevention.

The NIP provides comprehensive protection for client systems exposed to the prevalent attacks that target web browsers, media files, and other document file formats.

The NIP provides industry-leading defense against application-layer DDoS attacks that spread through HTTP, DNS, or SIP.

The NIP can detect attacks and upgrade signatures in a timely manner with the global vulnerability trace capability.

Accurate Detection and Intelligent Interception

The NIP detects attacks accurately without false positive errors with the advanced vulnerability feature detection technology.

The NIP automatically learns the traffic baselines to prevent incorrect threshold configurations.

The NIP automatically intercepts major and severe threats without signature modification.

High performance: the real IPS performance, highest 12Gpbs applications layer detection capability

XLR multi-core + IA general-purpose processor + FPGA architecture to ensure 天the reliable performance;

In the case of traffic spikes, remained stable performance

Application Awareness for Accurate Control of User Behavior

The NIP can identify more than 1000 network applications. With precise bandwidth allocation strategies, the NIP restricts the bandwidth used by unauthorized applications and reserves sufficient bandwidth for office applications such as OA and ERP.

The NIP can fully monitor and manage various network behaviors, such as instant messaging (IM), online games, online video, and online stock trading. This enables enterprises to identify and prevent unauthorized network behaviors and better implement security policies.

Automatic Configuration and Easy Management

Zero configuration network access: The device functions properly once it is powered on. No complex signature modification or network parameter adjustment is required.Applications & Benefits

NIP2000/5000 can be deployed in carrier IDC and enterprise network to detect attack, truly implement "comprehensive detection, accurate analysis of the multi-faceted show.


Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Products by Cisco

Cisco ASA 5500 Series IPS Solution

  • Obtain market-leading intrusion prevention with firewall, VPN, and optional content security
  • Protect small business to large enterprise networks at the Internet edge, campus, and data center
  • Reduce operational and deployment costs, and achieve up to 10 Gb inspection performance
  • Get integrated security in a desktop or 1-2 rack-unit (RU) form factor

Cisco IPS 4500 Series Sensors

  • Data center specific protection for servers, databases.
  • Continuously defends critical servers, reducing emergency patch fire drills and IT expenses
  • Context-aware IPS correlates broadest set of attacker, victim, attack information for increased accuracy

Cisco IPS 4300 Series Sensors

  • One rack-unit form factor designed for edge, campus, and branch environments
  • Performance ranges from 350 Mbps to 2 Gbps
  • Context-aware IPS with fail open capabilities and redundant power for increased accuracy and reliability.

Cisco IOS Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

  • Software-based, inline intrusion prevention for Cisco Integrated Services Routers
  • Branch-intrusion prevention capabilities integrated into the Cisco IOS platform
  • Reduced operational and deployment costs; no additional hardware required


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