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Email Security AV/AS by SilverSky

Powerful multi-engine anti-virus and anti-spam protection from the cloud security expert.

An inbox full of spam can be quite aggravating. But spam can be more than a mere irritant. It often carries malicious software. And, in the guise of legitimate offers from real companies, spam can direct unknowing employees to websites that silently deposit malicious files or viruses. New email viruses are released almost daily – any one of which can spread throughout your company within minutes. Unfortunately, most anti-virus programs are ineffective at fighting new email viruses because of the time required to research, locate, and deploy the latest virus definitions. SilverSky’s Email Security service is the exception.  

SilverSky’s Email Security service blocks 100% of known viruses and 99.99% of unwanted email.

Simple Administration

  • Sophisticated and safe Web-based policy management console
  • Easily set the message block, quarantine, tag, and delivery thresholds
  • Manage message Allow and Block lists
  • Configure quarantine digest notifications
  • Extensive reporting and analysis capabilities: daily activity graphs for spam detection, virus protection, and individual activity

Email Security Benefits

  • Decreased IT and administrative costs
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced corporate liability

Cloud-based Solution

  • SilverSky’s Email Security service is fully cloud-based. There is no need to purchase or manage costly hardware and software
  • No migration or integration required
  • Rapid and effortless activation

SilverSky Email Security reduces risk exposure and corporate liability by safeguarding your email with multi-engine anti-virus and anti-spam technologies that block malicious software and spam at the gateway. It is not only compatible with SilverSky Mail, the service also works seamlessly in any deployment type – whether on-premise, hosted by SilverSky, or elsewhere in the cloud. SilverSky Email Security supports all third party email including Google and Office 365 mailboxes and is protected by our real-time, expert security monitoring service.


InterScan Messaging Security by Trend Micro

The industry’s most comprehensive mail gateway security

Trend Micro™ InterScan™ Messaging Security stops email threats in the cloud with global threat intelligence, protects your data with data loss prevention and encryption, and identifies targeted email attacks and APTs as part of the Trend Micro™ Custom Defense Solution. The hybrid SaaS deployment combines the privacy and control of an on-premise virtual appliance with the proactive protection of a cloud-based pre-filter service. It’s the enterprise-level protection you need with the highest spam and phishing detection rates—consistently #1 in quarterly Opus One competitive tests since 2011.

Increase Productivity with Superior Email Protection

  • Detect and block APTs and targeted attacks
  • Thwart targeted phishing attacks and advanced malware
  • Simplify data protection and encryption
  • Block more spam—proven #1 in independent tests

InterScan Messaging Security delivers leading gateway messaging security with on-site and cloud components. It blocks spam, phishing, and even targeted attacks, while the Data Privacy and Encryption Module solves tough compliance and data privacy challenges by securing outbound data.

Protection from Targeted Attacks and Traditional Threats

Targeted attack protections are built into to InterScan Messaging Security to block email threats including advanced persistent threats (APTs). It uses enhanced web reputation, document exploit detection, optional sandbox execution analysis, and custom threat intelligence to provide comprehensive security from spear phishing attacks associated with APTs and other targeted threats. With InterScan Messaging Security you can:

  • Detect known and unknown exploits in Adobe PDF, MS Office and other document formats
  • Perform malware execution analysis and generate custom threat intelligence and adaptive security updates with optional Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery Advisor integration
  • Stop threats from entering your environment with immediate protection based on global threat intelligence from Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network cloud-based securityLearn how InterScan Messaging Security prevents targeted APT attacks.

 In-the-Cloud Email Filtering with Onsite Quarantine

The included SaaS pre-filter option for virtual appliance and software appliance cuts total email volumes up to 95 percent by blocking threats and spam in the cloud. Your data remains private because your emails are never stored in the cloud.

  • Lowers impact at the email gateway by filtering email in the cloud
  • Reduces datacenter footprint and minimizes IT staff time
  • Allows quick deployment of new capacity when needed
  • Includes our Service Level Agreement that guarantees email traffic uptime.

Data Privacy and Encryption (additional license required)

Identity-based encryption and customizable DLP templates for virtual appliance and software appliance deployments make outbound data protection quick to deploy and a breeze to manage.

  • Triggers automatic encryption, quarantine, or notification based on filtering policies
  • Speeds set up of DLP content filtering rules with customizable compliance templates
  • Eliminates the pre-enrollment and certificate management hassles of PKI encryption
  • Reduces the reliance on user-driven encryption with an automated policy-driven gateway solution.

Secure Email Gateway by Sophos

Dedicated or Unified

You can choose a dedicated purpose-built email appliance, or a secure email gateway integrated into your UTM. Both products offer unparalleled message security, encryption and ease-of-use.

Sophos Email Appliance is ideal if you want an appliance dedicated to message security with advanced DLP and easy policy-based encryption. Or, if you prefer consolidating your network security into a single appliance, our UTM with integrated email protection is for you.

Effective Anti-Spam

Keep your inboxes free of spam and phishing attacks.

  • Reputation filtering blocks 90% of spam at the gateway, before it consumes any of your network resources
  • An anti-spam engine catches the rest, including the latest phishing attacks
  • Filters incoming email using a variety of advanced detection methods, across dozens of languages

Transparent DLP & Encryption

Encrypt and digitally sign your sensitive email—automatically and transparently. Stop inadvertent data leakage and make compliance easy, with our advanced DLP and policy-driven encryption.

Message bodies and attachments are automatically scanned for sensitive data and you can easily establish policies that determine if those emails are blocked or encrypted with just a few clicks. Alternatively, give users the option to encrypt emails themselves with our Outlook plugin.

The best part is, our unique patent-pending SPX Encryption allows users to manage their encrypted mail in their preferred email client—online, offline, desktop or mobile, it doesn’t matter. Email encryption has never been simpler for users or administrators. In our UTM, you can also use standardized S/MIME or OpenPGP to guard privacy and ensure authenticity of secure messages. And as you might expect, no client software is required.

Advanced Threat Protection

Protect your users from the latest identity theft, password and banking scams and other incidents. Keep users productive by intercepting all emails containing suspicious content, attachments or URLs.

We employ the latest antivirus and phishing detection technology that constantly updates in real-time to detect the latest threats. We also block unwanted content using MIME type and extension filters.

Self-Serve Quarantine

With our UTM, you can give employees direct control over their spam quarantine, saving you time and effort.

Employees can manage their own spam whitelist, review, release and delete spam, and find out what happened to messages that were deleted because of a virus or blacklisted.

The user portal supports 15 different local languages and offers a customizable HTML Welcome page.

Simple Management

At Sophos, simplicity is our mantra. You’ll have complete control over all the security features you need all in one place, with none of the complexity.

We've invested heavily in streamlining our interface. This way you won't have to reach for the manual every time you need to update a policy or change a setting. So you're never more than a couple clicks from completing your task.

Complete On-Box Reporting

Our built-in reporting means you’ll know exactly what's happening with your users. Fix problems fast and shape your policies, keeping your users secure while boosting network performance. And, you get detailed reports as standard, stored locally with no separate tools required.

At-a-glance flow graphs show usage trends with predefined and customizable reports, providing key web activity. Report anonymization hides user names, requiring the four-eyes-principle to unhide them.


Secure Email Gateway (XCS) by WatchGuard


WatchGuard Secure Email Gateway (XCS) delivers the industry's most effective defense-in-depth for email and web, including powerful data loss prevention. These easy-to-use, all-in-one solutions provide protection from email and web-based threats including spam, viruses, compromised websites, blended threats, and network attacks. They are engineered to meet the unique security requirements of the most demanding enterprise messaging networks.


Secure Email Gateway by Mimecast

The Mimecast Secure Email Gateway is built on our massively scalable mail transfer agent (MTA), which acts as your email bridgehead in the cloud, delivering multi-layered malware and spam protection that stops both known and emerging threats before they reach your network. It’s backed by market-leading SLAs: 100% virus protection, 99% spam protection and 0.0001% spam false positives.

It also includes real-time, online queue management, end user email digests for personal quarantine management, and advanced email traffic routing capabilities.

Mimecast service platform

  • Centrally administered via single, web-based administration console
  • Backed by financially punitive 100% service availability SLA
  • Mimecast Personal Portal for user access to held messages
  • Automated synchronization with company directory

Advanced MTA capability

  • Advanced routing capability
  • Real-time view of all SMTP connections and rejections
  • Online queue management
  • Detailed transmission data for every email that is processed by Mimecast
  • Reports email usage patterns
  • Protection from email-based attacks e.g. denial of service (DoS), directory harvest (DHA)
  • Large attachment management with strip and link capability

Email threat protection

  • Multi-layered malware protection against known and zero-day threats
  • Comprehensive connection-based and content-based spam and phishing protection
  • Personal permit and block lists to fine tune spam preferences
  • End user email digests for personal quarantine management
  • Image scanning for policy enforcement
  • Policy-based attachment management rules
  • SLAs: 100% virus protection, 98% spam protection, 0.0001% spam false positives

MailMarshal Secure Email Gateway by Trustwave

Key Secure Email Gateway Features

  • Protection from email-based, blended threats
  • Prevents data loss
  • Improves productivity by reducing employee spam management
  • Ensures compliance with regulations and AUPs

Trustwave Secure Email Gateway Overview

Trustwave Secure Email Gateway (formerly known as M86 MailMarshal Secure Email Gateway) provides total email content security through unified threat management, anti-spam, content security, policy enforcement and data loss prevention. It filters all incoming and outgoing email at the perimeter and uses deep content inspection to scan all content – even within attachments. This gives you the control you need to ensure your organization can safely exchange information without worrying about harmful data loss. Highly scalable, flexible and easy-to-manage, Trustwave Secure Email Gateway can be deployed as a standalone solution or as a distributed array designed to support the largest networks.

Other Key Benefits

Comprehensive reports provide your executives with the visibility into trends and help demonstrate ROI. Detailed reports allow you to monitor usage for security breaches and unproductive behavior.


Proofpoint Enterprise Protection for Email Security by Proofpoint

Today's enterprise email security threats no longer consist of just nuisance spam emails. Attackers with malicious intents are increasingly using email as an entry vector through the use of phishing messages. Historically, email phishing was focused on capturing individual account credentials, but recent email security attacks have shown that phishing attacks have a broader target in mind: corporate intellectual property and sensitive and confidential business information.

Proofpoint Enterprise Protection provides the industry's most comprehensive email security threat classification and email security management solution against phish, virus, spam emails, and other email borne malware. Backed by the patented MLX Threat Classification Engine, enterprise emails are classified based on the level of email security threat to an organization and managed accordingly, whether it is valid email, nuisance spam, or malicious, low-volume phishing attacks. Our email security threat protection solution uses real-time email message tracing to provide the necessary security tools to triage any security threats and the email security solution is backed by an enterprise-class support organization focused on supporting your mission critical business communications.

Proofpoint Enterprise Protection Capabilities:

  • Phishing Protection and Management
  • Spam Detection
  • Virus Protection
  • Dynamic Email Reputation
  • Zero-Hour Threat Detection
  • Email Firewall
  • Quarantine Folders by Threat
  • Smart Search: Real-Time Message Tracing

McAfee Email Protection by McAfee

Whether you are looking for email security onsite, in the cloud, or an integrated hybrid of both, McAfee Email Protection delivers email security the way you want it. Going beyond anti-spam and malware protection, Email Protection integrates data loss prevention technology, content-based policy enforcement, click-time link scanning, and continuity services to ensure email access during server outages. For the most sophisticated and targeted email attacks, integration with McAfee Advanced Threat Defense provides a closed-loop solution capable of eliminating the stealthy and zero-day malware often used to enter organizations through spear phishing.

McAfee Email Protection provides the ultimate in security and flexibility. Security is delivered from McAfee Labs, providing the most comprehensive Global Threat Intelligence. You can choose a pure cloud implementation (blocking all inbound and outbound threats), an onsite solution for the more hands-on control, or a multi-layered deployment that combines the strengths of both through a single management and reporting console. With McAfee Email Protection, you can deploy what you need now or have the flexibility for future changes.


Exchange Online Protection by Microsoft

Get enterprise-class reliability and protect against spam and malware, while maintaining access to email during and after emergencies. Exchange Online Protection provides a layer of protection features that are deployed across a global network of data centers, helping you to simplify the administration of your messaging environments.

Secure and reliable

Exchange Online Protection provides advanced security and reliability to help protect your information.

  • Eliminate threats before they reach the corporate firewall with multi-layered, real-time anti-spam and multi-engine anti-malware protection.
  • Protect your company's IP reputation by using separate outbound delivery pools for high-risk email.
  • Five financially backed SLAs attest to a high quality of service, including protection from 100% of known viruses and 99% of spam.
  • Globally load-balanced network of data centers helps to ensure a 99.999% network uptime.

Stay in control

Maintain control over your environment while gaining email protection from Microsoft.

  • Manage and administer from the Exchange Administration Center—a single web-based interface.
  • Near real-time reporting and message trace capabilities provide insight into email environments by retrieving the status of any message that Exchange Online Protection processes.
  • Active content, connection, and policy-based filtering enables compliance with corporate policies and government regulations.
  • IT-level phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at no additional cost.

Easy to deploy and maintain

It's easier than ever to protect your organization from external threats.

  • No hardware or software required to install, manage, and maintain, which minimizes up-front investment.
  • Get a predictable payment schedule through a subscription-based service for customers with an on-premises email deployment. Exchange Online Protection is also included in Exchange Online and any Office 365 plan that includes Exchange Online.
  • Simplify IT environments by reducing the need for in-house email security servers and applications.
  • Ensure that no email is lost or bounced by automatically queuing email if the destination email server becomes unavailable for any reason.
  • Get up and running quickly with a simple MX record change.

FortiMail by Fortinet

FortiMail is a complete Email Security platform from Fortinet for any size organization. It provides a single solution to protect against inbound attacks, as well as outbound threats and data loss, with a wide range of security capabilities. These capabilities include: antispam, antiphishing, antimalware, data leakage prevention, identity based encryption (IBE), message archiving and antiblacklisting.

FortiMail’s inbound filtering engine, blocks spam and malware before it can clog your network and affect users. Its outbound inspection technology (including 3G mobile traffic) reduces the loss of sensitive information and prevents other anti-spam gateways to blacklist your users.


Highly effective email security - a robust, bi-directional, highly accurate antispam and antimalware solution, including integration with FortiSandbox to detect the most sophisticated targeted attacks. FortiMail has won 20 consecutive VBSpam Platinum awards for recognition of some of the highest catch rates and lowest false positive rates in the industry and the antimalware engine utilized in FortiMail has over 27 VB100 awards.

Protection for sensitive information and compliance - integrated DLP and email encryption, including customizable and predefined dictionaries and Identity Based Encryption (IBE) alongside our support for TLS and SMIME, plus archiving of email messages.

Reputation Protection - Sophisticated inspection technology throttles and blocks inbound and outbound SPAM and malware, ensuring your domain mail server is not compromised or blacklisted and email communications remain efficient and clean-flowing.

Highest Performance - The unique architecture of FortiMail provides real time inspection and blocking to stop email threats with as little resource impact as possible, often at the connection level. The architecture also removes the need for mail queuing if the destination mail server is available, delivering message protection for over 28 Million messages per hour in a single appliance.

Unparalleled Performance - The unique architecture of FortiMail provides real time inspection and blocking to stop email threats with as little resource impact as possible, often at the connection level. The architecture also removes the need for mail queuing if the destination mail server is available, which enables significant performance improvement over competing solutions. FortiMail has been proven to meet the requirements many of the world’s largest carriers and is the highest performing messaging security solution in the industry, delivering message protection for over 28 Million messages per hour in a single appliance.

Unparalleled Deployment Flexibility - cloud or on premises deployment, gateway, inline and server modes, plus physical and virtual appliance form factors ensures seamless fit with all environments from medium business all the way through the largest carrier and service providers.


SonicWALL Anti-Spam & E-mail Security by Dell

Sonic WALL Email Security solutions use proven, planted technology to block email threats effectively and economically.

Dell SonicWALL Email Security appliances and software

Protect your company’s email with patented threat detection and the worldwide attack-identification-and-monitoring network of Dell™. SonicWALL® Email Security

Dell SonicWALL Hosted Email Security

Protect against attacks with SonicWALL® Hosted Email Security, a powerful, affordable solution that is fast to deploy and easy to manage.

Dell SonicWALL Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service

Consolidates your security solutions, speeds deployment, eases administration and reduces overhead. And it couldn’t be easier

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