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Fraud Analyst by Digital Resolve

Real-Time Fraud Identification and Prevention

Online Behavior Monitoring and Fraud Detection for Real-Time Protection

Digital Resolve addresses the full fraud lifecycle, bridging front-end authentication and post-transaction analytics by identifying and tracking all user activity in real time -- from the point of entry to your online channel through every step of a user's interaction with your site.

With Fraud Analyst's powerful Fraud Analysis Engine, all user traffic is monitored in real-time to uncover the sequential unfolding of activities. In this way, online activities are continually reassessed and rescored, adding perspective to events that may seem uninteresting in isolation or that may appear to be fraudulent at first glance -- but are perfectly legitimate for a particular online user.

All activity is tracked at the customer, account, transaction and site levels to provide unsurpassed insight into activities for each individual, across accounts, for all transactions. Should the analysis engine detect unusual activity, the systems scores the event and a browser-based interface delivers the information you need to understand exactly what's happening and why, and flexible response mechanisms allow your organization to address incidents based on your business, risk and operational policies.


Total Fraud Protection by Easy Solutions

Flexible and comprehensive multi-layered defense across all devices, channels and clouds.

Easy Solutions understands that the level of engagement and complexity of every deployment is different, and that our customers need solutions that can scale to the needs of their business instead of requiring the business to adopt the needs of the solution.

Total Fraud Protection is the core principle that drives our solutions and our innovative design to ensure that Easy Solutions provides the very best in omni-channel, multi-platform, flexible integrations. This core principle allows for our solutions to work independently of each other, but can also deliver a collaborative protection suite of products that leverage every aspect of a fraud prevention program when deployed together. The powerful APIs and SDKs add more value in allowing our customers to leverage previous investments and development efforts and benefit from the next generation of anti-fraud solutions.

By understanding complex fraud attacks, Easy Solutions is able to engage fraud throughout the attack cycle. This gives Easy Solutions an advantage at proactive take-down, monitoring, identification and interception, effectively mitigating fraud before it happens. This approach reduces false positives and the overhead of managing tools while lowering the costs associated with supporting an anti-fraud program.


FraudMAP Online by Guardian Analytics

Proactively Detect Online Banking Fraud – Stop Fraudulent ACH & Wire Transfers

Financial Institutions of all sizes use FraudMAP Online to proactively identify account takeover and prevent fraudulent transactions before the money is gone. As the industry's most advanced anomaly detection solution, it delivers sophisticated online fraud detection capabilities plus easy to use investigation and forensics tools.

FraudMAP Online uses Behavioral Analytics to transparently monitor every online banking user and session for unusual activity and anomalous transactions. Monitoring each and every user independently results in the best possible fraud detection with the least possible false positives.

FraudMAP Online automatically protects all retail and business banking account holders from the widest range of existing and emerging threats without impacting the end-user experience.

FraudMAP Online-Business

As the only fraud prevention solution custom built for business banking,FraudMAP Online-Business addresses the unique nature of managing risk and preventing fraud in the complex multi-user business banking environment where complex high-dollar payments to multiple recipients are common. Detect corporate account takeover, fraud setup, and fraudulent ACH or wire transactions, and then proactively intervene without interrupting legitimate online banking activity.

FraudMAP Online-Retail

Proactively protect thousands of retail account holders from the widest array of fraud threats without affecting their online banking experience. FraudMAP Online-Retail detects anomalous activity and prevents unauthorized transfers without asking account holders to install and maintain anything. Detect account compromise, suspicious online activity, fraudulent ACH & wire transfers, and cross-channel fraud attacks, and then intervene before the money is gone.

With FraudMAP Online, banks and credit unions can:

  • Catch What Other Solutions Miss - Rather than look for specific malware or fraud indicators, which are too numerous and changing too rapidly for institutions to keep up, FraudMAP Online uses behavioral analytics to compare individual online activity with known legitimate account holder behavior to determine if this behavior during this session is legitimate or suspicious. No rules to write. No algorithms to train.
  • Protect Against The Widest Array of Threats – By monitoring for deviations from expected online account holder behavior, FraudMAP Online detects the widest array of fraud attacks including the most sophisticated forms of Man-In-the-Browser. Regardless of the scheme used to commit fraud, cyber criminals at some point must access the victim's online bank account. During an online attack, a criminal will do something unexpected, something that makes it clear that this is not the legitimate account holder.
  • Conform to FFIEC Guidance - In its June 2011 Guidance Supplement, the FFIEC identifies anomaly detection as a minimum expectation for improved online banking security. Financial institutions use FraudMAP Online not only to conform to the FFIEC Guidance but also to improve customer service, trust, and loyalty by preventing fraud losses.
  • Expand online banking services with confidence - Improve customer service and competitive differentiators by offering the capabilities your clients want without increasing the risk of online banking fraud.

ThreatMetrix by ThreatMetrix

ThreatMetrix™ is an innovation leader in the cybercrime and fraud prevention space, and has the following market leading technologies in its portfolio.

Global Trust Intelligence Network

ThreatMetrix profiles tens of millions of users and their devices every day and processes hundreds of millions of transactions every month. Tap into this Global Trust Intelligence Network and obtain the most accurate security and fraud prevention capability available.

Trust Tags

Trust Tags are important elements within the ThreatMetrix Global Trust Intelligence Network. These digital labels can be applied to various combinations of entities within a user’s persona to indicate the trustworthiness of the user, whether it is a customer accessing online services or an employee using company business applications.

Global Policy Engine

Leverages aggregated information and patterns collected from thousands of websites globally and combines those with your specific business rules to provide a real-time risk assessment for each site visitor.

Persona ID

We don't need to know your name to know who you are. Persona Identification builds a complete profile of users and then compares your website visitors to its Persona IDs to understand if a visitor is not who they say they are.

Device Identification

ThreatMetrix cloud-based, real-time complex device identification and identity verification solution protects companies against cybercriminals and helps validate valuable returning customers and prospects. ThreatMetrix's complex device identification protects all online access and transaction requests, including remote employee access, account creation, login authentication and payment authorization.

Man-in-the-Browser Detection

ThreatMetrix provides a cloud-based, real-time solution that helps companies identify illegitimate users, potential fraud, malware, man-in-the browser (MitB) and Trojan attacks, and data breaches. It mitigates the risk of hidden malware compromising authenticated sessions to steal data, identities or money.

Proxy and VPN Detection

ThreatMetrix proxy and VPN detection unmasks malicious users who are trying to cover their tracks by hiding behind proxy and VPN servers. Proxy and VPN detection helps you screen out web visitors that may be pretending to be somewhere they are not.

Secure Browsing

ThreatMetrix's secure browsing solution incorporates patent-pending technology, and is a client-based, real-time solution that protects transactions against fraud, malware, and data breaches. A small client component installed on end-user computers identifies and isolates malware, verifies legitimate websites and protects online transactions with your site.

Mobile Device Identification

With their growing popularity, smartphones and tablets are particularly susceptible to compromise, malware and theft. TrustDefender™ Mobile embeds risk intelligence into your mobile apps, protecting your business from fraud originating from these unsecured devices.


Accertify Fraud Management by Accertify

Accertify® Fraud Management leverages vast and disparate enterprise data, driving better fraud detection with fewer false positives.

Constantly evolving card-not-present fraud easily defeats fraud detection products that are inflexible or use limited data types. These products can lose their effectiveness over time allowing fraud rates to creep higher, putting the merchant right back where they started.

Accertify® Fraud Management was developed to perform well beyond these limitations through our advanced, scalable and highly flexible Interceptas® Data Management Platform.

At its core, the Interceptas® Platform is data-focused, enabling it to effectively and efficiently make use of vast and disparate enterprise data to more completely and accurately detect fraud.

Available American Express® Risk Management feature integration further increases screening accuracy through extensive and highly effective fraud identification technologies.

The built-in flexibility of our solution enables quick customization. Accertify Fraud Management can easily adapt and change to effectively address new fraud schemes, future-proofing our solution and ensuring optimal performance over time.

Our complete portfolio of solutions, services and applications offers customers with a virtually unlimited number of options to address their unique business issues across the payment lifecycle.


Enterprise Fraud Solutions by Nice Actimize

Actimize Enterprise Fraud Solutions deliver real-time, customer-centric fraud prevention that supports a holistic, fraud management program.

  • Comprehensive domain expertise in channel and payment fraud prevention
  • Enterprise fraud management platform, protecting the full payment lifecycle
  • Holistic approach with proven fraud-specific models and client authored analytics
  • Open platform with built-in flexibility to support the entire fraud ecosystems

Remote Banking Fraud

Provides end-to-end digital banking fraud protection which enables institutions to detect and catch more fraudulent activities with multi-channel, cross transaction, cross payment type fraud detection capabilities. 

Commercial Banking Fraud

Specifically designed for the commercial banking environment with customer-centric fraud detection that supports end-to-end fraud management. 

Employee Fraud

Detects fraudulent employee activity across the enterprise, business lines, and channels, providing protection from monetary losses, risk and reputational damage.

Deposit Fraud

Analyzes risk across silos of data and lines of business and consolidates suspicious activity notifications into account and customer level alerts allowing real-time decisioning from a “holistic view” of the customer to safely accelerate fund availability and enhance customer satisfaction.

Card Fraud

Customer-centric, cross-channel, and cross-product fraud detection which protects ATM, PIN and signature POS, and Card-Not-Present transactions.

Key Benefits of Actimize Integrated Fraud Management

Financial institutions are increasingly challenged by sophisticated fraud attacks, evolving regulations and legislation, increasing pressure to release new and innovative products, and the imperative to enhance customer experience to improve acquisition and retention. With its customer centric, enterprise-wide fraud prevention capabilities, Actimize allows financial institutions to:

  • Enable end-to-end fraud coverage

Detect and prevent fraud across all bank channels and financial products, and respond rapidly to changing fraud patterns and regulations, with a comprehensive set of fraud management tools and capabilities.

  • Reduce financial losses

Apply proven analytics, detection logic authoring, and Actimize's breadth of global fraud expertise for superior detection model performance. Monitor transactions in real time, allowing for targeted interdiction to minimize losses and improve customer experience.

  • Increase productivity and lower operational costs

Streamline fraud operations and support core fraud management functions - alert routing and prioritization, workflow management, investigation, and operational performance reporting - with intuitive, web-based tools.

  • Enhance customer experience

Enable risk-based authentication methods and customer contact strategies for effective fraud prevention and an enhanced customer experience. Allow customers to continue to transact while fraudulent attempts are blocked for investigation with real-time detection and efficient fraud resolution processes.

  • Utilize a risk hub framework

Aggregate inputs from multiple channels, systems, and vendors through the risk hub which ingests the information, enriches scoring and activity and provides consolidated alerts and a holistic view of risk.


iovation Reputation Manager 360 by iovation

Prevent Fraud with Device Reputation.

Identifying the device used to commit fraud is an effective way to root out fraud — and one that iovation has offered its clients for years. What is new in the fight against fraud is device reputation, a new layer of defense that builds upon device identification and available exclusively from iovation. The only solution on the market today that takes an in-depth look at not only the device but also its history when used online, creating a reputation score.


Business Rules

Set and fine-tune rules to assess risk by leveraging evidence, geolocation, velocity, watch lists, anomalies and risk profiles.

Reporting & Analytics

Analyze trends and report on effectiveness through scheduled and on-demand reports and by working with your client manager.

Geolocation & Real IP

Unmask proxies to find where transactions are originating to know where your users are really coming from.

Mobile Recognition

Block fraud from any Internet-enabled device including PCs, smartphones, tablets, laptops and even consoles.

Deployment Options

Respond to threats fastest with our web service implementation, or deploy with gateway or through a third-party service.

Real-Time Response

Automate Accept, Review and Deny responses through our API and take action against risks in milliseconds.


Fractals by Alaric

Fractals is a leading intelligent fraud detection and prevention product. It delivers value to all players in the transaction chain - issuers, acquirers, processors, networks, PSPs, ISOs and merchants - and for all product types - credit, debit, prepaid or gift card - through a combination of self learning models and user defined rules.

Fractals can tackle any type of transactional fraud problem including cross product, cross channel, enterprise fraud detection and prevention. It will handle transactions from any channel from ATM and POS to internet and mobile. And covers all account and product types.

Fractals is a multi-organisation, multi-hierarchy, multi-channel, multi-currency solution.

Rare among fraud detection solutions, Fractals is PA-DSS certified.

What’s special?

Rules plus models

Fractals enables the knowledge and experience of fraud analysts to be combined with intelligent models that are automatically calibrated using Alaric’s proprietary inference techniques based on Bayesian methods.

Fractals has multi-level rules, which are rules that can act on the outcome of other rules, as well as transaction data and model scores, to produce actionable authorization decisions.


Fractals fraud models are self-learning – meaning that they self-adapt as soon as a fraud analyst marks a transaction as being fraudulent. Self-learning models deliver a huge improvement in detection rate, a much reduced false positive ratio and a high rate of fraud detection on the first fraud in a run.

Self-learning models combined with true real-time, in-flight fraud blocking, deliver exceptional fraud savings.

Fast delivery, implementation and go-live

Integration is a costly and time consuming stumbling block for most fraud solution suppliers. But Alaric is different - it is expert in integrating payment systems as well as fraud.

Fractals includes Alaric’s integration technology, Message Mapper, which enables interfaces between systems to be configured rapidly, usually without any programming. This means that Fractals can be up and running very quickly, fully integrated with internal systems and external data feeds including in-flight fraud blocking.

For clients using Authentic, true real-time, in-flight integration with Fractals is available out-of-the-box.


Fraud Prevention Solutions by 41st Parameter

As the leading provider of dedicated fraud prevention solutions, 41st Parameter’s best practices methodology and patented technologies are responsible for dramatic reductions in fraud losses and subsequent declining attack rates at some of the largest institutions in e-commerce, financial services, and travel services.

Proof of the efficacy and robustness of the solutions are:

  • $25 trillion in e-commerce orders and financial services transactions scored for risk
  • 500 million transactions processed each month and handles volumes greater than 8 million/day
  • PCI Certified as a Level 1 Service Provider and ISO-27000, SAS-70 and Safe Harbour Compliant
  • 600 million devices detected by our patented tagless device identification technology captures no PII

Because of 41st Parameter’s deep experience as fraud practitioners and our track record of success at the leading online businesses, we are confident we will produce superior fraud reduction results for your business. Through a combination of best practices, leading technology and exceptional customer service, our innovative solutions provide an unprecedented level of Internet security, decrease the anonymity of the Internet and help you gain valuable insight into every online transaction and customer interaction. We make the process of preventing and detecting fraud easier and more effective, reducing potential losses and operating costs without hindering sales.


Kount by Kount


For All Types of Online Merchants and Retailers

Boost Sales, Beat Fraud with Kount. Kount helps online businesses boost sales by reducing fraud and allowing them to accept more orders. Our all-in-one, SaaS platform is designed for companies operating in card-not-present environments, simplifying fraud detection and dramatically improving bottom line profitability. Merchants using Kount can accept more orders from more people in more places than ever before.

For each transaction, Kount’s “decisioning” engine analyzes hundreds of relevant variables and activity across the globe in real-time providing the most accurate fraud prediction available. While reducing the risk of fraudulent activity, Kount’s intuitive business intelligence tools help merchants increase revenue opportunities in the future, thus boosting sales while reducing fraud and dramatically reducing, or eliminating, the need for manual review.

Kount is a single, turnkey fraud solution that is easy-to-implement and easy-to-use. Kount’s proprietary technology has reviewed hundreds of millions of transactions and provides maximum protection for small businesses to some of the world’s best-known brands.


For Payment Service Providers

Kount SMB™ is an enterprise-class, real-time fraud platform made available to small and medium sized merchants through a network of payment service providers and gateways. Developed for merchants under $10 million in annual revenues, Kount SMB doesn’t skimp on the level of protection you can provide your merchants.

The same fraud management platform that protects F1000 companies is now available to your merchants too. Kount SMB is a unique collection of key functionality from Kount’s core system that makes it easy for processors to offer a proven solution to all their merchants.

Designed with smaller merchants in mind, the Kount SMB platform includes; a streamlined, automated boarding process, simplified integration and a user interface that’s easy, intuitive and efficient so merchants can be up and running in minutes. Kount SMB uses a real-time fraud control platform, which provides the tools necessary to fight all types of fraud for Internet and CNP businesses with response times that average less than 350 milliseconds.


RSA Fraud Management Solution by EMC-RSA

The RSA Fraud Management Solution helps reduce fraud losses by preventing unauthorized acquisition and use of customer credentials and securing transactions across web, e-commerce, phone, and mobile channels.


Prevent fraud losses by detecting potential abuse and stopping credential theft in real time.


Discover how and where your business is losing money, credentials, and identities due to fraud.


Prevent phishing, pharming, and Trojan attacks to protect your financial assets, brand reputation, and consumer confidence.


Ensure prevention of new forms of fraud in both web and mobile channels.


NuDetect by NuData Security

NuDetect Features: Prevent Identity Theft Online

NuDetect is a comprehensive behavior analytics platforms that identifies and confronts criminals with early user profiling and threat appropriate countermeasures. NuDetect highlights their intent before they have a chance to penetrate your website and do damage.

Mobile Optimised

Whether deployed via native app or website, NuDetect uses mobile optimised event sensors for maximum acuity and security across your mobile apps and services.

Real-time Detection and Mitigation

Our system monitors activity in real time, allowing you to take action against fraud, as it happens.

Situational Context

Customized sensors which are specific to your business’s unique security requirements gives you contextual intelligence.

Historical Context Awareness

NuDetect uses historical cross-session and cross-cloud behavior patterns, stored in the NuData cloud. This gives incredible accuracy and safety from day one.

Invisible to users

Our invisible implementation means that you can assess risk and present reasonable security countermeasures, only to the most suspicious actors.

Adaptive Counter Measures

Suspicious actors are challenged with threat appropriate countermeasures not only designed to impede or stop a suspect but to give further intelligence on the nature of the suspect.

Decrease Customer Abandonment

Comprehensive profiles ensures you do not deploy unnecessary countermeasures against your hard earned users.

Machine Learning

Machine learning created positive and negative behavior patterns which are automatically adapted in real-time. Stored in the NuData cloud, your web service will benefit from thousands of intelligence profiles.

Trigger Alerts and Countermeasures

You are in control of the levels of alerts and what those alerts can trigger. NuDetect lets you decide what to do and when to do it.

Actionable Intelligence

NuDetect attributes a unique score to every user interaction. A customised risk model provides actionable intelligence, specific to your business.


Intellinx by Intellinx

The Intellinx Difference – Enterprise Fraud Management

Unlike other anti-fraud vendors that require the customer to provide the data for analysis (typically from log files and data warehouses), Intellinx provides a much more comprehensive and effective fraud management solution, covering a wide range of functions, from comprehensive data capture to analytics and investigation tools. The data capture is performed both in the traditional way (analyzing log files and data warehouses) and through patented non-invasive capture of user activity data by sniffing network transmission between end-users and servers. This enables organizations to capture internal and external user activity, including user queries, which are typically not included in existing log files, and therefore cannot be monitored by other anti-fraud solutions.

The Intellinx system is highly flexible and is typically implemented much faster than other anti-fraud systems, providing multiple solutions on the same platform. It allows the customer to control all system aspects including data models, business rules, scoring models, screen layouts, reports, dashboards, workflows, alerts, cases, ETL and link analysis.

Fraud Indicators detectable by Intellinx, which are typically not detected by other solutions:

  • Branch employees performing enquiries for accounts without monetary transactions
  • Employees looking up accounts which are not relevant to their normal duties
  • Employees performing an excessive number of name searches, screen prints, inquiries, etc.
  • Online banking customers that perform an excessive number of help page views, statement views, check image views, etc.
  • Online banking customers that suddenly change their behavior regarding any aspect of using their online activity.

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