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JIRA 5 by Atlassian

JIRA 5 connects the dots between people, applications, and activity to help teams collaborate smarter and faster.

Use JIRA to track bugs and defects, link issues to source code, plan agile development, and report on project status.

With JIRA 5 you get awesome social features, clever integration points, and a massive list of add-ons to enable great teams to build great software.

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Huddle by Huddle

Enterprise social collaboration helps engage and inform a workforce, increasing productivity and fostering a more inclusive work culture. Huddle’s social collaboration tools help employees share expertise, ideas, and information in a centralized and secure workspace around your files, projects, and other content.

Share, comment, and approve

When communicating around content, email is an inferior solution as those messages are often buried in your inbox and difficult to follow. Your discussions should live next to your content, presented clearly and beautifully.

  • Leave a comment, tag a colleague, and receive notifications around all activity for any file
  • Send a request for document approval, with all approvals stored in an audit trail
  • Write and share meeting notes and ideas from your mobile device or desktop using Huddle Note

Social network integrations

True collaboration in the workplace demands more than simple email communication and file sharing. That’s why Huddle has partnered with tibbr, allowing you to easily share and socialize Huddle content using tibbr’s market-leading social features.

  • A private social network combined with true enterprise security for files and documents
  • Files are securely encrypted and stored within Huddle, ensuring they are only seen by the right people
  • A seamless integration means you don’t have to switch between apps to collaborate

Share ideas on the go

When you’re mobile, collaborating on files through email is a pain, making it incredibly difficult to stay on top of all the conversations, new file versions, and tasks. Huddle solves these problems and keeps you productive.

  • A real-time stream of activity within your network ensures you have visibility into new files, versions, and comments
  • Personalized notifications keep you informed of activity specifically associated with you, so you can take action
  • Stay on top of your to-do lists by managing a simple task agenda, checking them off as you go



Jive by Jive Software


Turn your intranet portal into a hub of enterprise collaboration and communication. JIve enables new efficiencies and cohesion across your organization, keeps employees engaged and informed, and drives innovation and business success.


Jive is what intranet portals were supposed to be but never were: one place for employees to stay informed and find the people, content and expertise they need to do their jobs. It’s the world’s best company directory, enterprise search engine, corporate communications center and navigational hub rolled into one.


Go beyond dusty repositories, clunky wikis, email and piecemeal collaboration tools. Jive provides a central hub for networking, sharing and productivity. And with Jive’s next-gen mobile capabilities, users have access to all their colleagues, conversations and content – along with systems of record – at their fingertips, 24/7.


Jive surfaces information from SharePoint, CRMs and other siloed enterprise systems and makes it accessible to everyone. And it connects with essential applications like Outlook, Office, Box, Evernote, email and any web-based app, providing synchronized sharing and collaboration across all platforms.



Drupal Commons by Acquia

Content-rich community websites built on an open platform that grows with your business.

Follow content and get notified fast

Follow community members, topics, groups and discussions. Track updates via activity stream that match interests, or get email notification.

Group information exchange

Enable community members to join existing groups, or create their own. Follow or post content into open groups. Quickly find content and participate in community, without additional page loads.

Trending relevant content weeds out the noise

Our “active content” system lets community members engage with popular content, based on comments, likes, and views, without manual moderation by community managers.

Collaborate anytime, anywhere on your Mobile device

Collaborate find, and share content on the go with all the capabilites you’d expect sitting at your desk.

Enhanced Moderator Productivity

Built-in "Report as inappropriate" links streamline the process of reporting spam and inappropriate content.


Igloo by Igloo

Igloo is a modern intranet. It helps you work better with other people by keeping your content and conversations in one place.

(It's also hosted and managed, so you can focus on your work, not your IT budget)

We create. We share. We talk with each other.We call this work.

It's hard to make all that work together

If you have to share with other people - people not on your team, or not in your office - it's hard. We get it. You still need your own tools for work. But you can store, share, talk, and collaborate on your files with other people in the right place. Let's make it easy.

You can do all this in your digital workplace

Igloo brings it all together. You won't need to search your inbox for the latest version of a presentation, or update your manager about the same topic three times.

You can share as much or as little as you want with your team or across your whole business.

Comments, blogs, activity streams? If this sounds like Facebook - it's not. It's built for business.

Social media software, like Facebook and Twitter, are great. They're really easy to use and have built some great conventions that we all use now. The tools you use in a "social intranet" are very similar. We use blogs, forums, wikis, hashtags and like buttons. But how you use these in a business context is very different from using them in your personal life.

Work is not a place.

We work everywhere and we're connected all the time. It's a blessing and a curse in some ways. But when you need information on the go, or you want to provide insight when you're not at a computer, you should still have access to the people, content and tools you need to do your job.

Igloo Software is delivered in your web browser, so you can access it from almost any computer with a web browser, including mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. So if you're at a tradeshow or on the beach, you can still post updates, download the latest version of a PowerPoint or post comments.

Built-in enterprise grade security.

Content everywhere? Easy accessibility? This can't be secure!

Well, it is. We've modelled our security to be open enough for collaboration, but strict enough that you don't lose the benefits of an on-premise solution. You can control access by groups, individuals or even specific pieces of content.

Security is controlled by IT - so if you want to integrate with LDAP(S) for single sign on, get two-factor authentication, it's all available to you and built into the platform.


Novell Vibe® by Novell

What is Novell Vibe?

Novell Vibe brings people, projects, and processes together in one secure place to enhance team productivity—no matter where the team is or what devices they use.

Collaborate on and manage projects internally and externally, while on the road

Flexible productivity at your fingertips. From one location, your teams can manage, discuss, create, edit, and respond to each other using a wide variety of tools.

Create interactive intranets

Augment or replace an existing intranet. With drag-and-drop ease, your teams can create custom landing pages and manage their content–all on their own. Dynamic interactions blossom through shared documents, surveys, blogs, and business-focused micro-blogging, all without spending weeks or months setting up pages.

Retain knowledge

Foster the contribution and growth of organizational knowledge in a way that ensures that it can always be leveraged.

Automate business processes

Built-in workflow tools help you create a more formal structure for collaboration processes. Vibe workflows can integrate with third-party systems, and your users don't have to be programmers or developers to build a workflow.


blueKiwi ZEN by blueKiwi

Collaborate Anywhere, Work Everywhere

Find balance in your work. Accomplish business goals faster. Grow professional relationships. Work the way you want. blueKiwi enterprise social software becomes your organization’s social business hub, enhancing professional relationships, helping you to establish priorities and connecting users to the social network via the applications and devices they prefer.

Smarter… not harder

With blueKiwi, you can eliminate the complexity of today’s work environment by providing a single, easily accessible place for users to collaborate, organize and exchange information. In this uniquely collaborative work environment, membership is not dictated by job description, but by experience and expertise. By creating a place where users can contribute and share, blueKiwi captures the powerful collective knowledge of an entire organization. This helps employees get the answers they need to time-sensitive questions and equips them to make better decisions.

And blueKiwi’s new social recommendation engine helps users build new connections by bringing the expertise of the extended network directly to them – and by recommending additional people, topics and content that may help further develop their work.

Put “social” to work for you

Enterprise social networks are all about transparency and collaboration, something the business world is now recognizing as essential to its success. With blueKiwi, your employees can improve communication and information sharing among teams, thereby increasing their ability to successfully reach business goals.

A blueKiwi enterprise social network can connect everyone at your organization anywhere – using tools familiar to them. With mobile devices to access information on the go and business apps like Microsoft Outlook and Office to ease new app integration, going social is simple. And with blueKiwi, you have a single space to collaborate and exchange ideas on a subject – so no one is left behind.

Your enterprise social network is not just about communicating with the people you know, it’s a new way of working where you can discover, recognize and capitalize on new talent and opportunities.


Google Apps for Business by Google

More productive meetings

Schedule events in Calendar at times that work for everyone. Get meeting reminders directly to your Gmail inbox. With one-click, join a video meeting through Hangouts and share your Slides to review as a team. Less prep, fewer next steps.

Teamwork that works

Create a budget tracker in Sheets, share it with teammates and edit it in real-time. It’s automatically stored in Drive so everyone always has the latest version. No more sending attachments to get on the same page.

All you need to work on the go

Enjoy a consistent experience from your computer, tablet or phone. Draft a proposal in Docs at the office, review it on the train, then make final edits from your phone right before the meeting. Get more out of your workday.

Controls for securing your devices and data

Manage mobile devices, email addresses, security settings and more from the Google Admin console. Keep all your company data safe, centralized and protected from disruptions, such as missing hardware or employee turnover. Your business, your rules.



Socialcast by VMware

Socialcast® is a private social network for business. Work smarter, find information faster, and get more done.

Social Business

Add social capabilities to the business applications people use every day. See the business impact of making it easier to connect with people, documents, and resources. Instant Communication

Connect instantly and privately with one or more colleagues. Keep all discussions organized in one secure place. Project Management

Improve teamwork by keeping everyone organized, aligned, and in sync. Manage projects with less effort and get better results. Innovation and Ideas

Tap into the collective wisdom of your entire organization. Create the steady flow of ideas you need to drive your business forward.

Mobile Access

Tap into your Socialcast community from anywhere, on multiple devices. Keep all work-related communications and activities synchronized and secure. Analytics

Measure the impact of your social business efforts. Get real-time feedback and actionable insights about your community. Administration

Manage and grow your Socialcast community with ease. Customize your social network to reflect your unique culture and brand. Enterprise Security

Ensure your community data is safe and in compliance with industry, government, and company policies and regulations.


Chatter by

Be more productive with collaboration at the heart of your business.

Chatter is the leading enterprise social network that allows teams to take action and sync up like never before. And because it's built on the Salesforce1 Platform, you can create custom actions and deploy instantly to every desktop and device, and access any app from a fast, easy-to-use social feed.



Liferay Social Office by Liferay

Liferay Social Office is a social collaboration solution for the enterprise that streamlines communication, saves time, builds group cohesion and raises productivity.

An Open Source Sharepoint® Alternative

  • Documents: Shared document repository with Microsoft Office integration
  • Communication: Team calendars, task management and contact management
  • Collaboration: Integrated threaded discussions, blogs, activity feeds and wikis with federated search
  • People: Searchable LinkedIn-style User Profiles with user tagging, user search, friends, and integrated chat 

Your Enterprise Social Intranet

Liferay Social Office® is a shared workspace solution that helps office teams  work collaboratively using the right tools for sharing knowledge and communicating. 

Everything that modern companies need are included: profiles, blogs, document sharing, message boards, wikis, activity feeds and micro-blogs. 

And unlike Sharepoint®, Social Office is built on Liferay's open source Java platform to ensure enterprise IT can support and extend the application to grow with the business. 


tibbr® by Tibco

Specifically built for the workplace, tibbr® is the first social networking platform that enables employees, customers, and partners to interact with each other – and with information located in any system.

Harnessing this unique, powerful platform, you'll gain the ability to solve problems faster, fuel innovation, and increase productivity. Best of all: tibbr can be securely deployed in a matter of hours from your corporate data center, or through a cloud environment hosted by TIBCO.

  • Contextual. With its unique approach, tibbr allows information to be organized by subject or topic. Leveraging its highly customizable structure and classification system, you can tailor an information model and hierarchy that works best for the business and workforce.
  • Relevant. As not all topics matter equally to each person, tibbr allows users to create, contribute, and subscribe to the event streams that matter most to their roles and interests. Users also have complete control of the frequency in which they receive notifications – right down to the individual subject.
  • Integrated. Information from any existing application can be mapped to specific subjects. Instead of constantly checking different systems or calling someone for updates, tibbr can instantly notify you and your team of the change you are looking for.
  • Accessible. Whether at home, on the move, or at work, users can publish and receive tibbr updates anytime, anywhere. Sharing information has never been so easy.
  • Secure. Whether for use on-premise or hosted in a cloud environment by TIBCO, tibbr is designed to meet all your data security needs. Integration is quick and simple – often only requiring a few hours – and ensures all data storage and user access points meet enterprise-level security, compliance, and audit requirements.



ZImbra Community by Zimbra

Zimbra Community is an online community and private social networking solution designed to enhance customer support and increase employee productivity.

Zimbra is proud to deliver a free social community solution. Key benefits include:

  • Fast deployment
  • Zero cost
  • Support for private and public community use cases
  • All social apps included



Social Workplace by Sitrion

Your social business platform to get work done

Social is not a buzzword. It's a reality. It is an expectation of how your employees interact. The social workplace is much more than a bunch of activity stream and communities, it is the only collaboration environment that drives business value.

The social hub for enterprise collaboration

A truly social intranet. Our state of the art social collaboration capabilities combined with corporate communication features like analytics or content targeting keep your employees engaged. Build a culture of transparency by integrating the company blog with news feeds to help your employees discover experts and capture knowledge. And add in HR Self Services to truly drive productivity.

Extend the power of social collaboration outside your four walls

Create an engaging environment for customers, partners & vendors to collaborate directly. Extend the power and productivity gains of the Social Workplace outside of your organization. Customer support portals, vendor collaboration or partner extranets, break down the barriers along the value chain and help you to build a collaborative ecosystem.

Employee Self-Services Portal

Give your employees access to people, information and workflows at their fingertips. Provide a social collaboration platform combined with the day-to-day tasks your people need to be productive. Add unified communication or HR Self Services to increase the efficiency of your workforce.

Smarter Enterprise

Unleash the potential of your workforce by connecting people, encouraging knowledge sharing and cultivating innovation. The entire innovation value chain from ideation and crowdsourcing to expertise discovery all the way to a full innovation management environment.


Cisco WebEx Social by Cisco

Add the Power of Social to Company Collaboration

Cisco WebEx Social is an enterprise collaboration platform that combines the power of social networking, content creation, and real-time communications. Employees can quickly connect with the people and resources they need to get work done. WebEx Social helps break down organizational silos with easier collaboration across departments and geographies.

Features and Capabilities

  • Unified post
  • Bidirectional email notification
  • Enterprise social networking
  • Unified communications integration
  • Personalized user experience



SAP Jam by SAP

Collaborate in the cloud – with our social network solution, SAP Jam

Connect your customers, partners, and employees with key information and processes in the cloud – to accelerate business and drive results – with SAP Jam. This enterprise social network solution facilitates collaboration at every level of your business to help speed sales cycles, increase customer and employee engagement, and reduce training costs.

  • Protect corporate data with secure social collaboration across your entire enterprise
  • Empower employees to find internal subject matter experts and collaborators – quickly
  • Help teams tame project chaos, build consensus, solve problems, and improve decision making
  • Strategize, communicate, and drive progress with customers, vendors, and partners



OpenText Tempo Social by OpenText

Putting Social to work!

Social Media is an important element of any online or knowledge management strategy, but more importantly, it is fundamentally changing the way people connect with each other and the way organizations interact with people: customers, partners, stakeholders, and employees.

But it isn’t your whole strategy

Social Media promises to break down walls and open communication channels, but for many organizations this promise falls short. Social Media isn’t a strategy; it supports your strategy. Social Media can deliver value once it becomes part of a larger initiative that recognizes other factors at play such as business process, change management, employee education, and adoption.

Business-centric and purpose-driven social features enhance the web experience

OpenText Tempo Social provides easy-to-use social apps that can socially charge your current business processes in a safe and compliant fashion that helps fuel a more immersive user experience both for the social workplace and the social web.

  • Creating a Social Workplace: Organizations can work more efficiently and connect more easily simply by leveraging social features such as blogs, wikis, or forums.
  • Augmenting Social Marketing: Enabling an online dialogue between your users and customers—whether it’s B2B, B2C, or B2E—can help create and retain customers, increase wallet-share with existing customers, and create raving fans that can help increase your brand reputation.
  • Building a more Social Intranet: Encouraging employees, customers, and partners to collaborate on a platform that enables two-way communication can help increase bottom-up conversations so all users can discuss their ideas in social forums and communities.

Delivering a complete Social Media Framework

Tempo Social offers seamless integrations with the ECM Suite that can help deliver a complete social media framework to help our customers support a more social business. Its integration with:

  • OpenText Content Server provides the ability to archive all social content to help ensure that content is properly managed, delivering Social Compliance for our customers.
  • OpenText Web and Social Analytics offers seamless integration with our web and social analytics offering to allow our customers to both monitor and measure their social activity. OpenText Web & Social Analytics delivers real-time visitor and social interaction information to help organizations identify actionable trends within their visitor base along with the ability to capture user events/reports that are specific to your business goals.
  • OpenText Web Recommendations allows users to tap the collective wisdom of visitors to automatically present content that’s meaningful to visitors to increase engagement.
  • OpenText Web Social Search brings the most useful content to the surface based on the intent of site visitors and what information they find relevant—search that returns the exact information visitors want.
  • OpenText Wave, OpenText’s Mobile Enterprise Application Platform, enables organizations to create, develop, and deliver compelling mobile applications to connect employees, partners, and customers—anytime, everywhere!

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