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AccessMatrix™ UAS by i-Sprint Innovations

AccessMatrix™ Universal Authentication Server (UAS) enables organizations to deploy a wide variety of authentication methods to address the business requirements for strong authentication and evolving authentication mechanisms, through a single, unified framework. AccessMatrix™ UAS is a future-proof authentication infrastructure. It supports multiple authentication mechanisms for strong authentication and authorization requirements. UAS enables organizations to rapidly deploy a wide selection of authentication methods to address their authentication requirements. Based on the proven AccessMatrix™ Integrated Security Architecture, UAS provides security Administration, Authentication, Authorization, and Audit services (4As) for business applications. 2FA implementations includes:

  • Security services APIs for application integration and shield the complexity of token integration
  • End-to-End Life Cycle Management for OTP Tokens
  • Radius ready server to integrate with network devices
  • Administration module for administration delegation and user management
  • Audit and reporting module
  • HSM interface to leading brands of HSM devices
  • Administration module for administration delegation and user management
  • PIN mailer interface for mail merge and secure printing
  • Enforcing password policy in addition such password history, password aging, password quality check, etc

Supports for multiple authentication methods such as IDs/Passwords, dynamic passwords, certificates, biometrics, or security tokens is achieved through a simple Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) approach. The selection of the authentication methods can be done without changing the source code of the application. Benefits include reduced cost, time to market and minimal effort for customization or “hardcode” of the application. With AccessMatrix™ UAS, multiple web applications and network devices allow access to a common set of security services via tight integration with the AccessMatrix™ security server.


SecureAuth Identity Provider™ (IdP) by SecureAuth

No product provides more to organizations in a single solution than SecureAuth IdP

With SecureAuth, organizations are able to enforce, restrict, and control access privileges of any user for corporate applications based on existing user credentials.

SecureAuth provides mechanisms for the generation, registration, validation, and revocation of X.509 digital identities (certificates) for the purpose of user access to web, mobile, network, and cloud resources on desktop or mobile devices. Without serious changes to infrastructures, enterprises can control the access granted to all users on any device to any target resource.

Because SecureAuth IdP integrates into existing infrastructures, all user information remains securely on-premises, and SecureAuth employs abstracted authentication to pull data required solely for authentication without storing this information away from the enterprise. SecureAuth supports numerous protocols for federation, including SAML, WS-Fed/Trust, OpenID, OAuth, and more; and utilizes HTTPS for protected transmission of data.

  • Our cost-effective solution comes out-of-the-box for rapid deployment and simple integrations. No token management, third-party tools, extensive coding, or thick clients required. 
  • Control access internally with SecureAuth IdP Identity Management services without increasing overhead costs. User self-services include 2-Factor enrollment and provisioning, profile maintenance, and password reset to speed up deployment and unburden help desks.
  • Integrate with all of your corporate applications with SecureAuth IdP’s support of SAML, WS-Fed/Trust, OAuth, OpenID, and many others, and enable easy navigation between them via transparent SSO.
  • Meet industry compliance standards with our secure 2-Factor Authentication, Single Sign-on, and easy-to-use logging and auditing management.

SecureAuth IdP is an all-inclusive solution, providing to enterprises flexible 2-Factor Authentication, transparent Single Sign-on, and comprehensive Identity Management tools.



2CHK® by Authentify

The Authentify 2CHK® Innovation

Authentify 2CHK® is an innovative transaction "authenticator". For financial services firms who must protect their customers from man-in-the-middle and man-in-the-browser attacks, 2CHK offers a secure communication channel to their customers via their phones, or a secure second channel to the user's desktop.

Authentify 2CHK will display transaction details for end user review and approval before final execution. If the details do not match what the user expected, the user can cancel the transaction via 2CHK.

Authentify 2CHK features:

  • Multiple levels of security
  • Review approval for multiple transactions
  • Transaction signature capability
  • An intuitive user interface
  • No new devices to provision
  • Strong protection for users and transactions

dualShield by Deepnet Security

If you are looking for an enterprise grade two-factor authentication system with strong security, powerful features, great flexibility, high availability and scalability, look no further.

Deepnet DualShield is a versatile two-factor authentication system that provides a wide range of authentication methods, integrates with all commonly used business applications our of the box, in a unified single platform.


Unlike most other two-factor authentication products in the market that provides only one or a few authentication methods, DualShield provides more than 10 authentication methods covering token-based, device based, biometrics as well as PKI certificates.


Unlike most other two-factor authentication products in the market that often integrates with a limited number of business applications, DualShield integrates with more than 10 enterprise and web applications covering VPN & RDP remote access, Windows, Mac and Linux OS Logon, Web & Cloud applications as well as Outlook emails.

Key Features

  • Web Based management console
  • Native LDAP/AD integration
  • Multi-level user management
  • Full life cycle token management
  • Policy based configuration
  • Role based administration
  • Auditing & Reporting
  • Extended Radius support
  • Single Sign-On
  • Scalability & High Availability
  • Self-service web portal
  • Managed Service


DualShield is easily integrated with your xisting environment with minimum impact to your business operation. In the core of the DualShield unified authentication platform is the Deepnet Authentication Server that can be installed on any Windows or Linux server, or provided as a virtual appliance runing in a virtual server such as VMware or Sun Virtual Box.

With the broadest range of user authentication methods flexible role and policy based access control, single sign-on features, self-service portal, and proven performance to millions of users, DualShield enables organizations to reduce administration costs while providing secure access to their web applications and content.



ANAKAM.TFA by Equifax

Once users have access to a portal or applications, it is important to identify that the same users are returning in order to maintain security of the system and guard against account take-over, data loss and theft. Multifactor authentication is a simple yet secure way of knowing who is using your applications and ensuring that they are exactly who you expect them to be.

Our strong, multi-factor authentication product offers a range of layered, secure authentication methods in a single integrated platform. It delivers secure one-time passcodes via multiple vectors:

  • SMS (text messages)
  • mobile app
  • voice message (IVR)
  • hard token

Out-of-band delivery of quickly expiring, one-time passcodes confirms that the person possessing the passcode is the one attempting to access your systems. Multiple authentication vectors ensure high-level security with user-required flexibility and usability.

If a biometric method is required or desired, two-factor authentication can also be done through voice biometrics – a secure, software-based method that doesn't require special hardware or detailed training.

Progressive authentication is our term for the best practice we pioneered—using an integrated set of tools and processes for situation-based authentication of known users seeking access to secure networks, data, and applications.

Based on your policy decisions, our solution will trigger authentication challenges at login or when suspicious transactions, unknown or risky devices, or out-of-norm behavior is recognized. These security authentication parameters can be customized in real-time for users both inside and outside your organization, progressively presenting authentication challenges based upon the latest threat assessment.



Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication by SMS Passcode

Giving you heightened security, when needed.

A username and password are no longer enough to authenticate your users. Each day brings new stories of stolen identities and brands of all sizes falling victim to hackers. Weak or stolen user credentials are the preferred weapons used by hackers, and are behind approximately 76 percent of all network intrusions.

With Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication from SMS PASSCODE you are effectively taking the hackers preferred weapon away.

SMS PASSCODE leverages the one thing users always carry with them – their mobile phone. 
The solution provides a superior user experience by taking full advantage of contextual information such as login behavior patterns, geo-location, and type of login system being accessed.

With this information available the solution can assess the threat level and dynamically adjust the level of user authentication needed.


Two-Factor Authentication by TeleSign

TeleSign two-factor authentication means users can protect themselves with the one thing they always have with them.

The Good Ol’ Password

The good old username and password are no longer good enough. To protect against account compromise, you need another layer of security. Along with their the username and password, users must add a second factor of authentication. But what? Email is insecure. Tokens and card readers are mislaid. Hardware solutions also involve you in a supply, replacement, and administration program 24/7

Easy to Use

Patented two-factor authentication (2FA) uses the one item that is most personal to the user. Something that is hardly ever out of arm’s reach—their phone. It’s a solution which requires no set-up, no training, and no extra hardware or software. In fact, phone-based authentication is so pervasive you’d be hard pressed to find someone out there, with at least an email account, who hasn’t experienced phone-based 2FA.



IdentityGuard by Entrust

Strong Authentication & Identity Management Platform

All organizations — enterprises, governments or financial institutions — require the means to authenticate the identities of users, machines or mobile devices for access to sensitive networks, services, applications or facilities.

While the demand for strong authentication has extended beyond traditional users, technology now exists that presents organizations with new opportunities to improve security, while reducing operating cost. These include physical and logical access solutions, digital certificates on mobile devices, soft tokens, advanced credentialing and more.

Existing point authentication solutions are no longer up to the task of thwarting advances that exploit vulnerabilities in a variety of channels or mediums. Whether the root threats originate from internal or external sources, critical information, data and identities are at constant risk.

Entrust’s flagship authentication solution, Entrust IdentityGuard leads the industry as one of the most robust authentication and identity-assurance platforms. It delivers an unmatched breadth of capabilities and flexibility to meet the most demanding security environments.

By leveraging a cost-effective platform to authenticate and manage digital identities, businesses can broaden their security deployment, provide flexibility for employees and partners, while achieving operating efficiencies and maximizing their return on investment.


ActivID® by HID Global

Delivering a full range of flexible authentication and credentialing options that give businesses confidence in their users’ identities, the HID ActivID® IT Security portfolio protects access to everything from the cloud, to the data, to the door. HID Global’s ActivID product offering gives enterprises, financial institutions, governments, and healthcare organizations a single, coordinated view for logical and physical access, enabling them to efficiently manage various credentials for all of their different users, across all types of devices.

HID Global understands that each customer has different needs, and therefore requires a different solution. With that in mind, we offer multiple form factors and deployment options for our solutions, to effectively address every application.


Swivel Authentication Platform by Swivel Secure

The Swivel authentication platform, first launched in 2000, is used to secure VPN, desktops, web and Cloud-based applications.

Swivel’s range of risk based authentication tools helps enterprises manage the increasing data security risk posed by cloud services and bring your own device policies.

The Swivel platform delivers two factor authentication via mobile apps, SMS, OATH Tokens and interactive voice response channels and stronger authentication through integrated in-browser imagery.



IDConfirm 1000 by Gemalto

he IDConfirm 1000 solution includes all components needed to deploy strong authentication in your organization.

Using IDConfirm 1000, enterprises can deploy strong authentication for a low total cost of ownership.This is realized through packaged plug-and-play solutions that are adaptable to existing networks and AAA servers and built according to open OATH standards.IDConfim offers the highest level of security for two-factor authenticationYou can choose from a wide range of connected or unconnected form factors including smart cards, tokens, and a mobile OTP phone application.Our software solutions are open, scalable and evolutive.


Symantec Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP) by Symantec

Protect networks, applications, and data against unauthorized access

Symantec Validation and ID Protection Service is a leading cloud-based strong authentication service that enables enterprises to secure access to networks and applications while preventing access by malicious unauthorized attackers. A unified solution providing both two-factor and risk-based token-less authentication, VIP is based on open standards and can easily integrate into enterprise applications.

Key Features

  • Cloud-based authentication service deploys without requiring hardware or software installation.
  • Wide choice of hardware and software one-time password (OTP) credentials, including free mobile phone credentials
  • One-tap push verification technology included with mobile credential.
  • Leverage device and behavior profiling to deliver strong authentication without requiring hardware or software credentials.
  • Integrates with enterprise infrastructure via RADIUS out-of-the-box or through plug-ins into popular enterprise applications. Find a complete list of third-party integrations.
  • Out-of-box self-service application–including token activation, token synchronization.

Key Benefits

  • Enables compliance: Helps enable compliance by establishing controls over access to sensitive networks, applications, and data
  • Reduces capital costs: Eliminates the expense of building and maintaining in-premise infrastructure
  • Accelerates time-to-security: Speeds deployments by eliminating infrastructure and physical tokens
  • Delivers scalability: Carrier-class availability and reliability accommodates rapid changes in user base

SecurAccess by SecurEnvoy

Mobile phone based tokenless® Two Factor Authentication for VPN, SSL, Remote Desktop, WiFi, web portals, laptop encryption and other solutions. The modern alternative to physical fobs/tokens.

Mobile phone based Tokenless® two-step verification for remote access

Passwords aren't strong enough to protect company data from the other 3 billion users online. Two factor authentication provides the strength of security needed to protect you. By leveraging something the user already has, SecurAccess allows a seamless and cost effective solution for Two Factor authentication to be implemented.

  • On premises software or hosted via managed provider
  • Use your phone or device as the authenticator
  • Easiest 2FA logon experience in the industry
  • Automatically deploy users via LDAP group membership
  • Deployment can scale to 100,000 users per hour
  • Fixed yearly cost, pay per user, with no hidden extras
  • Putting the user in control, move seamlessly between devices.
  • Halve your cost of tradition hardware token alternatives
  • Reutilise existing AD (LDAP) database.
  • Widest variety of tokenless types



RSA Authentication Manager by EMC-RSA

RSA Authentication Manager: The central two-factor authentication software that provides capabilities to manage security tokens, users, multiple applications, agents, and resources across physical sites. Authentication Manager verifies authentication requests and centrally administers authentication policies for enterprise networks.


Provides easy and cost-effective management of your RSA SecurID solution through browser-based administration.


Supports two-factor authentication methods including hardware, software, and SMS to meet the needs of any user population.


Delivers a replication architecture that guarantees uptime of your critical security infrastructure.


Integrates with more than 400 of the industry’s leading partner solutions, including VPN, networking, wireless, firewall, and more.


Supports the most popular stand-alone operating system platforms, VMware virtual environments, and RSA SecurID Appliances pre-loaded.


Azure Multi-Factor Authentication by Microsoft

Azure Multi-Factor Authentication reduces organizational risk and helps enable regulatory compliance by providing an extra level of authentication, in addition to a user’s account credentials, to secure employee, customer, and partner access. Azure Multi-Factor Authentication can be used for both on-premises and cloud applications.

Get security and convenience

Azure Multi-Factor Authentication helps safeguard access to your data and applications while addressing user demand for a simple sign-in process. The service offers enhanced protection from malware threats, and real-time alerts notify your IT department of potentially compromised account credentials. Multi-Factor Authentication delivers strong authentication via a range of easy options, including mobile apps, phone calls, and text messages, allowing users to choose the method that works best for them. Support for multiple methods ensures that users can always be reached for additional authentication.

Add it to on-premises applications

Use the Multi-Factor Authentication Server to enable additional authentication for on-premises applications such as remote access VPNs and web applications, as well as cloud applications using Active Directory Federation Services. Sync with Server Active Directory or another LDAP directory to streamline user management. Run the Multi-Factor Authentication Server on your existing hardware or in a Azure Virtual Machine. Multiple, redundant servers can be configured for high availability and fail-over.

Turn it on for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Use Multi-Factor Authentication to secure access to Azure, Microsoft Online Services like Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online, and thousands of Non-MS Cloud services preintegrated with Azure AD. Simply enable Multi-Factor Authentication for Azure AD identities, and users will be prompted to set up additional verification the next time they sign in. Azure Multi-Factor Authentication is also included in Azure Active Directory Premium offering.

Build it into your applications

A Software Development Kit (SDK) enables direct integration with your cloud services. Build Multi-Factor Authentication phone call and text message verification methods into your application’s sign-in or transaction processes and leverage your application’s existing user database.


CA Advanced Authentication by CA Technologies

Combines multi-factor credentials and risk evaluation to help avoid inappropriate access and fraud.

Concern about identity theft, data breaches and fraud is increasing but at the same time organizations are feeling pressure to enable employees, partners and customers to access more sensitive information from anywhere and any device. These market dynamics make multi-factor authentication and fraud prevention critical parts of any organization’s security strategy.

CA Advanced Authentication is a flexible and scalable solution that incorporates both risk-based authentication methods like device identification, geolocation and user activity, as well as, a wide variety of multi-factor, strong authentication credentials. This solution can allow the organization to create the appropriate authentication process for each application or transaction. It can be delivered as on-premise software or as a cloud service and it can protect application access from a wide range of endpoints including all of the popular mobile devices. This comprehensive solution can enable your organization to cost effectively enforce the appropriate method of strong authentication across environments without burdening end users.


DS3 Authentication Server by DS3

In face of the ever-changing threat landscape, businesses, institutions and end users are confronted by increased uncertainty and fear of fraud and abuse. Theft of information and electronic data has superseded physical theft as the most frequently reported fraud. With the increased use of technology in businesses, fraudsters have more opportunities to attack enterprises with more advanced tools of their own. Enterprises need to stay agile and responsive to new industry standards and compliance requirements without overhauling their existing infrastructure and investment.

A strong, comprehensive, flexible and cost-effective solution needs to be in place to meet current and future needs. Stretching the dollar without compromising on security, speed of deployment, features, and user experience are the key concerns of any security professional.

Multi-Factor Authentication with End-to-end Encryption

The DS3 Authentication Server appliance is a high performance appliance that provides multifactor authentication with end-to-end encryption of keys protected by a FIPS-certified Hardware Security Module (HSM).

Future-proof your investment with our agile and highly customizable solutions. Our authentication solutions provide multifactor authentication with a wide variety of hardware and software tokens, allowing flexibility of token deployment without the fear of vendor lock-in. Together with end-to-end encryption and transaction authorization, enterprises are able provide customers with a peace of mind, which can translate into increased confidence, trust and loyalty towards the business.

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