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Professional Planner® 8 by Prevero

The original: high quality, shorter planning cycles, faster forecasts, making sure that everything is calculated correctly

professional planner enables you to

  • save up to 30 % of time compared to your former planning process
  • reduce interfaces by up to 90%
  • increase your employees' productivity by up to 98% compared to working with Excel

professional planner is one of the leading software products for business planning. Since 2011, the well-known planning brand, which also achieved Microsoft Gold Partner status, belongs to prevero. Its consistent further development can be observed in the latest version, professional planner 8. 


prevero professional planner addresses the requirements of controllers and combines the possibilities of integrated P&L and balance sheet planning with multidimensional modeling in one solution. This makes it possible to create and adjust company-specific models without scripting or programming and enables users to create reports easily.

All kinds of operational content and all processes can be mapped and modified by expert users. professional planner perfectly combines a predefined calculation logic with multidimensional planning and detailed analysis.

When creating structures and importing data from different source systems, prevero DirectTouch is a helpful tool for transferring existing organizational structures. Formats from all popular source systems can be mapped and transferred easily. Thanks to DirectTouch, prevero provides standardized access to more than 30 ERP systems. The connectors can be extended further via the DirectTouch interface.

Workflow and real-time calculation

Thanks to the workflow support and the real-time calculation of all data inputs, the current state of planning can be monitored by all responsible persons. As a logical extension of planning, the simulation option in professional planner (based on sales, costs, financial data and KPIs) provides an insight into "what-if scenarios". 


All visualization functions available in professional planner can also be used for all kinds of reports. Ad hoc, default or individual reports can be created using individual layout specifications. Expert users can develop comprehensive reports (from weekly updates to extensive monthly, quarterly or annual reports) without having to switch between different technologies or media. Moreover, the additional module prevero Office Integration offers the possibility of using data created in prevero directly in Microsoft Office products. You can take full advantage of the benefits of Excel, Word and PowerPoint without having to store data redundantly.

Efficient in-memory technology

In addition to functions, features and a comprehensible user interface, performance is a vital aspect of business management and Corporate Performance Management solutions. One of the most important characteristics of efficient Business Intelligence Software is being able to achieve reasonable response times without requiring substantial additional investments in the existing hardware. The in-memory database MemoLytics® enables users to work quickly and efficiently during day-to-day business, thereby giving them more time for analyzing data



CONTROL by KCI Computing

Building on more than 30 years of domain expertise, KCI provides a dynamic, cost-effective corporate performance management (CPM) solution that offers organizations of all sizes the real-time insight needed to plan, assess and drive performance. KCI's hallmark product, CONTROL®, leverages relational technology to unite critical financial and operational data to deliver the cohesive, transparent and timely view necessary to align strategy and action.

At every phase of the management cycle—planning, budgeting, forecasting, modeling, financial consolidations, analysis and reporting—and across every level of the enterprise, CONTROL corporate performance management software addresses the complexity and fluidity of all management functions, bridging the gaps and tying everything together. What's more, CONTROL does so via ONE closed loop platform, with ONE centralized metadata and data repository, ONE single point of maintenance and ONE standardized interface.

Used by industry-leading companies in key vertical markets including aerospace and defense, manufacturing and financial services, CONTROL offers unsurpassed visibility, transparency and traceability enabling continuous cross-organization collaboration, strategic focus, alignment and high-value decision-making that turns corporate goals into corporate achievement.

Achieve Peak Performance. Get CONTROL.


Corporate Performance Management Software by Host Analytics

HostAnalytics cloud based Corporate Performance Management has permanently changed the way businesses are doing their budgeting and financial planning.

Leveraging its core foundation, HostAnalytics provides tools to instantly move Microsoft Excel models into a centralized, cloud environment to facilitate financial planning and reporting. Now you can rely on a single version of truth rather than stale and disjointed data for as important a task as financial planning.

Learn the value of corporate performance management software and how it can change planning, budgeting and forecasting within an organization to improve fact-based decisions using HostAnalytics application today.


BI360 by Solver

Reporting. Budgeting. Dashboards. Data Warehouse. Solver’s BI360 Suite is the most complete BI solution of its kind. And now with our new Collaboration tool, it’s the most effective way to drive productivity across your enterprise.


With drag-and-drop simplicity and out-of-the-box integration across Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV and SL, as well as other major ERP systems, BI360 Reporting is a powerful, intuitive report writer…and a lot more.


BI360’s flexible and highly adaptable Budgeting module also includes full complete forecasting and modeling functionality that offer fast implementation and lower software costs than legacy planning solutions.


KPIs, scorecards, at-a-glance monitoring. With BI360 Dashboards, you can visualize trends, analyze your organization’s data, and get a better view of critical information, all in one centralized location.

Data Warehouse

The BI360 data warehouse is a next generation pre-configured and customizable data warehouse based on the world-leading Microsoft SQL Server platform. And it’s priced for the mid-market.


The best decisions are informed decisions. BI360’s Collaboration tool offers a complete view of your organization—people, data, resources, conversations—so you can make immediate, informed decisions.


Longview 7 by Longview Solutions

Longview 7 is a single repository of accurate information for your entire enterprise – solving a complex challenge in today's global environment. With accurate information you can begin to see how and where value is being created within your organization and in turn, make informed decisions about the future direction of your enterprise. Our CPM solution includes:

  • Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Statutory Consolidation
  • Disclosure Management, XBRL/iXBRL Reporting, SEC Reporting
  • Management Reporting
  • Profitability Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • Learning and Knowledge Management

Longview 7 helps you to determine where value comes from today, and enables swift reaction to grow tomorrow. Using our single technology platform, you can plan, forecast, budget, and receive reports and analysis on daily business information at a high level or in as much detail as required. This information, tracked against key performance indicators, enables quick business decisions, positively driving your company's productivity. Financial truth, at the right time, improves market insight and creates new levels of competitive advantage. It clarifies options and increases confidence in the choices made.


Prophix by Prophix Software

Corporate Performance Management (or CPM) is an umbrella term used to describe software applications that automate your business’s non-transactional processes – specifically picking up where your ERP system leaves off. Typically, organizations start by using personal productivity tools like spreadsheets to manage processes like budgeting, forecasting and reporting. But unlike spreadsheets, Prophix’s software combines these processes and gives you the ability to develop and implement a broader vision of your company’s performance.

Prophix is an industry leader in corporate performance management

At Prophix, we believe that a single platform for all your CPM requirements is essential. We used our extensive domain experience to develop a single software product that addresses multiple CPM capabilities through a common user interface. We’ve also productized the functionality that in more expensive enterprise systems requires time consuming and expensive customization.

As you can see here, our unified solution supports the complete spectrum of CPM functionality including:

  • Budgeting, planning and forecasting
  • Financial, statutory and management reporting
  • Financial consolidation
  • Profitability modeling and optimization
  • Strategic planning

Prophix provides a foundation to realize your CPM vision

Implementing a CPM solution may seem like a daunting task. But very few of our customers do everything at once. With Prophix you can grow. Start by replacing spreadsheets for your annual budgeting exercise and then use Prophix for the specific needs of your business. Needs that cannot be met by spreadsheets alone.

Ask yourself: does your finance department…

  • use a combination of spreadsheets or homegrown products to manage the budgeting process, consolidate results or provide rudimentary analytics?
  • spend a great deal of time developing, copying and formulating data into spreadsheets?
  • scramble to provide information – often having to switch between a number of different applications – with the reports lacking consistency and accuracy?
  • struggle to respond quickly to new regulatory or statutory requirements? 

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it is very likely that your finance department would find immediate business value with a CPM implementation. But the business value of a performance management deployment can be felt far beyond the office of finance.

With a CPM solution like Prophix, you can develop a system that will differentiate you from your competition: 

  • Link your corporate financial and operational planning processes
  • Enable any number of users to consume and contribute information – without adding complexity
  • Identify areas where increased collaboration can improve business analytics and manage performance more effectively
  • Plan at the required level of detail you need – no matter how granular or how frequent

Without question, we are moving towards a more data-driven culture. Expanded participation and more sophisticated analysis of data results in valuable business insight and increased organizational ability.


Enterprise Performance Management by Bitam

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), also known as Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business Performance Management (BPM), is a strategic approach to improving business performance.

“Methodologies, metrics, processes, and systems used to monitor and manage the business performance of an enterprise” as defined by Gartner Inc. “EPM in short represents the strategic deployment of business intelligence solutions”.

The EPM integrated solutions concept was recently conceived to define the actionable solutions that arise when information resides in concentrated sources within an organization. For Bitam, EPM is a top down framework consisting of 3 individual solutions: Business Intelligence, Strategic Planning and Financial Planning. The sole purpose of these combined solutions is to align the tactics, strategy and execution of business plans. The solutions are created on a unique platform utilizing a multidimensional model that supports a diverse array of capabilities that power the information through metrics, analytics, dashboards, and scorecards.

Some of the most known and adopted methodologies on performance management include: six sigma, balanced scorecard, activity-based costing, total quality management, economic value-add, and integrated strategic measurement. However, methodologies on their own cannot deliver results. They fail within the organizations operational processes because of poor execution and the unalignment of action and metrics. Bitam offers a complete suite of software tools that deliver the benefits of implementing and measuring strategic plans correctly.


Oracle EPM by Oracle

Deliver Insight and New Value

In a fast-moving business environment, finance leaders are leveraging technology advancements to improve performance and unlock business potential.


SAS Performance Management by SAS

Control costs without sacrificing growth.

Given the nature of current incentives (meeting quarterly or annual targets), the challenge is to meet short-term targets while preserving strategic growth initiatives.

Improve agility.

Organizations that can identify opportunities and threats more easily than their competitors, understand the implications, update strategy quickly and then execute that strategy consistently across the organization will be the winners.

Understand what drives cost and value.

Without this understanding, managers are unlikely to allocate resources appropriately and know where to make improvements. At best, it may generate suboptimal results; at worst, it could inadvertently and irreparably destroy value.

Identify and respond to risks and opportunities.

A focus on the "triple bottom line" of people, profit and planet drives increased brand value through innovation, improves internal efficiencies and accountability, and engenders the loyalty of consumers, employees and other stakeholders.


All In One by BOARD International

Within one single product BOARD offers all the functionalities needed to build any Business Intelligence Software and Corporate Performance Management application solutions, without the use of any programming. Its revolutionary toolkit approach, as well as delivering unrivalled speed in BI and CPM applications building, customisation and maintenance, provides end-users with an advanced interactive interface.This unique capability turns the self-service creation of any report or analysis into the simplest of tasks

One product

From the outset, BOARD was conceived as a solution to maximise the efficiency of organisations’ decision-making processes, by integrating top Business Intelligence Software (BI) with Corporate Performance Management tools (CPM): a visionary approach named Management Intelligence. Fifteen years later, BOARD leads the way in BI and CPM unification, providing a seamless solution from both a technological and functional standpoint. A full complement of Business Intelligence functions, including reporting, multi-dimensional analysis, ad hoc querying and dashBOARDing, is combined with the ability to manage and monitor all performance planning and control processes, from budgeting, planning and forecasting to profitability analysis, score-carding and financial consolidation.

One vision

BOARD helps organisations reach a single vision of their performance in a simple and extremely effective manner. Information originating from various sources is integrated into a virtual data repository shared by the entire organisation, thus prviding business users with a customised but unitary vision. The native integration between the information base and applications ensures that changes made to applications are propagated to data, and vice versa. The end-result is a full alignment of the Business Intelligence and Performance Management environment, which translates into a shared vision of corporate performances throughout the organisation, hence into a single version of the truth

One technology

Unlike its main vendors competitors, BOARD is not based on a patchwork of different products and technologies coming from multiple acquisitions and then forcibly integrated. The result of an organic development project launched in 1994, BOARD is a unique, integrated product, which enables organisations to oversee their entire Business Intelligence and Performance Management area using a single interface, a single application construction environment, a single technology and a single strand of know-how


Clarity 7 by IBM

IBM® Clarity 7 is a financial management solution that integrates budgeting, planning, reporting, consolidations, analytics, scorecards and dashboards in a single, unified application. The Clarity 7 interface features a look and feel similar to Microsoft Excel to encourage rapid adoption and provide an intuitive user experience in a web-based application.

  • Budgeting, planning and forecasting: Enables users to create standardized corporate reports and data entry templates based on existing company data. These templates and reports are then distributed to a user community for enterprise-wide financial processes, such as budgeting, planning, forecasting and corporate reporting.
  • Strategy management: Generate initiatives, evaluate progress toward strategic objectives and provide project management functionality to close the loop between strategy and execution.
  • Dashboards and scorecards: Provide visually intuitive information on business performance with overall or targeted views of both financial and operational data.
  • Profitability modeling: Create comprehensive profitability models with flexible reporting and advanced financial modeling to deliver actionable insights into both cost and profitability.

Axiom EPM Unified Platform by Axiom EPM


When done right, performance management has the power to transform information into organizational insight for better planning and effective decision making. Axiom EPM does it right—leveraging a single platform that meets all your needs, from strategy development and planning to reporting and profitability measurement.

Our core and industry-specific solutions comprise one, truly unified platform—designed to accelerate enterprise performance management (EPM). Our unique integration with Microsoft® Excel® ensures Axiom EPM not only speaks the language of finance; it far extends its capabilities. That means no more relying on standalone spreadsheets.

Instead, you can generate sophisticated modeling with minimal effort. Even the most complex enterprises benefit from our relational database design, which supports large and unique data needs.

Axiom EPM’s all-in-one design delivers:

  • One, single sign-on for all Axiom EPM applications
  • One look and feel that’s accessible to everyone
  • One approach for creating business logic
  • One facility to manage security
  • One method for generating reports and managing meta data
  • One information hub to consolidate disparate data sources

What’s that mean for your organization?

  • A short learning curve for end users
  • Increased efficiencies company-wide
  • High user acceptance and adoption
  • The ability to easily share information—tie strategy targets or profitability metrics to budgets and forecasts
  • Lower total cost of ownership

SAP Enterprise Performance Management by SAP

Better manage performance at every level of your organization. Our enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions can help you translate your corporate goals into department-specific metrics that everyone can understand – for increased accountability and control, streamlined processes, and strategy-guided, risk-aware plans.

  • Elevate performance – from high-level objectives to operational metrics
  • Accelerate and improve planning, budgeting, and forecasting
  • Automate your processes for quicker, more accurate financial reporting
  • Improve decision making to drive profitability and fuel growth
  • Transform your performance management processes by leveraging mobile devices
  • Leverage industry and line of business best practices and content



Infor CPM Planning and Budgeting by Infor

With Infor CPM Planning and Budgeting, companies can leverage technology to plan and forecast objectively, quickly, and accurately, and strengthen their overall performance. It also helps them assess the potential impact of key events across the organization; simplify the creation and maintenance of relevant, dynamic plans and budgets that support organizational goals; and improve overall results.


Corporate Performance Management by Tagetik

Corporate performance management software from Tagetik unifies a multitude of complex processes including budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, and performance reporting. With Tagetik, your company’s decision makers can finally unify key performance management processes and manage business performance in a more comprehensive manner. And since Tagetik believes in simplicity, all of this can be done without having to integrate multiple software platforms, products and technologies. Tagetik has one database, one set of data, and one calculation engine.

With Tagetik, there is no longer a need to purchase and implement separate software and technology for budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, and other key CPM processes.

By investing in a single Corporate Performance Management software solution, you gain a host of powerful business benefits, including the ability to:

  • Link operational activities with business strategy without complex integration
  • Go beyond finance (i.e. use pervasive and detailed budgeting, planning & 
  • forecasting processes across even the largest enterprise)
  • Manage communication and collaboration across multiple finance processes
  • Link tasks and activities to both budget objectives and actual performance
  • Improve control and workflow of activities and processes across the enterprise
  • Unify consolidation, reporting, budgeting and forecasting processes
  • Gain flexibility to adapt to meet new business requirements quickly
  • Manage external compliance, disclosure and financial reporting from one source
  • Reduce cycle times and iterations of financial processes to enable finance to take on more


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