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BambooHR by BambooHR

Spreadsheets just can't compete.

Our expert implementation team will have you freed up from spreadsheets in no time, and totally in love with your job again. Imagine having all of your employee data secure in one location and accessible in seconds. From anywhere. In beautiful reports. Your employees can access their own data, too, so they won’t take your time to take time off. And when was the last time a spreadsheet sent you an anniversary reminder?

Not too big. Not too small.

As a small company, we know how challenging it can be to find solutions and pricing that fit. So we’ve created a flexible core HRIS system and pricing model that adapt to your changing needs. And we’ve packaged it in the most user-friendly way. That’s why BambooHR is so refreshingly simple to use, yet so incredibly powerful.

  • Track time off, training and benefits.
  • Customize the fields, tables and tabs.
  • Create your users groups.
  • Integrate with other services like applicant tracking and payroll.

HR software doesn't get any easier.

Technology can be clunky. We get that. So we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Transitioning to BambooHR software is easy. Using it is easy. And loving it is easiest of all. Especially when you need visibility across multiple locations. Or custom tabs and instant reports. Because they’re all just a few clicks away.

No one supports you like BambooHR.

We’re all about making sure you have a great experience with our software. Our real, live customer support team will go out of their way to help you—by phone or by email. For free. We also have free video tutorials, forums, training webinars, whitepapers, and a great knowledgebase you can access 24/7.

A ton of value for a tiny investment.

If you haven’t already compared pricing, we encourage you to do so. You’ll find our HR software really is the best value. Simply pay a monthly subscription based on how many employees you have, plus a one-time implementation fee. That’s it. Then you’re off and running—and loving life. There’s no extra charge for customization, multiple administrators, enhanced features, support, or inactive employees.

I find a lot of joy in helping people grow and become more productive through training and one-on-one sessions. BambooHR is so beautiful that everyone uses it, which frees up more time for me to follow my passion in helping people do their jobs better. And its integrations and reports are fantastic!

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The Applicant Manager by The Applicant Manager

We call it TAM

An Applicant Tracking System doesn't have to be complex. TAM is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, so that you can concentrate on hiring quality candidates. TAM hosts your branded Careers page, tracks applicants through the hiring process, shares and compares applicant information across your organization, and allows you to stay organized throughout the entire recruiting process. No more overflowing inboxes, piles of resumes or spreadsheets!

It's powerful and social

  • Access applicants' data from anywhere, anytime through our secure, cloud-based system
  • Easily create custom workflows and prescreening forms
  • Automatically screen out unqualified applicants and merge duplicates
  • Find the ideal applicant using TAM's advanced/boolean search features
  • Share notes on applicants across your organization
  • Schedule interviews and integrate calendars
  • Communicate with applicants using your own email templates
  • Securely store, retrieve and share your documents
  • Rank and sort your applicants
  • Automatically post your jobs to free and paid job boards
  • Recruit using Social Media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Send online Applications for Employment at any step
  • EEO/Disability/VETS compliant for 2014

With stellar support

We don't sell software, we provide solutions. Our team of HR and recruitment professionals designed TAM to support our own clients. We use it ourselves, every day. And while we've made it simple to use and easy to configure, we are always available to help when you want it. You'll be supported by an experienced recruiter, not a call center. Stellar support means that we listen and provide personalized support each and every time. We provide priority responses to exceed your expectations!


eTime Xpress by Celayix

eTime Xpress for Employee Scheduling

eTime Xpress is a powerful, yet user friendly advanced scheduling system.  Using eTime Xpress employers have the ability to streamline scheduling processes by creating business rules, communicating and making changes to employee schedules in real-time and proactively planning and managing labor budgets.

Automate Employee Scheduling

  • Decrease the amount of time taken to create schedules by automatically scheduling employees based on seniority, qualifications, lowest cost to your business, or other rules specific to your operations
  • Ensure schedules comply with coverage, skills and other complex contractual requirements
  • Quickly find qualified replacements due to no-show’s and sick calls
  • Increase employee communication and accountability by distributing staff schedules through various self service options
  • Save money by proactively managing and avoiding unnecessary overtime with notifications and filters
  • Collect and store more accurate employee data, creating a database of employee skills, qualifications and pay rates all used for advanced staff scheduling

eTime Xpress for Employee Time & Attendance

eTime Xpress automates the error-prone and time-consuming processes related to employee time and attendance. Quickly apply complex pay and/or bill rates with accuracy and ease, and provide managers with the tools to effectively and efficiently monitor attendance, manage absences, track employee incidents, and manage labor costs.

Streamline Employee Time & Attendance

  • Eliminate discrepancies, payroll errors and time theft, match employee time scheduled to employee time worked, by importing data from a variety of time collection clocks
  • Raise attendance visibility through real-time monitoring and reports
  • Ensure labor rules are followed and staff are paid accurately and on time
  • Maximize revenue by ensuring hours worked are quickly and accurately billed back to customers
  • Proactively manage your business by generating and analyzing a myriad of labor reports, understand when and where labor dollars are spent, and make changes accordingly
  • Save administrative time, and eliminate multiple data entry, export payroll and/or billing data to other business software

Epicor HCM by Epicor

Human Capital Management

With the recent acquisition of Spectrum Human Resource Systems Corporation (Spectrum), Epicor now offers embedded global HR and payroll functionality with a best-in-class HCM solution. Epicor Human Capital Management (HCM) is the most intuitive, functional, and adaptive HCM solution on the market. We’ve defined the next-generation of HCM solutions, with a full range of deployment models, and backed it with the best service in the industry to provide an unparalleled Human Resource Management System (HRMS). Epicor HCM is available both as an integral part of Epicor ERP or Epicor Retail solutions, and as a cutting-edge standalone HRMS solution. In each case, Epicor HCM is available with or without Payroll. Furthermore, Epicor HCM solutions provide the broadest flexibility, enabling you to implement and finance your HCM solution in the most appropriate way for your business. Available as on-demand software as a service (SaaS), hosted, or on-premise license, Epicor HCM can be deployed according to your requirements without compromising functionality.

Comprehensive Human Resource Management


Epicor HCM automates your HR processes, enabling you to track, manage, and analyze all your employee data from application to retirement. Robust recruitment management, benefits, and absence tracking tools give you greater control over staffing, time off, and benefits administration, with paperless workflows designed to walk managers and employees through common set up and administration operations for improved efficiency.

Powerful performance management, HR reporting, and analytics functionality helps you align your corporate goals with employee performance, and empowers you with flexible tools to analyze applicant and employee data for better workforce management.

Deployment Options

Available as a hosted, on-premise, or on-demand HCM SaaS solution, Epicor HCM can be deployed to meet your organizational requirements without compromising functionality or data integrity. To serve your International HR needs, Epicor HCM’s web-based solution configures data fields to reflect the appropriate format based on employee location, as well as provides location-specific home pages to deliver relevant communication and corporate standards.

Integrated HCM and Enterprise Software Solutions

Epicor provides a number of industry-specific solutions based upon Epicor next-generation ERP software. For more information on our industry solutions, visit the Industries section of the site. Epicor Industry Solutions.


HRM Direct by ClearCompany

Founded in Boston, MA in 2004, HRM Direct was the first true on-demand Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider in the HR space, and has empowered hundreds of HR & recruiting teams at small- to mid-size businesses to attract, recruit, and onboard the best talent ever since. Now in our 7th consecutive year of double-digit growth, HRM has a mature product line and business model with proven success in the market.

HRM Direct is rapidly becoming the foundation of successful Recruiting and HR Departments with Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, and Talent Management solutions that are powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-use. The strength of HRM’s tools and services for small- to mid-size businesses is proven by the hundreds of companies like yours nationwide & across industries that rely on HRM every day to fill jobs faster with better candidates, less paperwork, and reduced cost while meeting their compliance and reporting obligations.

As our diverse clients across a wide variety of industries will tell you, HRM Direct is committed to providing unlimited, best-in-class support with a unique approach to account management. To ensure each individual client’s success, dedicated relationship managers build an extremely tight bond with their clients while developing a rich understanding of their needs and business processes. As each client’s needs evolve and grow in the years after implementation, their relationship manager is ready to help keep their HRM account well-aligned with overall objectives. We don’t rest until every client is a success story!


TribeHR by TribeHR

Attract and Recruit the Right Talent

Recruiting is hard work. There are lots of talented people interested in your job openings, but it takes time and patience to find the right fit for the job, the right fit for the team, and the right fit for the company. TribeHR automates repetitive tasks and shortens the hiring cycle for consistently better hiring results.

All Your Core HRIS Needs in One Place

TribeHR is a new breed of HRIS. It combines the best of HR information management with innovative social features like peer and public recognition, shared goals and values, an interactive corporate news feed, and an engaging social interface that employees love.

Review, Reward and Retain

TribeHR’s talent management suite shines, engaging employees in a uniquely social way. With a wide variety of tools to support personalization, engagement, feedback, collaboration, cultural alignment and employee growth, TribeHR helps build a culture of success and enhances employee satisfaction. TribeHR clients are finding that social HR offers a measurable ROI far beyond what they expected.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Employees want to access their information when and where they are. With TribeHR for iOS, employees can search their company directory, view the company news feed, and recognize other employees. You're now able to give every employee the access they've always wanted!


Ascentis by Ascentis

Web-based HR software/HRIS Software that makes human resource processes easier

Imagine what life would be like without piles of paper and multiple filing cabinets. What if you no longer spent hours upon hours gathering data from various sources and trying to build spreadsheets and pie charts that accurately reflect the data that is intended to support the major decisions of helping your company?

What if you could help your company and employees maintain efficiency and compliance? What if you could spend your days easily processing data kept in one place, and driving decisions based on that data? What if the time and money saved finally freed you to become a more strategic partner to the executive team managing your company? And what if you could help your company go farther and be more successful? 

Imagine an easy-to-use and simple to understand web-based tool that helps you manage your employee lifecycle from hire to retirement. Pretend for a second that you use this tool to find and hire the best employees for your company, and that its deeply robust management tools, wizards and workflows allow you to do everything that an HR department needs to do and still have time left in the day to make your company a better place to work.

Imagine a system so intelligent that it could save your company tens of thousands of dollars a year automating the processes you handle either manually or not optimally every day and still allowed you to easily create reports around that data without rummaging through multiple data sources or an ineffective system. Imagine a web-based system that required no support from your IT department, but still provided high level security, keeping your company’s data safe. What if you had a system so effective that you were able to run an efficient organization that gave you motivated, excited employees?

Imagine no more. There is such a tool, and it's called Ascentis HR

From the beginning, Ascentis has strived to be different. We built our hr software with the end user in mind. Our software is wizard driven, giving you simple steps to automate complex processes. We automate communication, keeping managers in front of employees’ needs. We have 300+ reports within Ascentis HR software, plus the ability to create unlimited custom reports, giving you extremely deep access to your employee data.

Increase the efficiency of HR and payroll management by using an on-demand HRIS Software:

  • Improve data accuracy, integrity and security.
  • Integrate business systems to consolidate functions.
  • Educate HR and payroll staff and the end-users of self-service systems how to optimally utilize the programs that are put in place.
  • Automate processes to increase productivity, reduce labor costs and make HR managers more strategic.

HR management software to assist with recruiting and hiring

Ascentis HR is fully integrated with Ascentis Payroll, Ascentis Timekeeper, and with Ascentis Recruiting, bringing data from the hiring processes into Ascentis HR at time of hire eliminating extra data gathering steps that can slow down the process, create errors and cost labor time. Additionally, Ascentis Recruiting helps you build a pool of qualified candidates for future hires, and documents your recruiting processes for EEO compliance.


TimeAttend by Replicon

Simplify Time and Attendance Tracking

Time Capture & Approval

Track time for any employee type with our highly configurable and intuitive timesheets. Leverage flexible approval workflows that adapt to your business processes to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Overtime Management

Keep overtime costs in check with configurable calculation rules that increase accuracy and improve compliance with overtime laws.

Absence Management

Automate your time off management with self-service time off request capabilities and advanced accrual rules and calculations.

Real-time Reporting

Enjoy real-time insights with pre-delivered reports that can be customized with filters and groupings to get the exact data you need.


Halogen Talent Management Suite by Halogen Software

Talent management solutions for building a world-class workforce

Halogen TalentSpace is more than software. It offers a complete suite of talent management solutions, alongside a comprehensive service set, best-practice resources and a vibrant user community, all brought together to help you build a workforce that's aligned, inspired and delivering on your business strategy.


SuccessFactors by SuccessFactors

Close the gap between strategy and execution and improve results


People make all the difference in an organization. With the right people working on the right tasks, a business can unlock its full potential. Poor, unfocused execution holds back too many companies. Time and effort are wasted on nonproductive work. Too few employees ever achieve their full capabilities or perform work that advances your business strategy.

SuccessFactors knows that better business execution is the greatest path to success. The right systems, processes, and tools can align your workforce to your business strategy and improve productivity. When your people perform at their best, your company can increase growth, lower operating costs, and expand profit margins. With cloud-based SuccessFactors for business execution, you can:

  • Align your workforce with your strategy and get your people working on the right tasks
  • Optimize performance across your organization as you find the right people and make them great
  • Accelerate business results with the insight you need to run your business better

Why is SuccessFactors different? Unlike talent management and human capital management vendors, SuccessFactors offers more than process efficiency and transactional cost savings. Both enterprise-class and small to midsize businesses can use our full suite of talent solutions, core HR, collaboration, and workforce analytics to improve productivity and engage, retain, and motivate employees. And as an SAP company with world-class technology under the hood, SuccessFactors is positioned to provide end-to-end integrated business solutions that address the biggest business challenges companies face.



Vibe HCM by cfactor

A Different Kind of HR System

Unlike traditional HR technology, cfactor's Vibe HCM is easy-to-use and highly personalized. It delivers much more than transactions. It is about you. Your Employees. Your Culture. Your Unique Vibe.

Browse Our Products

Your employees will love Vibe's intuitive web-familiar design and its engaging social communications capabilities. End-to-end process automation, askHR chat and embedded social capabilities are redefining expectations for HR technology.


The Resumator by The Resumator

Save time juggling job posts. Source candidates fast.

Publish and update job openings on the top paid and free job boards—all at once. The Resumator makes it easy.

Free Job Board Integration

Push your job to qualified candidates with one click. That’s all it takes to source with The Resumator’s automatic job board syndication.

Paid Job Board integration

Get more eyes—and the right eyes—to see your most critical job openings with integrated pay-per-post and pay-per-click advertising options.

Centralized Job Management

Save time with instant job post updates to every board you’re using and on your careers webpage. Edit once. Update everywhere.

Reach more rock stars with social recruiting

Take advantage of your network, and your network’s network, to find top performers.

Social Referrals

Enjoy a bigger slice of the social referral pie by using direct messaging to make job referrals feel like personalized invites.

Employee Referrals

Tap your colleagues for referrals, too, with a targeted, company-wide referral program. Can you say “reliable sources”?

Referral Analytics

Quickly learn what’s working by tracking referral activity from all channels. Tweak the best. Toss the rest.

Create a branded applicant experience

Woo candidates with a branded careers webpage that makes it easy to find and apply for jobs

Powerful, Responsive Careers Website

Impress active and passive candidates with a fully responsive, seamless experience, accessible from any device. Talent can apply for jobs, forward jobs to friends and share jobs on social networks.


Customizable Layout

Quickly create a customized careers page that makes your brand shine – even if you don’t have technical skills.

LinkedIn Integrations

Capture top performers by making it easy to apply on your website using LinkedIn profiles. Plus, search LinkedIn’s 300 million+ members for talent that fits your need and import them instantly.

Experience hire power

More than 70,000 people have attracted 2.5+ million candidates with The Resumator, which makes complex recruiting and hiring tasks a breeze.



iCIMS Onboard by iCIMS

Do you want to welcome and engage your new hires?

iCIMS Onboard automates the transition of new recruits from candidates to productive new hires. During the transition, iCIMS Onboard will allow companies to fully showcase their employment brand and company culture, reduce paperwork, and manage tasks more efficiently, ultimately leading to improved HR productivity and employee engagement.

Features and Benefits

Improve New Hire Engagement: Tailor each new hire's experience through a branded New Hire Onboarding Portal that allows for streamlined communication of company benefits and business objectives.

Enhanced HR Productivity: Provide HR with a direct view into tasks that require completion to ensure that nothing is missed.

Increased New Hire Productivity: Give new employees the ability to hit the ground running on day one with the ability to complete paperwork online.

Increased Retention Rates: Leverage task management functionality that assists in ensuring new recruits are equipped with the tools needed to succeed.

Task Management Improvement:Advanced reporting capabilities allow users to measure key performance indicators, monitor incomplete tasks, and identify areas that may benefit from process improvement.


Kronos Workforce Ready by Kronos

Kronos Workforce Ready® is the cloud-based workforce management solution that allows today’s small and midsize businesses to gain a competitive advantage by fully automating the necessary and often labor-intensive business processes with consistent, real-time employee data. Giving you the single-source access you need — across time and attendance, HR, payroll, and more — to make better, more informed decisions.

Control labor costs. Minimize compliance risk. And improve workforce productivity.


ZEUS Time Management by ISGUS

ZEUS® Time & Attendance

ZEUS® - The Time & Attendance Solution

ZEUS® Time & At­ten­dance is a time sa­ving, cost ef­fec­tive so­lu­ti­on pro­vi­ding as­sis­tan­ce for HR ma­nage­ment and ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on.

A com­pre­hen­si­ve, in­tui­ti­ve, fle­xi­ble time and at­ten­dance sys­tem sui­ta­ble for any busi­ness sec­tor and com­pa­ny size. Its mo­du­lar struc­tu­re can be tailo­red to meet your in­di­vi­du­al re­qui­re­ments, ad­ap­t­ing to your ever chan­ging busi­ness needs. 


Fol­lo­wing a de­tai­led ana­ly­sis of your re­qui­re­ments, we will tailor a so­lu­ti­on for you, en­com­pas­sing your fu­ture po­ten­ti­al growth, or­ga­ni­sa­tio­nal de­ve­lop­ment and struc­tu­re. ISGUS will then de­ter­mi­ne your soft­ware re­qui­re­ment in­clu­ding com­pa­ti­ble and re­lia­ble ter­mi­nals - all from one sour­ce.


Fle­xi­ble working times have a mo­ti­va­tio­nal ef­fect on your work­force gi­ving you a com­pe­ti­ti­ve ad­van­ta­ge and your em­ployees a po­si­ti­ve work/life ba­lan­ce. Time & At­ten­dance from ISGUS enables you to de­fi­ne the most fle­xi­ble shift pat­terns ne­cessa­ry to suc­cess­ful per­for­mance and busi­ness struc­tu­re.

Reduced costs and high efficiency

Your ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­ve rou­ti­ne tasks, or­ga­ni­sa­tio­nal pro­ce­du­res and in­te­gra­ti­on of busi­ness sys­tems are sim­pli­fied with a pro­ven re­duc­tion in costs and in­crea­sed ef­fi­ci­en­cies. Our Time & At­ten­dance sys­tems will al­ways keep you up to date.


The intuitive report generator provides relevant information to both management and employees. The personal bookings journal or the user-definable totals summary and statistics are available with a single mouse click.

Payroll integration

A wide range of in­ter­faces for all stan­dard pay­roll pro­grams, per­so­nal in­for­ma­ti­on sys­tems and ERP so­lu­ti­ons are avail­able. 

Personal data

Em­ployees can check at any time, in re­al-ti­me for up to date in­for­ma­ti­on from the on­line ter­mi­nals, at the PC Cli­ents, via the web or via e-mail.

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Case Study

Corporate Overview

Buyer’s Guide for Human Resources Software

Introduction to Human Resources

Human Resources is a key functional division in every organization—private, public, non-profit, business, etc. We’ve been hearing news and reading articles related to job interviews, human capital expansion, compensation and benefits, labor relations, online recruitment, overseas employment, and employee codes of conduct. The fact is that all of these are being handled and managed by an HR team. Even in facilitating employee meetings, preparing press releases, publishing newsletters, launching community programs, and managing telecommuting plans, , HR people are involved. In today’s business environment, any organization, big or small, probably cannot operate without an HR team on their front line.

Whenever you’re free, try to drop by your HR department’s office and observe whether everybody is working happily or not Like in any other department, HR people’s well-being is very much related to the condition of their work environment, which in turn has an effect on their productivity. A big factor that contributes to office productivity is the kind of system used in their day-to-day job. In today’s modern business environment, it is undeniably true that Human Resources software systems play a very important role in HR people’s overall efficiency, productivity, and best of all—satisfaction at work.

Related to this, we decided to prepare and share with you this Buyer’s Guide, which will give you better insights about modern Human Resources software solutions. The business environment is changing, and so are HR technologies. There are now better approaches for choosing the HR system that can truly make your HR people and entire organization happy. We want you to be aware of them through this Buyer’s Guide.

  • What Is Human Resources Software?
  • History of Human Resources
  • Types of Human Resources Applications
  • What Common Problems Does Human Resources Software Solve?
  • Important Human Resources Software Features
  • Finding the Right Human Resources Tool
  • Benefits of Human Resources Software
  • Pricing
  • Human Resources Software Market Trends

What Is Human Resources Software?

A Human Resources Software (HRS) solution facilitates the recruitment, selection, development, employment, deployment, and support of every organization’s most important resources—its people. Also known as a Human Resources Management System (HRMS), this critical management tool is continuously being improved by combining modern software technologies and HR management disciplines. Modern HRS systems support core HR management, workforce management and strategic HR functions. Moreover, HR managers, functional specialists, information systems professionals, and executive managers are all vital to the success of acquiring and implementing the right HRS solution for each organization.

History of Human Resources

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) was formed in 1948. Its former name was the American Society for Personnel Administration (ASPA). According to SHRM’s website, its vision is to “be a globally recognized authority whose voice is heard on the most pressing people management issues of the day – now and in the future.”

SHRM is just one of the major reasons why modern technologies like HRS exist and help a lot of organizations today. The history of human resources can be traced back to the mid-1800s. With a vision to improve economic efficiency in the manufacturing sector, Frederick Taylor conceptualized the idea workforce productivity. During the early 1900s, many theorists further documented the importance of workforce management and further linked this discipline to industrial and labor relations. It was in 1913 that the Welfare Workers Association was founded in England. By the turn of the twenty-first century, the term “human resource management” was then widely used across various organizations. It was intended to value workforce mobility and collaboration.

Types of Human Resources Applications

Based on the size of your organization, HRS applications can be categorized into these two types: integrated suite and best-of-breed. As the name implies, integrated suite offers integration features with other business management systems such as ERP, accounting, corporate directory, and human capital. Best-of-breed solutions are designed to serve the specific needs of organizations that are relevant to human resources. Talent recruitment and employee performance grading are among the HR areas where best-of-breed solutions are typically deployed.

From these two major types, HRS solutions can be further categorized into these three functional areas:

Core HR

  • Benefits Administration
  • Personnel Tracking
  • Compensation Administration
  • Payroll Systems

Labor & Workforce

  • Time and Attendance
  • Personnel Scheduling
  • Employee Self-Service

Strategic HR

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Talent Management
  • Performance Review
  • Learning Management
  • Training and Development
  • Job Posting / Recruitment

It is important to note that integrated suite solutions usually contain multiple software applications in a single package. Best-of-breed solutions, on the other hand, are stand-alone applications.

What Common Problems Does Human Resources Software Solve?

For large companies, among the common problems related to human resources is the huge number of employees that needs to be tracked and monitored in the HRS system. For start-ups and small businesses, the common challenge relevant to software implementation is functional area prioritization. Vertical industries, since they have unique products and services, find it difficult to acquire the talent needed to easily grasp and handle technical jobs. But with the range of available HRS solutions, which are scalable, flexible and robust, many organizations today can already combat these common problems and challenges. Modern HRS solutions can bring the following benefits to your organization:

  • By identifying skills gaps through various metrics, an HR team is prompted to develop excellent training and development programs.
  • By providing advanced talent recruitment methodologies, a company is able to beat competitors in finding and hiring the best candidate for the job.
  • Through strategic software models, which offer accurate and timely reports and analysis, workforce needs are being forecasted.
  • Comprehensive learning management systems enable new hires to be productive from their first day at work.
  • By identifying the top performers across the organization, an HR team is able to retain, recognize, and reward employees earning such commendation.

Key Human Resources Software Features

As an industry practice, solution providers offer a range of service plans or solution packages which the client company can evaluate against their current needs. This is an important step to take before organizations finally make their decision to purchase. A list of features differentiates one plan from another, and the price of each plan is designed to match the included features. Typically, plans are labelled as basic, professional, and enterprise. Below are examples of each of these plans for an on-premises solution.


Up to 10 customizable business apps, with:

  • Predefined roles
  • Single home pages
  • Unlimited reporting


Up to 50 customizable business apps, with:

  • Customizable roles
  • Role-based home pages
  • Advanced workflow automation
  • Case-based product support


Up to 100 customizable business apps, with:

  • All premier features
  • Corporate directory integration
  • Developer sandbox
  • API for integration at scale
  • Custom branding
  • SLA product support

Features that providers include on their plans primarily depend on the type of solution. Below is a list of high level features and functionalities that you are going to see in most enterprise suite solutions:

  • Employee Data Management
  • Job Opening Management
  • Applicants Management
  • Employee Training Data Management
  • Documents Management
  • Project Tracking
  • Access from Mobile Devices
  • Recruiting and Onboarding
  • Performance Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Compensation Management
  • Absence Management
  • Salary Planning
  • Organizational Charting
  • Dashboards and Analytics
  • Electronic Timesheet
  • Employee & Manager Self-Service
  • Workflow, Alerts & Notifications
  • Global Capabilities
  • Multi-currency & Multi-language

Selecting the Right Human Resources Tool

In terms of selecting the right human resources tool, there are proven and effective methods that can guide both apprentice and experienced HR practitioners. These are the same methods that most software management consultants will recommend to you if you asked them for software advice.

  1. Define your industry and business size. There are solution providers that only target specific industries and particular sizes of businesses. Sage, SAP and QuickBase target mid-size to large businesses, while TribeHR and NetSuite target SMBs.
  1. Find the software technology that will fit into your current organization setup. There are two popular deployment models for HRS solutions. These are the on-premises and the cloud-based models. Talk to your IT team to see whether your current hardware infrastructure is capable of handling the on-premises solution, or if it would be better to entrust the management of your cloud-based solution to the provider.
  1. Select service plans or packages that suit your budget and resources. Spend time analyzing the offered plans of your potential providers. Visit their websites, or ask for their brochures and catalogs for further research and verification.
  1. Understand your organization’s specific needs and discuss them with the provider. Not all organizations need a generic HRS solution. Some organizations require further customization, while others want their legacy system to be integrated with the new system.
  1. Plan the software implementation phase. Enterprise suite solutions take time to implement compared to best-of-breed. The same is true for on-premises types of solutions. It takes much longer to deploy these compared to the cloud-based types. In addition, software implementation also requires training, on-going support and routine maintenance.

Benefits of Human Resources Software

Investing in the right HRS solution can offer your company many significant benefits. From top management down to entry-level employees, everybody can experience excellent service from your HR team provided that the HRS system is properly implemented across the entire organization. In general, here are the three key benefits of HRS solutions:

  • Excellent management of your organization
  • Improvements of your talent acquisition processes
  • Better employee management the whole year round


“Open Source” HRS is a free to use platform. However, many software consultants do not recommend this solution mainly because it lacks technical support from the provider or developer. There are, however, affordable solutions for small businesses—cloud-based or SaaS—and solutions that will require from you a significant amount of investment—on-premises. Let’s give you an overview of how these solutions are priced:


This pay-as-you-go solution is also known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). This is priced per employee (user) per month. Depending on the features and functionality, service plans start from as low as $2 per user per month and go up to around $20 per user per month.


This is also known as a client-server application and has a one-time cost. It is usually priced per user, which can range from $10 to $40 depending on the included features. The price for a basic plan starts at $15 per user, while the price for an enterprise plan starts at $40 per user. Still excluded here are the costs of training and implementation. The implementation cost can range from $1000 to $20,000 depending on the size of the client organization.  The training cost ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 per admin user.

Many solution providers offer a demo product that expires in 14 to 30 days. If you’re satisfied, you can subscribe to the basic plan or go straight to the professional plan. Some providers also offer discounts based on the number of employees, or users, of the solution.

Human Resources Software Market Trends

There are hundreds of HRS solution providers to date, and this is a clear indication that the human resources industry is on the rise. HR technology is growing fast, as proven by the following trends:

In 2013, the industry's total worth was reported to reach $4.3 billion. We’ve also seen several major acquisitions of stand-alone talent management vendors by large ERP vendors—Oracle acquired Taleo, while SAP absorbed SuccessFactors. Talent management keeps on growing.

We are seeing social media and stand-alone apps being integrated into HR solutions. This is a smart move by many software providers since it will provide better collaborative capabilities and develop more intuitive user interfaces that can grab customer attention.

Cloud-based technology and mobile devices are continuously providing plenty of benefits to many HR staffs and other employees. Because SaaS is easy to implement and mobile devices are just becoming every employee’s partner gadget at work, many HR people are now doing portions of their job via the cloud, using their tablets and smartphones.

Overall, what we are seeing right now with HRS solutions is meaningful social media, better application integration, and software mobility. Solution providers keep on improving their products, while the HR management discipline keeps on evolving. It is pretty clear that investing in an HRS solution today is going to become a strategic move for your organization.