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Enterprise Business Integration Management Suite by Adeptia


Adeptia Enterprise Business Integration Management Suite (EBIMS) is a holistic enterprise-class software application designed to incorporate all integration disciplines including ETL, EAI (SOA, ESB) B2B, BPM within a single, collaborative, web-based application. Adeptia’s thoroughly holistic approach satisfies the broadest range of customer integration requirements at economical price points, in which customers pay only for the functionality they need, with the ability to upgrade and scale just by updating license keys. This approach, dramatically eliminates risk, maximizes investment, and prepares customers for the future. This approach is very different than most other enterprise-class integration vendors that offer five or six separate applications (typically through company acquisition) to provide the functionality that Adeptia includes within a single solution. Whereas other enterprise-class vendors add complexity, development time and cost due to disjointed offerings, Adeptia bridges the gap between integration disciplines, dramatically simplifying complex and diverse integration initiatives and reducing cost and development time as follows.

EBIMS includes the following four Adeptia Integration Suites within a single application, making it perfect for enterprises that are facing diverse and complex integration challenges and require a high level of agility to keep pace with the ever-changing business requirements.

All-in-One Design Benefits

The following are significant benefits that are directly achieved by implementing Adeptia’s all-in-one technology:

  • Increased speed of delivery
  • Improved quality and consistency
  • A single support team for all business and technical users
  • Easier to use
  • Easier to maintain
  • Easier for training
  • Easier and more effective for planning
  • Easier to document
  • Substantially lower total cost of ownership
  • Dramatically increased business agility
  • A more accurate reflection of business processes
  • Easier to share data between applications
  • More effective collaboration
  • More effective reuse of existing services

Informatica Platform by Informatica

We live in a data-centric world, in which people, businesses, applications, and machines interact constantly. The business potential we can unleash by harnessing this information is unlimited. But to unleash data's potential, our information infrastructure must be up to the task. With greater speed and agility, IT must integrate, consume, and analyze newly acquired or discovered data sources, master relationships in data across multiple systems, and provide a universally consistent way for new applications, devices, or users to consume it.

By choosing a platform-based data strategy, enterprises maximize the efficiency of every individual, process, and application through timely and trusted data access.

The Informatica Platform is a set of data services and information solutions powered by a state-of-the-art data management engine: the Vibe™ Virtual Data Machine, which delivers on all the requirements of clean, safe, and connected data. Informatica is the world's only data integration platform delivered on-premises and in the cloud that scales from individual users to departmental workgroups to the entire enterprise. Components of the Informatica Platform include the following:

  • Data integration. Acquires data from applications and other sources inside and outside the organization and aggregates them to provide a holistic view of information.
  • Data quality. Provides a sustainable, efficient means of diagnosing and repairing low-quality data.
  • Information lifecycle management. Tracks and enforces data masking and retirement policies to reduce the risks and cost of data retention.
  • Information exchange. Exchanges information efficiently within the enterprise and with external partners.
  • Master data management. Manages the data and relationships that underlie discrete fragments of information.
  • Third-party solutions. Numerous independent software vendors are embedding the Informatica Platform into their own technology via open software development kits to bring best-in-class data integration and quality to their own solutions.
  • Vibe Virtual Data Machine. Vibe is an embeddable data management engine that can access, aggregate, and manage any type of data. Vibe™ gives developers the power to map data once and deploy anywhere—in any application and on any appliance or device—regardless of the data's format or whether it resides on-premise or in the Cloud.

Big Data for the Rest of Us™ by Actian

Actian transforms big data into business value for any organization — not just the privileged few. Explore Actian products to learn how you can unlock the value of Big Data 2.0.


Syncsort Meet Big Data Integration Challenges by Syncsort

We've got a 40+ year track record of building products that help industry leaders overcome the challenges of managing and integrating their data. With products designed specifically for Hadoop, Linux, Unix, Windows, and mainframes, we can help you integrate your data smarter -- regardless of whether you have Big Data, small data, or anything in between.

DMX-h for Hadoop

DMX-h offers a smarter approach to Hadoop Sort and Hadoop ETL, lowering the barriers for wider adoption and helping organizations unleash the full potential of Hadoop. Say goodbye to custom code, get smarter connectivity to all your data, and improve Hadoop’s processing efficiency!


DMX is full-featured data integration software that helps organizations extract, transform and load more data in less time, with less money and fewer resources! Process data 10x faster, lower TCO by up to 65%, eliminate manual coding and tuning, and easily scale to support growing data volumes.


Syncsort MFX has been the industry’s leading high-performance sort technology for over four decades – saving customers millions each year over competitive sort solutions. It delivers the fastest mainframe sort, copy, join technology available, and is the only solution that offloads CPU cycles to zIIP engines.


InfoSphere Information Server by IBM

IBM InfoSphere Information Server is IBM's market-leading information integration platform that helps you understand your data, cleanse, monitor, transform and deliver data.

Helps create and maintain trusted information to support strategic business initiatives including big data, point-of-impact analytics, business intelligences, data warehousing, master data management, and application consolidation and migration.

  • Enables collaboration to bridge the gap between business and IT
  • Helps align business and IT objectives
  • Provides metadata integration & data lineage insight
  • Always-on operational data integration & data quality
  • Linear scalability and infrastructure optimization
  • Broad connectivity to nearly all data sources
  • Productivity tools for organizational efficiency
  • Accelerated data integration deployments


Power Enterprise Scale Data Virtualization with the Market Leading Platform

The Composite Data Virtualization Platform’s streamlined approach to data integration helps you gain more insight from your data, respond faster to ever changing analytics and BI needs, evolve your data management approach successfully and save 50-75% over data replication and consolidation.

Backed by nearly a decade of pioneering R&D and enterprise-scale deployments, and supported with world class services offerings, the Composite Data Virtualization Platform addresses the toughest information challenges at the world’s most complex organizations.

The Data You Want, The Way You Want IT

The Composite Data Virtualization Platform empowers your people with instant access to all the data they want, the way they want it.

  • Complete information – Business needs the complete picture. Composite’s data federation technology virtually integrates data from multiple sources, without the cost and overhead of physical data consolidation.
  • Up-to-the-minute information – Composite’s query optimization algorithms and techniques are fastest in the industry, delivering the timely information business requires without impacting source system performance.
  • Fit-for-purpose information – Incredible complexity challenges IT’s ability to meet business’s diverse information needs. Composite’s powerful data abstraction functions simplify complex data, transforming it from native structures and syntax into easy-to-understand business views and data services.

Respond Faster to Ever Changing Analytic and BI Needs

Time-to-solution with the Composite Data Virtualization Platform is typically five to ten times faster than traditional data integration methods.

  • Streamlined process – Building business views and data services in Composite is far faster, with far fewer moving parts, than building physical data stores and filling them using ETL.
  • Rapid IT response – Composite’s reusable views and services, flexible data virtualization architecture, and automated impact analysis provide the IT agility required to keep pace with business change.
  • Quick iterations – Prototyping new solutions is far faster with Composite. Composite’s rapid development tools surface live data in just minutes, enabling extraordinary business and IT collaboration.

End-to-End Data Management

With the Composite Data Virtualization Platform, treats your data like an asset, with full governance and control.

  • Data Discovery – Composite’s introspection and unique-in-the-industry data discovery uncover existing information assets, unlocking them for valuable new uses.
  • Standards-based – Composite’s numerous standards-based access and delivery options support all the information types business users require.
  • Data Governance – Information is a critical asset. To maximize control, Composite’s data governance centralizes metadata management, ensures data security, improves data quality and provides full auditability and lineage.



SAS Data Management by SAS

Take charge of your data with the industry’s leading integration technology

Every decision, every business move, every successful customer interaction – they all come down to high-quality, well-integrated data. If you don’t have it, you don’t win. SAS Data Management is an industry-leading solution built on a data quality platform that helps you improve, integrate and govern your data.


Boost productivity and work more efficiently.

No matter where your data is stored – from legacy systems to Hadoop – SAS Data Management helps you access the data you need. Create data management rules once and reuse them, giving you a standard, repeatable method for improving and integrating data – without additional cost.

Use one seamless technology, built from the ground up.

SAS Data Management technology is truly integrated, which means you’re not forced to work with a solution that’s been cobbled together. All our components – from data quality to data federation technology – are part of the same architecture.

Integrate, manage and govern big data from Hadoop.

As organizations put more data in Hadoop, you need to get value from that information. We give you fast, easy access to Hadoop data, allowing you to add big data to existing IT processes. And with transformations for MapReduce, Pig and Hive, you can manage big data where it lives.

Collaborate easily with other teams.

As an IT expert, it's easy to get entangled in tasks outside your normal duties. SAS Data Management enables the business users in your organization to update data, tweak processes and analyze results themselves, promoting collaboration and freeing you up for other projects.

Feel confident that data is reliable and ready for action.

At SAS, we’re masters at making sure data is prepped for analytics or operational use. So we promote data quality, transparency and accountability. Our built-in auditing tools monitor processing. Source data lineage helps you know that your data is primed and prepared for analytics.


Microsoft SQL Server by Microsoft

The foundation of Microsoft’s comprehensive data platform, SQL Server delivers breakthrough performance for mission-critical applications, using in-memory technologies, faster insights from any data to any user in familiar tools like Excel, and a resilient platform for building, deploying, and managing solutions that span on-premises and cloud.

Breakthrough performance and faster insights delivered by a hybrid data platform

SQL Server 2014 enables customers to build mission-critical applications and Big Data solutions using high-performance, in-memory technology across OLTP, data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics workloads without having to buy expensive add-ons or high-end appliances. SQL Server 2014 uses a common set of tools to deploy and manage databases both on-premises and in the cloud, which makes it easier for customers to take advantage of the cloud with existing skills.


iWay Integration Suite by Information Builders

The iWay Integration Suite is the most flexible and agile integration foundation available, providing interoperability between disparate systems and data for faster time to market on IT and business initiatives, including mobile applications, big data analytics, real-time supply chains, and other game-changers.

For organizations trying to get the most out of existing applications and infrastructure investments, the iWay Integration Suite is the fastest way to create powerful, reusable business services from existing applications. We provide better interoperability for more infrastructure components than anyone on the market. All aspects of your existing infrastructure – every major integration, application, database, and development platform – work in concert, with modernized service-oriented architecture (SOA), ETL and real-time data integration, and universal connectivity to rapidly develop new business applications and data warehouses.

Our tools can be used to:

  • Deliver rich transformation capabilities with full support for application and business-to-business (B2B) messaging
  • Orchestrate services into complete business processes
  • Integrate data in real-time or with ETL style integration
  • Integrate applications, legacy systems, and services inside and outside the firewall
  • Expose applications, B2B interactions, cloud applications, and middleware as services
  • Compose new coarse-grained, business-level services from fine-grained, application-level services
  • Deploy services and business processes anywhere in the enterprise on any hardware, operating system, or application platform
  • Maintain security and usage policies
  • Monitor and resolve critical business events with activity monitoring and complex event processing
  • Meet compliance reporting and regulatory guidelines such as SWIFT, HL7, and EDI
  • Accelerate mobile projects by integrating disparate systems to use in mobile BI apps and by enabling data to be accessed and updated from mobile devices, anytime anywhere, with complete transaction integrity.

iWay solutions can be used standalone or plug seamlessly into existing infrastructures using IBM WebSphere, Microsoft .NET, SAP NetWeaver, and Oracle Fusion.

Comprehensive integration capabilities ensure rapid access to timely, accurate data across all systems, processes, and stakeholders.



SAP Data Integrator by SAP

Get a complete view of your information assets with powerful data integration software

Extract, transform, and load data from applications, databases, and other data stores – for a complete view of structured and unstructured data across your enterprise. Our data integration software can help you build an agile, trusted data foundation that meets your organization’s complex information needs.

  • Access and integrate data from any data source
  • Move data in batches or in real time with a high-performance ETL engine
  • Improve the efficiency of loading large volumes of data into SAP HANA
  • Gain deeper insights from big data by accessing unstructured data through Hadoop systems
  • Drive productivity with a single, intuitive interface for data integration and quality



Anypoint Platform by MuleSoft

Meet Anypoint Platform

Connect and succeedSuccessful companies are connected companies. When you’re connected you get better insights, have smoother processes, and stronger partner and customer relationships.

The opportunity to connect is massiveThe mobile revolution, the big data explosion and the massive growth of cloud applications have created an enormous number of things to connect. The companies that have figured out how to bring all these things together are winning.

Connect it all in one placeWe built Anypoint Platform to make connecting easy. Anypoint Platform is the only complete platform for SOA, SaaS integration and APIs. The Anypoint Platform gives you the freedom to connect what you want, when you want, whether its on-premises or in the cloud.


Oracle Data Integration by Oracle

Moving Data to Transform Business

Oracle Data Integration delivers pervasive and continuous access to timely and trusted data across heterogeneous systems. Its comprehensive capabilities include real-time and bulk data movement, transformation, bi-directional replication, data services, and data quality for customer and product domains.

Why Oracle?

Oracle Data Integrator 12c and Oracle GoldenGate 12c deliver improved IT productivity, extreme performance, and future-ready solutions that enable you to keep pace with the latest trends, including big data analytics, cloud computing, and real-time business intelligence.

Bulk Data Integration and Transformation

Oracle offers unique, next-generation Extract Load and Transform (ELT) technology that improves performance and reduces data integration costs—even across heterogeneous systems. Unlike conventional Extract Transform and Load (ETL) tools, Oracle delivers the productivity of a declarative design approach and the benefits of an active integration platform for seamless batch and real-time integration.

Real-Time Data Integration and Replication

Oracle GoldenGate products offer real-time data integration, transactional data replication, and data comparison across heterogeneous systems. Oracle GoldenGate enables real-time business intelligence for improved business insight, query offloading to maximize OLTP performance, zero-downtime data migration, disaster recovery, and active-active database synchronization for continuous availability.

Data Quality

Oracle enables organizations to measure, improve, and manage the quality of data from any domain, including customer and product data, and minimize exposure to risk. Our data quality products provide powerful data profiling, cleansing, matching, and monitoring capabilities, unparalleled ease of use, and integration with Oracle Master Data Management.

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