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VERSAstream™ Network Packet Brokers by Datacom Systems

  • Our Data Access Switches also known as Network Packet Brokers or Matrix Switches allow network traffic to be aggregated, copied or directed to specific ports for use by monitoring tools
  • Load Balancing and Packet Filtering for Cost Effective Data Capture and Monitoring Applications
  • Consolidate network monitoring tools, reduce network management expenses and lower tool costs
  • Aggregation/Regeneration - Combine multiple network links or channels into one stream or send copies to multiple connected tools to share data sources
  • Single point of deployment and remote management minimizes network management expenses and reduces MTTR
  • Deploy tools right away without impacting your production network
  • Keep all your tools plugged in while troubleshooting
  • Easily share scarce SPAN ports and test access points without maintenance windows or approval
  • Provide immediate network access for new compliance monitors

cVu Family by cPacket Networks

cPacket’s Traffic Monitoring Switches enable productive data center operations and efficient cloud applications by delivering distributed network visibility and response.

Standard capabilities like any-to-any aggregation, replication, and coherent flow balancing are combined with unique capabilities like detailed real-time reports, historical trend analysis, on-the-fly microburst detection, automatic alerts based on customizable triggers, and granular filtering based on complete packet inspection and pattern search at wire speed.

The cVu monitoring switches serve as a central tools-hub that feed relevant packets into a variety of network monitoring, analysis, and security tools as needed. At the same time, cPacket’s unique features, based on its proprietary Algorithmic Fabric chip, enable broad situational awareness and detailed visibility to performance metrics across the network infrastructure.

Unique built-in features of the cVu Traffic Monitoring Switch family include:

  • Detailed real-time and historical reports of utilization, performance, and user-defined metrics based on Complete Packet Inspection
  • Easy to use templates for filters and customizable counters according to any combination of header fields and pattern search anywhere in the packets’ payload, including min size and jumbo packets
  • Instant browser access to snapshots of custom user-defined traffic profiles
  • Coherent flow balancing with pre-filtering, user-defined relative weights, and flexible balancing policies
  • Optional de-duplication for eliminating undesirable redundancies in aggregated traffic
  • Configurable transparent tunneling to stream selected traffic over a routed media to remote tools (encapsulation and decapsulation)
  • Adaptive truncation of payload content of packets to allow access to all headers, while preventing access to sensitive customers’ content
  • Highly accurate time stamping immediately at the transceiver input, before queuing, buffering, or aggregation, to eliminate stochastic contamination of downstream timing analysis
  • Best-of-breed hardware clock synchronization with digital Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) for highly accurate time stamping at nanosecond resolution
  • Customizable high-resolution counters at user defined granularity and flexible high-speed export via CSV files or real-time streaming
  • Automatic spikes and microburst detection on-the-fly with user-defined thresholds and alerts



nGenius Packet Flow Switch Family by NetScout

NetScout provides a total solution for network, application and service performance management. The families of TAPs and packet flow switches complement the nGenius Service Assurance Solution, providing superior packet flow access, and seamlessly integrating into the networking infrastructure. This integrated solution enables wireline and wireless service providers to streamline their operations, reduce monitoring infrastructure complexity and maintenance, and ultimately lower their overall cost of ownership in deploying performance management solutions.

The nGenius packet flow switches enable the IT organization to better capture monitored traffic with high-density packet aggregation and intelligent filtering capabilities to enable a more flexible and comprehensive approach to capturing, collecting and leveraging important packet flows. Complementary to the widely deployed nGenius InfiniStream appliance, the nGenius packet flow switches are a cost-effective way to further strengthen a pervasive visibility strategy by providing the granular control of packet flows needed for performance management, security monitoring, compliance monitoring, management, UC monitoring, and other similar types of applications.

The NetScout TAP family provides the nGenius InfiniStream appliances and nGenius packet flow switches with full access to network traffic while remaining transparent to the networking infrastructure, and hence causing no disruption to data flows or protocol transactions. The family includes multiple options for link types and speeds to support versatile packet flow capturing at a wide variety of locations in the network hierarchy.


NetOptics Network Packet Brokers by NetOptics - An Ixia Company

Network Packet Brokers for Intelligent Network Monitoring Packet Distribution

How Network Packet Brokers Improve Network and Security Monitoring Tools

Network Packet Broker (NPB) defines a new category of compact, hardware-based, rack-mounted devices that offer a new approach for handling and manipulating network packets. NPBs optimize the access and visibility of traffic from one or many network links to monitoring, security and acceleration tools. NPB capabilities include:

  • Aggregation of monitored traffic from multiple links/segments
  • Filtering and grooming of traffic to relieve overburdened monitoring tools
  • Load-balancing traffic across a pool of tools
  • Regeneration of traffic to multiple tools

NPBs intelligently distribute traffic flowing from network devices across various port mappings—many-to-many, any-to-many, many-to-any, and any-to-any. Formerly NPBs were known as data monitoring switches, data access switches, matrix switches, or traffic aggregators.


IntellaFlex by APCON

IntellaFlex Packet Aggregator Blades

  • Reduce monitoring costs by sharing expensive network tools
  • Highest scalability and port density in the industry
  • Maximize tool investments
  • Packet aggregation, packet filtering, data rate conversion, network load balancing

Save Tool Budget With Data Rate Conversion

Data rate conversion through IntellaFlex blades allows you to realize substantial ROI by eliminating the need to purchase dedicated devices for every data rate represented in your network.


Share Tools With Packet Aggregation & Packet Filtering

With APCON's packet aggregation technology, data center managers are able to combine several data streams to share an inventory of expensive monitoring devices – often distributed across multiple locations – while preventing oversubscription and data loss. Packet filtering and network load balancing reduces the combined stream to meet available bandwidth. This saves capital expense on redundant tools.


vBroker Series by VSS Monitoring

The vBroker™ Series

provides network-wide visibility by accessing, capturing, and brokering traffic from one or more full-duplex networks to multiple passive network monitoring and/or active security tools. Policy-based triggers, health checks, and fail-open / fail-closed configurability combine with filtering, grooming and load balancing to provide redundancy and high availability for in-band and out-of-band visibility.

VSS vBroker modular appliances solve a variety of network-related IT challenges in your network and data centers, including improving the link-layer visibility and data access of monitoring and security tools, accelerating the time to diagnose performance problems and security incidents, and making sure CapEx and OpEx costs remain stable as network size and speeds grow.

With VSS' visionary vMesh™ approach to architecture, you get the flexibility and modularity to deploy just the appliances you need with the ability to scale link-layer visibility and data access to a system-level architecture with over 250 devices and 10,000 ports globally. The business benefits include more flexible capital requirements, higher tool utilization and ROI, and lower operating costs.

  • Gain link-layer visibility and data access across entire network 
  •  Centralize tools while increasing their reach greatly improving tool ROI
  •  Flexible access to both passive and active inline tools 
  •  Boost monitoring and security tool efficiency 
  •  Reduce both CapEx / OpEx through longer tool lifecycles 
  •  Support network upgrades by load balancing existing tools 
  •  Quickly provision new tools by eliminating SPAN port contention 
  •  Centrally, remotely, and/or locally manage network visibility and access
  •  Manage and maintain security and monitoring tools with zero network downtime