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Businesses in every industry today see the market forces driving them to become digital enterprises: empowered and connected customers; massive data growth driving opportunities for competitive insight; and the accelerating pace of change. Yet 60 years into the Information Age, the traditional approach to software prevents too many businesses from engaging their customers, building efficient operations, and responding to change. That’s because creating and changing business software remains immensely complex, expensive and unresponsive to the needs of the business.

In response, Pega has envisioned a new type of software that unites customer engagement with the business processes that fulfill a company’s promise. We call this Better Business Software™. This software connects customers, employees, and partners across the digital landscape. It makes customer experiences more fulfilling and work easier. It brings business and IT teams together to sense and respond to change. It gives everyone in the organization the power to envision and create business applications. It makes business software an engine for growth. Pegasystems Build for Change®



Pega BPM by Pegasystems

Pega BPM simplifies and automates your operations so that you can reduce costs and improve business agility.

Pega BPM is recognized by leading analyst firms as the most comprehensive and unified BPM platform. It contains everything you need to create flexible and easy-to-use solutions.

Only Pega BPM can be rapidly deployed and tailored to meet diverse and changing requirements. Customers report 30% faster time-to-market using Pega over competing solutions.


Customer Service by Pegasystems


Customer service delivery is changing at an unprecedented pace with new channels, devices, products and regulations, combined with dramatically increased customer and shareholder expectations. With Pega, the world's leading service organizations engage customers with omnichannel service, simplify the experience for customer service representatives, and make change a strategic advantage.


Deliver a consistent experience through omnichannel service delivery. Customers move seamlessly amongst channels without any loss of context.

  • Mobile. Give your customers superior service experiences on their mobile devices. Deploy a new self-service app or integrate capabilities into your existing mobile infrastructure.
  • Social Media. Listen to customer conversations across social media channels in real time. Analyze and determine customer service sentiment and trends. Then respond in the channel of choice.
  • Customer Collaboration. Make it easier for agents to work closely with customers through friendly technologies like co-browsing, instant messaging, or video chat.
  • Connected Devices. Proactively sense and respond to service needs without human intervention.