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NetScout Systems, Inc. is the market leader in Unified Service Delivery Management solutions focused on assuring service delivery for the world’s most demanding and complex service delivery environments. With more than 25 years of technology innovation, NetScout continues to lead the performance management market and has dramatically changed how enterprises and service providers optimize and protect service delivery to end users and subscribers across modern IP networks. NetScout has remained focused on driving technology innovation within its product portfolio to meet the needs of these organizations, providing robust tools for the efficient and effective management of dynamic applications and service delivery environments.

With a unique and sustaining dual-market strategy, NetScout has effectively leveraged its strong expertise in understanding the delivery of IP-based applications and services to address the increasing level of challenges of today’s complex service delivery environments. Network and application analysis products from NetScout provide deployment-proven valuable insight into the dynamic nature of data, voice and video running across modern IP networks. These highly sophisticated tools provide both a business and technology perspective of service delivery that enables IT and business management staff to fully understand resource impact, and all interdependencies across networks, servers, applications and users to optimize service delivery, protect against service outages and assure a high quality user experience.



nGenius Packet Flow Switch Family by NetScout

NetScout provides a total solution for network, application and service performance management. The families of TAPs and packet flow switches complement the nGenius Service Assurance Solution, providing superior packet flow access, and seamlessly integrating into the networking infrastructure. This integrated solution enables wireline and wireless service providers to streamline their operations, reduce monitoring infrastructure complexity and maintenance, and ultimately lower their overall cost of ownership in deploying performance management solutions.

The nGenius packet flow switches enable the IT organization to better capture monitored traffic with high-density packet aggregation and intelligent filtering capabilities to enable a more flexible and comprehensive approach to capturing, collecting and leveraging important packet flows. Complementary to the widely deployed nGenius InfiniStream appliance, the nGenius packet flow switches are a cost-effective way to further strengthen a pervasive visibility strategy by providing the granular control of packet flows needed for performance management, security monitoring, compliance monitoring, management, UC monitoring, and other similar types of applications.

The NetScout TAP family provides the nGenius InfiniStream appliances and nGenius packet flow switches with full access to network traffic while remaining transparent to the networking infrastructure, and hence causing no disruption to data flows or protocol transactions. The family includes multiple options for link types and speeds to support versatile packet flow capturing at a wide variety of locations in the network hierarchy.


NetScout nGeniusONE Platform by NetScout

nGeniusONE Platform

The nGeniusONE Unified Performance Management Platform converges network and application performance management to deliver holistic service visibility across application tiers, end-to-end networks, and diverse user devices. Providing one cohesive, consistent set of analytics and views, based on one common database of metadata, nGeniusONE platform improves communication and collaboration across the different functional IT groups to enable unified service delivery management for complex, distributed IT services.

The nGeniusONE platform is powered by Adaptive Session Intelligence™ (ASI) 2.0, NetScout’s next generation Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology that exploits the inherent richness of packet-flow data to provide real-time, contextual analysis of service, network, and application performance. Leveraging the superior scalability, depth, and speed of ASI 2.0, nGeniusONE delivers end-to-end visibility with both macro-level and micro-level insights into the performance and consumption of enterprise-wide services to address the needs of a wide range of IT operational teams including network, application, server, and service delivery managers.

The nGeniusONE platform combines real-time situational awareness, historical analysis, and multi-layered analysis capabilities to support efficient IT service management. Simplified service-oriented workflows enable seamless, contextual transitioning across multiple layers of analysis, facilitating efficient hand-off of diverse tasks across the different IT groups. The nGeniusONE platform provides the following key analysis layers:

  • Service Dashboard  provides real-time, at a glance, holistic status visibility of all services and their network and application components. The dashboard also delivers alarms and analytics-based, intelligent early warnings to enable the network operations team to proactively and predictively protect service availability and performance.
  • Performance Analysis enables comprehensive, multi-dimensional analysis of application and network performance in context with the performance of all dependencies. The nGeniusONE platform includes pre-defined Service Monitors for common service provider services, a customizable Service Monitor to support user-defined service environments, and a Traffic Monitor for network performance management.
  • Session Analysis  enables session-level analysis with hop-by-hop transaction analysis.
  • Packet Analysis enables deep-dive, protocol-level analysis and forensic evidence collection.