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cPacket Networks

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Pervasive Network Intelligence

cPacket delivers solutions that radically simplify network traffic monitoring and data center performance management.

cPacket products include the cVu traffic monitoring switches, active and passive cTap probes, and the SPIFEE software dashboard for centralized configuration, reporting, and control of distributed deployments. At the heart of all of cPacket’s products is its proprietary Algorithmic Fabric chip. The company’s innovative hardware-software architecture enables best of breed solutions for network intelligence, visibility, and security.

cPacket customers include the world largest data centers, service providers, financial institutions, exchanges, and government organizations.

The company is located in Mountain View, California.



cVu Family by cPacket Networks

cPacket’s Traffic Monitoring Switches enable productive data center operations and efficient cloud applications by delivering distributed network visibility and response.

Standard capabilities like any-to-any aggregation, replication, and coherent flow balancing are combined with unique capabilities like detailed real-time reports, historical trend analysis, on-the-fly microburst detection, automatic alerts based on customizable triggers, and granular filtering based on complete packet inspection and pattern search at wire speed.

The cVu monitoring switches serve as a central tools-hub that feed relevant packets into a variety of network monitoring, analysis, and security tools as needed. At the same time, cPacket’s unique features, based on its proprietary Algorithmic Fabric chip, enable broad situational awareness and detailed visibility to performance metrics across the network infrastructure.

Unique built-in features of the cVu Traffic Monitoring Switch family include:

  • Detailed real-time and historical reports of utilization, performance, and user-defined metrics based on Complete Packet Inspection
  • Easy to use templates for filters and customizable counters according to any combination of header fields and pattern search anywhere in the packets’ payload, including min size and jumbo packets
  • Instant browser access to snapshots of custom user-defined traffic profiles
  • Coherent flow balancing with pre-filtering, user-defined relative weights, and flexible balancing policies
  • Optional de-duplication for eliminating undesirable redundancies in aggregated traffic
  • Configurable transparent tunneling to stream selected traffic over a routed media to remote tools (encapsulation and decapsulation)
  • Adaptive truncation of payload content of packets to allow access to all headers, while preventing access to sensitive customers’ content
  • Highly accurate time stamping immediately at the transceiver input, before queuing, buffering, or aggregation, to eliminate stochastic contamination of downstream timing analysis
  • Best-of-breed hardware clock synchronization with digital Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) for highly accurate time stamping at nanosecond resolution
  • Customizable high-resolution counters at user defined granularity and flexible high-speed export via CSV files or real-time streaming
  • Automatic spikes and microburst detection on-the-fly with user-defined thresholds and alerts