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Array Networks

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Array Networks improves application availability, performance and security – optimizing traffic from any cloud or data center to any user, anywhere while minimizing cost and complexity. Proven at over 5000 customers, Array is recognized by leading cloud providers and enterprises for next-generation technology and unmatched price-performance.

Whether you need to optimize and gain control over enterprise applications, securely scale cloud services or implement applications and services within a next-generation cloud orchestration framework, Array Networks has you covered. Our virtual and physical load balancing, acceleration and security solutions deliver the flexibility, scalability and advanced features essential in today’s dynamic network environments.

Backed by nearly 15 years of proven reliability at large cloud providers, enterprises of every size and a broad range of public-sector organizations, Array Networks has established an unmatched reputation for next-generation technology, superior price-performance and customer-focused service and support.



APV Series by Array Networks

Array APV Series application delivery controllers provide the availability, scalability, performance, security and control essential to keeping cloud services and enterprise applications running in their power band.

A front-end for Web and application servers, Array ADCs ensure local and global high availability and redundancy, allow seamless scaling and management of server pools, maintain persistence to ensure consistency in user experience, accelerate application performance and provide granular control over the flow of traffic to and from users and applications. In addition, WebWall™ Web application firewall protects against DoS/DDoS and malformed URL attacks and allows L2 through L7 policies to be stacked for increased security.

Available as dedicated, virtualized or virtual appliances, Array ADCs combine industry-leading performance and scalability with transformative features and pricing to deliver unmatched overall value and ROI.

For service provider, enterprise and public sector organizations that are cost-conscious, yet can’t afford to skimp on quality, service or support, Array ADCs bridge the gap –exceeding technical requirements without exceeding your budget.

Scalable, High-Performance Appliances for Any Size Business

Powered by Array’s award-winning 64-bit SpeedCore™ architecture, APV Series appliances leverage the latest in state-of-the-art multi-core processing, hardware acceleration, energy-efficient components and 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to create an integrated appliance purpose-built for application delivery. Able to sustain industry-leading performance for traffic management, security and acceleration from the small enterprise to the large service provider, APV appliances deliver feature-functionality and economies-of-scale ideal for data center modernization, virtualization and cloud services and emerging IP data services.


AVX Series Virtualized Appliance by Array Networks

AVX Series virtualized appliances provide the best of both worlds – the agility of cloud and virtualization with the performance of dedicated appliances. Mix and match different size ADC and SSL VPN virtual appliances and purchase capacity incrementally on a purpose-built platform that delivers guaranteed performance per virtual appliance.


aCelera™ by Array Networks

WAN Optimization Controllers for Accelerating Remote Application Delivery

Array aCelera WAN optimization controllers speed data transfers and reduce application response times over wide area networks by reducing the amount of traffic transmitted between remote offices, remote users, data centers and clouds.

Leveraging stream-based differencing, application blueprints, single instance store, traffic prioritization and network, application and TCP optimizations, aCelera solutions mitigate the effects of limited bandwidth, high latency, packet loss and network congestion to improve application response times by more than 50x and reduce bandwidth utilization by up to 95%.

Where scalability and performance across the WAN is a critical factor, aCelera physical and virtual appliances or Windows software solutions may be deployed to cost-effectively deliver LAN-like performance from anywhere to anywhere.


AWF Series Web Application Firewall by Array Networks

Array AWF Series next-generation Web application firewalls extend beyond traditional firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDSs) to provide comprehensive protection for business-critical Web applications.

The AWF Series not only detects the complex Web application attacks of today, but also blocks the attack traffic in real time without affecting the normal flow of business data traffic.

In addition, The AWF Series provides extremely fine-grained attack detection and analysis capabilities while protection against the most common Web application threats including SQL injection attacks, Web page tampering, Web site malicious code, and disclosure of sensitive information.