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Since its establishment in 2000, SANGFOR has had a clear goal: To build high-performance, reliable and absolute secure networks that underpin the growth of our customers’ businesses. SANGFOR concentrates on excellence in WAN devices, chiefly for emerging segments, rather than producing good-enough products for all parts of the network. From the start, SANGFOR’s products have been designed to offer unparalleled performance, greater choice and greater flexibility while lowering TCO (Total cost of ownership) . SANGFOR WAN acceleration products excel at multi-layer WAN transmission optimization to improve data transmission on physical lines and to greatly accelerate application response times, especially in poor transmission environments with high delay and high packet loss and for slow-responding applications such as Exchange email systems. In addition, SANGFOR WAN acceleration devices use built-in VPN functions to build an accelerated VPN network, providing more comprehensive, flexible and diversified network acceleration. SANGFOR’s network behavior management products are designed to offer powerful functions and easy operation. The IAM series is the most effective solution for P2P traffic management, intranet data leakage prevention, regulatory risk avoidance, Internet access logging, and online security. SANGFOR has over 900 full-time employees worldwide. Its customers include more than 16,000 businesses, among them a number of Fortune 500 members, as well as hundreds of local governments and higher-education institutions.




SANGFOR Application Delivery (AD) has developed its technologies to help you address both link and server load balancing problems. Thus enhancing service availability while minimizing  the IT cost, securing the service continuity and users' experience:

  • The link load balancing technologies provide redundant links backup and smart routing for the inbound and outbound traffic;
  • The server load balancing technologies smartly assign connections to the most appropriate servers;
  • The Business Intelligence (BI) analysis monitors the whole data process including user, link, server and application service. It analyzes in detail all the elements involved in the application delivery 




Speed (access performance) is what matters in Wide Area Network environment. SANGFOR WANO products excel at multi-layer WAN transmission optimization to improve data transmission on physical lines and reduce application response time significantly, especially for transmission environments with high delay and packet loss. Thus optimize applications designed for LAN such as Exchange, Lotus, SAP, MS Share Point, Oracle database, Disaster Recovery systems, etc to perform well under WAN environment.


Internet Access Management by SANGFOR

Customer pain points with internet applications burst

  • No visibility or applications
  • Lack of internet access control & management
  • unable to control & report malicious applications
  • Internet bandwidth management and optimization issues