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Who we are 

OpenText is a global, publically-traded Canadian software company with more than 5000 employees in over 60 offices around the world.

We are the global leader in Enterprise Information Management. Our software solutions help large enterprises manage and secure their unstructured digital data – the kind that doesn’t easily fit into the rows and columns of a database – and use it to benefit their business and gain competitive advantage.

Today, we offer 5 solution suites to target key sources of unstructured digital data found within the enterprise. Our solutions are deployed both on premises and in the cloud.

A bright future

OpenText is a profitable business with seasoned leadership and a proven formula for success. In addition, we have momentum in a large and rapidly growing market.

The EIM market is projected to grow at 10% from $13B today to $19B by 2016. Many enterprises have fully extracted value from their structured information (ERP systems) and are now transferring their budgets to EIM.

Our history

OpenText began in the late ‘80s as a University of Waterloo research project to digitize all 60 million words of the Oxford Dictionary – and make them searchable (thus, the meaning behind “OpenText”).

During that process something happened that would change the world: the Internet’s first search engine technology was created.

OpenText incorporated in 1991 and the new search engine technology it invented was soon adopted by Yahoo!, one of its first customers. This was the first of many innovations that would lead the company beyond search and, ultimately, into the world of EIM.



OpenText Cordsys by OpenText

Successful businesses need to be built-to-change. However, many organizations are hindered by IT landscapes that are built-to-last. Opentext Cordys closes this gap through a powerful, next generation Business Process Management Suite that enables organizations to adopt and embrace change and at the same time stay in control. OpenText Cordys puts the business in direct control of their processes and fosters alignment between business and IT, resulting in tangible benefits for both. OpenText Cordys is unique in its ability to align IT with business needs.

OpenText Cordys is designed to support a continuous process improvement cycle that follows the natural flow of iterative and agile transformation:

Discovery of processes based on mining techniques or simplified manual goal- and activity modeling

  • Modeling processes according the business objectives and strategy
  • Executing processes in exact accordance with designs
  • Monitoring processes and business activities closely in real-time
  • Improving processes and analyzing feedback on a continuous basis

With OpenText Cordys you can leverage new process-oriented solutions and services from the cloud, while respecting existing enterprise software. Deliver better customer service and release additional value from existing IT.


Open Text Enterprise Content Management (ECM) by OpenText

Accelerate time to information governance while mitigating the risk of growing volumes of content— focus on using information to drive growth and innovation

Enterprise Content Management Overview

OpenText Content Suite facilitates an agile information governance strategy designed to reduce risk and mitigate the cost of growing volumes of content in the enterprise – freeing strategic CIOs to focus on using information to drive growth and innovation.

Available on premises, across mobile devices, and in the cloud, OpenText Content Suite is a set of enterprise content management (ECM) technologies including a platform to unite capture, document and records management, workflow, search and archiving as well as applications and add-ons such as email, eDiscovery, auto-classification, contract management and engineering document management.

As the core and foundational Suite for OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM), Content Suite ensures you can effectively:

  • Manage information flows across the organization from capture through archiving and disposition
  • Apply dependable, consistent governance policies across any type of content in the enterprise, regardless of where it originates—be it a source inside or outside the enterprise or in the cloud
  • Adapt information governance to the needs of users, building it into the business processes and applications they work in every day—for example SAP®, Oracle®, and Microsoft®
  • Provide users with rapid and seamless access from any device, or any location—web, desktop, or mobile
  • Ensure rapid access to a secure, single source of truth, optimizing business processes and provide deeper insight into your information to support agility and innovation
  • Maintain compliance and security while addressing the challenges of an increasingly complex and dynamic regulatory landscape
  • Leverage a common, documented, standard layer of development tools that reach across all Content Suite components to extend the value of your content and make rapid application creation and system integration easy

With OpenText Content Suite you harness the value of your information and enable the strategic CIO to transform every line of business and better compete in the new information economy.


OpenText Tempo Social by OpenText

Putting Social to work!

Social Media is an important element of any online or knowledge management strategy, but more importantly, it is fundamentally changing the way people connect with each other and the way organizations interact with people: customers, partners, stakeholders, and employees.

But it isn’t your whole strategy

Social Media promises to break down walls and open communication channels, but for many organizations this promise falls short. Social Media isn’t a strategy; it supports your strategy. Social Media can deliver value once it becomes part of a larger initiative that recognizes other factors at play such as business process, change management, employee education, and adoption.

Business-centric and purpose-driven social features enhance the web experience

OpenText Tempo Social provides easy-to-use social apps that can socially charge your current business processes in a safe and compliant fashion that helps fuel a more immersive user experience both for the social workplace and the social web.

  • Creating a Social Workplace: Organizations can work more efficiently and connect more easily simply by leveraging social features such as blogs, wikis, or forums.
  • Augmenting Social Marketing: Enabling an online dialogue between your users and customers—whether it’s B2B, B2C, or B2E—can help create and retain customers, increase wallet-share with existing customers, and create raving fans that can help increase your brand reputation.
  • Building a more Social Intranet: Encouraging employees, customers, and partners to collaborate on a platform that enables two-way communication can help increase bottom-up conversations so all users can discuss their ideas in social forums and communities.

Delivering a complete Social Media Framework

Tempo Social offers seamless integrations with the ECM Suite that can help deliver a complete social media framework to help our customers support a more social business. Its integration with:

  • OpenText Content Server provides the ability to archive all social content to help ensure that content is properly managed, delivering Social Compliance for our customers.
  • OpenText Web and Social Analytics offers seamless integration with our web and social analytics offering to allow our customers to both monitor and measure their social activity. OpenText Web & Social Analytics delivers real-time visitor and social interaction information to help organizations identify actionable trends within their visitor base along with the ability to capture user events/reports that are specific to your business goals.
  • OpenText Web Recommendations allows users to tap the collective wisdom of visitors to automatically present content that’s meaningful to visitors to increase engagement.
  • OpenText Web Social Search brings the most useful content to the surface based on the intent of site visitors and what information they find relevant—search that returns the exact information visitors want.
  • OpenText Wave, OpenText’s Mobile Enterprise Application Platform, enables organizations to create, develop, and deliver compelling mobile applications to connect employees, partners, and customers—anytime, everywhere!

OpenText Web Experience Management by OpenText

Your customers expect to access your web content seamlessly, in a highly tailored and contextualized experience, across a myriad of channels and devices. With a scalable content management system (CMS) system, interactive websites that can handle traffic and day-to-day transactions can further engage your customers with targeted and personalized messages.

Today's cross-functional enterprise requires a unified and secure web experience and content management platform. Only OpenText Web Experience Management combines responsive design, Omni channel touch points, and the creation of compelling experiences with a content management system (CMS) that supports the ubiquitous management of information, regardless of channel or device.

OpenText Web Experience Management (WEM) is built for high-volume, transaction-oriented web applications across all customer-centric touch points – Intranet or extranet, public or private. Architected for the global enterprise and designed for business users, WEM transforms online transactions into actionable strategic insight. Offering the rich functionality that an enterprise CMS application demands, its simplified features enable organizations to elevate the overall web experience and cater to the unique needs of all customers.

What OpenText Web Experience Management Can Do For You

OpenText Web Experience Management delivers the following benefits:

  • Leverage responsive design to display content consistently across mobile devices and platforms
  • Increase revenue by satisfying customers with compelling experiences and meaningful conversations
  • Take advantage of every customer touch point with device neutral, content-centric experiences.
  • Gain competitive advantage by aligning IT and business digital strategies, processes and technologies
  • Identify possible process improvements for optimizing marketing effectiveness

Why Choose OpenText Web Experience Management?

  • Responsive and contextual browsing:  An intuitive design interface encourages business users to create a web presence based on the principles of responsive design to deliver optimized, non-disruptive experiences.
  • Tailored compelling experiences:  Build meaningful relationships by creating contextual, compelling content with persona-based segmentation. Real-time customer insights and analytics ensure that content is always insightful and compelling.
  • Provide consistent omni-channel experiences: Leverage every customer touch point with device neutral, content-centric experiences.

OpenTextWeb Site Management by OpenText

Connect your customers, employees, partners, and customers with the information they need through optimized processes for managing and delivering content to the Web, mobile, or other media channels

Every day, organizations struggle with how to best connect people to the information they need. OpenText Web Site Management gives you the ability to deliver information directly to users within context across multiple and multi-lingual channels to create a richer, more interactive online experience, crossing the boundaries between Web sites, mobile devices, intranets, social networks, and Internet channels.

Deepen your relationships with your markets, customers, partners, and colleagues with OpenText Web Site Management. Transform your Web site or intranet into a rich, engaging, and credible site by adding social content and functionality, including ratings, reviews, wikis, blogs, and other social media functionality. Enable your teams and align projects by allowing employees to identify resources and experts within the organization, and capture knowledge as it is created so that it is available for reference and reuse in context. The controlled access and integration of content from across your organization provides employees, customers, partners, and visitors with a more dynamic experience for significant business impact.