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CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) provides IT management solutions that help customers manage and secure complex IT environments to support agile business services. Organizations leverage CA Technologies software and SaaS solutions to accelerate innovation, transform infrastructure and secure data and identities, from the data center to the cloud. Solutions from CA Technologies are the critical foundation for helping customers gain deep insight into and exceptional control over their complex, mixed IT environments. Our solutions enable customers to support changing business models at the right time, the right place, and from the best sources, and flexibly deliver IT services in the manner that best serves business needs. Our solutions and services are the foundational elements for the deep insight and exceptional control necessary to make the promise of flexible IT and agile business a reality.



CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) by CA Technologies

Deliver better performance and ensure an exceptional end-user experience for critical applications.

CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) with application behavior analytics can help IT organizations reliably deliver revenue- and productivity-generating business services while exceeding end-user and customer expectations.

CA APM provides application management of complex applications across physical, virtual, cloud and mainframe environments. Our application performance management solutions provide visibility across multi-tiers to help you better understand the impact of your network and underlying infrastructure.

CA APM offers a deeper visibility into the nuances of application performance so that you can find potential problems before impacting your end users. CA APM with application behavior analytics gives you application management that can:

  • Reduce the time it takes to identify and diagnose problems.
  • Reduce finger-pointing and the time-consuming war-room approach to troubleshooting



CA DataMinder™ by CA Technologies

Control data—and who can access it—in use, in motion, at rest and on access.

Protecting your IT infrastructure and the information that flows through it requires you to know where the data are located, how they are handled and their sensitivity level. CA DataMinder helps reduce the loss and misuse of data by controlling the information ̶ and access to it ̶ at every point in the system.

Delivering data security solutions through CA DataMinder Endpoint, CA DataMinder™ Network, CA DataMinder™ Email, CA DataMinder™ Stored Data and integration withCA Identity & Access Management (CA IAM) solutions, CA DataMinder provides your organization with data security protection and data access control solutions to help minimize the accidental, negligent and malicious misuse of data while helping your organization comply with various data protection standards and regulations.

Through the delivery of broad information and communication coverage, precise policy enforcement through identity context and Content-Aware Identity and Access Management (IAM), CA DataMinder can help enable your organization to take a comprehensive approach to reducing risk to your most critical assets while enabling critical business processes to continue.

With CA DataMinder, you’re helping your organization to define its configurable business and regulatory policies, accurately detect sensitive and unstructured data, monitor known and unknown business processes, and control accidental, negligent and malicious threats to sensitive corporate assets.

CA DataMinder delivers this level of data security protection with the objective to control information across various enterprise locations: endpoints, network, message servers and stored data. It then securely delegates violations for review while measuring key performance metrics over time to drive ongoing program improvement. This is delivered through a central management platform that provides an executive dashboard, detailed and customizable reporting and seamless workflow capabilities. This is augmented with a customer-focused services program that helps organizations realize both quick time to value and a strong return on investment.

Key Features

  • Control data handling and access.
  • Identify various content types.
  • Enable superior detection methods.
  • Ensure enterprise scalability.

Key Benefits

  • Enable transition to cloud services.
  • Mitigate high-risk modes of communication.
  • Enable compliance with regulatory and corporate policies.



CA Email Control for the Enterprise by CA Technologies

Prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive information with email security.

One of the most vulnerable areas in your communications is likely the one that you use the most: enterprise email.  And your biggest threat might be coming from where you least expect it: inside your organization.

Busy people make email mistakes. Seemingly small errors can have huge ramifications. Hitting the wrong key means that an email goes to “Reply All” instead of to its intended recipient, and suddenly sensitive information is where it shouldn’t be, compromising your brand and impacting your bottom line.

CA Email Control for the Enterprise can help reduce the risk of communicating sensitive information that could do harm to your company without impacting your daily communications. It also can provide you with precise control over email security, whether it’s sent using a desktop client, a Web interface or a mobile app.

With CA Email Control for the Enterprise, your intellectual property, financial information, ethical data and other sensitive information that can be sent over email can be secured with defined, flexible detection and classification capabilities even in large, decentralized organizations.

Key Features

  • Broad email coverage
  • Precise email security control
  • Fast and simple deployment

Key Benefits

  • Lessen the risk of sensitive information leaks with tighter email security.
  • Ensure precise control of insider email threats at a lower operational cost.
  • Understand and control the flow of sensitive information in your organization.



CA Application Delivery solutions by CA Technologies

Deliver next-generation applications faster with higher quality and reduced costs.

CA Application Delivery solutions help accelerate application delivery, improve application quality and reduce costs at the same time. These DevOps tools can help organizations, who have the challenge of creating new business services at a rapid pace, by optimizing application development and testing as well as increasing the velocity of applications released into production. 

CA Application Delivery solutions include:

  • CA LISA® Service Virtualization: helps eliminate constraints by modeling and simulating the behavior and performance characteristics of dependent systems and services. As a result, your organization can move development and test tasks earlier in the software lifecycle, resulting in reduced time-to-market, lower infrastructure costs, reduced contention for labs and better overall application.
  • CA LISA® Release Automation: automates the complex changes required for code movement, deployment and provisioning tasks between development, test and production environments. This solution can help your organization reduce manual errors and accelerate software delivery cycles from weeks or days to hours or minutes.
  • CA LISA® Data Mining: captures real-world data from production and staging environments and intelligently uses CA LISA Pathfinder to generate “life-like” assets to increase quality, while improving collaboration among your teams with realistic data. 

CA Technologies can help meet the host of challenges that IT organizations face. We have the results to prove it.

  • Faster time-to-market: often reducing the timeline for delivery of new application features by 25-50%
  • Accelerated continuous delivery: reducing deployment cycles from weeks and days to hours or minutes
  • Increased application quality: discovering 60%-90% more defects at least one stage earlier in the software development life cycle (SDLC), where break-fix and defect resolution costs are dramatically lower

Join the leading companies in financial, insurance, telco, federal and other industries that have benefited from solutions from CA Technologies. Contact us, or read more about Service Virtualization, Release Automation and Data Mining.


CA Advanced Authentication by CA Technologies

Combines multi-factor credentials and risk evaluation to help avoid inappropriate access and fraud.

Concern about identity theft, data breaches and fraud is increasing but at the same time organizations are feeling pressure to enable employees, partners and customers to access more sensitive information from anywhere and any device. These market dynamics make multi-factor authentication and fraud prevention critical parts of any organization’s security strategy.

CA Advanced Authentication is a flexible and scalable solution that incorporates both risk-based authentication methods like device identification, geolocation and user activity, as well as, a wide variety of multi-factor, strong authentication credentials. This solution can allow the organization to create the appropriate authentication process for each application or transaction. It can be delivered as on-premise software or as a cloud service and it can protect application access from a wide range of endpoints including all of the popular mobile devices. This comprehensive solution can enable your organization to cost effectively enforce the appropriate method of strong authentication across environments without burdening end users.


CA AuthMinder™ by CA Technologies

Protect employees and customers with user-convenient, two-factor authentication.

With the increase in the amount of resources and interaction that occurs online, organizations need to provide two-factor authentication for a growing number of users (employees, partners and customers) to a growing number of applications and services (on-premise and cloud-based) from a variety of devices (PC, laptop, tablet and phone).

CA AuthMinder is a versatile multi-factor authentication system that can help you deploy and manage a wide range of authentication methods, from passwords and knowledge-based authentication (KBA) to two-factor software tokens or hardware credentials. It also can provide out-of-band authentication methods such as SMS, email or voice delivery of one-time passwords (OTP). CA AuthMinder supports two-factor authentication to VPNs and can protect access and transactions from PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones so that organizations can build a cohesive and comprehensive authentication strategy. It also includes free mobile applications to facilitate the use of mobile devices for strong authentication and software development kits (SDKs) to help easily incorporate two-factor authentication into mobile applications.

The CA AuthMinder server provides a flexible administration console and documented authentication flows to simplify deployment and management. The unique public-key infrastructure (PKI) and OTP software-based credentials that are included provide a higher level of security because of a patented key protection technology that is only available from CA Technologies. CA AuthMinder is integrated with CA RiskMinder™ for adaptive, context aware authentication and CA SiteMinder® Secure SSO and Access Management to provide a robust solution that helps organizations avoid inappropriate access and fraud.


CA RiskMinder™ by CA Technologies

Reduce the risk of improper access and fraud without burdening valid users.

Identity theft, data breaches and online fraud are becoming more common and sophisticated every day. Millions of passwords are stolen or phished each year. In this environment it is clear that there is a need for something more than just password-based protection for employee, partner and customer access to valuable online resources. At the same time it is important to maintain a simple and positive experience for end users. Adaptive or risk-based authentication can allow you to evaluate a set of contextual factors related to an access attempt or transaction to better estimate the risk involved, without impacting the experience for legitimate users.

CA RiskMinder is a powerful risk-based, adaptive authentication solution that works in real time to evaluate context, calculate a risk score, recommend actions and provide alerts/case management. It has a strong set of prebuilt rules to detect risk and an easy-to-use risk management console to adjust parameters or create new rules. The risk engine examines many factors including device identification, geolocation, IP address and user activity to evaluate risk. The calculated risk score is then fed into your policies to decide whether to authorize the current activity, request step-up authentication and/or send an alert or block the activity. This provides your organization with a transparent layer of protection against identity theft, data breaches and fraud.

CA RiskMinder provides risk-based authentication that can be used to reduce fraud and protect users from Internet attacks whether they are shopping online or accessing confidential or private information via a Web portal or application. It also provides organizations the ability to enforce different levels of authentication depending on the user activity, transaction value and the calculated risk score.