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Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard became friends at Stanford University before forming a two-person company in a rented garage—the original Silicon Valley startup. Working with limited resources, the pair created a series of products—starting with audio oscillators used by sound engineers—sometimes using the Packard family oven to put on finishing touches. Their efforts impressed Walt Disney Studios, one of HP’s early customers, and set the course for a legacy of innovation and leadership.



HP APM 360 by HP


A software suite that ensures the performance of desktop, web, and mobile apps in on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Key Features

  • 360° View of Application Performance

Get a clear, end-to-end view of applicationavailability and performance, and isolate any problems for all of your applications whether on-premise, cloud, or mobile.

  • Proactive Monitoring

Simulate application performance on multiple devices to ensure that you can deliver consistent, predictable measurement, and control application performance.

  • Real User Monitoring

Monitor the real-time application performance of all users at all locations all the time, and automatically discover underlying infrastructure and classify user actions.

  • Deep Dive Diagnostics

Drill deep into end-user and back-end performance in traditional, virtualized, and cloud environments to diagnose bottlenecks, and quickly isolate and resolve issues.

  • Service Level Management

Proactively manage service levels by defining realistic, quantifiable service-level objectives, and measure real-time application performance levels against the objectives.

  • Multiple Delivery Options

You can pick a delivery model that best fits your needs in any combination of on-premise, cloud, or hybrid to take best advantage of your existing platform and business model.


HP BladeSystem by HP

The world's most advanced blade server infrastructure designed to drive business innovation and eliminate sprawl.

HP BladeSystem - future proof your data center

Future-proof your business with the ultimate Converged Infrastructure with the latest end-to-end performance and technology innovations. Together, the industry’s most intelligent infrastructure and comprehensive software-defined management, deliver unprecedented insight into your data center to ensure continuous business uptime. HP BladeSystem is architected for any workload from client to cloud.

Most extensive portfolio in the industry

Latest Gartner Blade Servers Magic Quadrantpositions HP as a Leader

HP BladeSystem platinum enclosure

Integrating next generation technologies in a modular design helps protect blade server investments and IT infrastructure. The new HP BladeSystem c7000 platinum enclosure delivers the most advanced architecture with the highest performance yet. The latest end-to-end performance advancements include:

  • 56 Gb FDR InfiniBand for fastest connectivity
  • 40 Gb Ethernet for high performance, low latency
  • 16 Gb Fibre channel-ready with superior scalability



Disaster Recovery (DR) by HP

Disaster Recovery with HP Cloud Object Storage

Keep your data safe in case of disaster. 

Disaster recovery (DR) is about preparing to recover business-critical data or technology infrastructure after disaster strikes. Every minute of downtime equals dollar losses for your business. With a cloud-based disaster recovery system in place, you can minimize your risk of downtime and get your business back on track faster. 

HP Cloud Object Storage offers multi-location backup for critical data at geographically separated data centers. HP Cloud Object Storage comes with an industry-leading SLA and the highest security standards.

Get a cloud-based solution that’s right for your business.

With a solid disaster recovery plan in place, your organization will resume operations at a secondary site and also enjoy a host of other benefits:

  • Lower costs. Failover server resources are consolidated, reducing the cost of servers, datacenters, and energy.
  • Reduced complexity. Cloud-based disaster recovery is inherently less complex and more efficient compared to the traditional DR plans.
  • Protection. Data protection guards against intentional or accidental data corruption within an intact infrastructure.
  • Business continuity. High availability keeps applications up and running despite component or environmental failures or during planned operational procedures.

HP Content Management Services by HP

Managing information overload

Managing business successfully today demands managing information efficiently. With the influx of content in all forms and from all directions, that is no small task. In addition, data may be scanned using multiple products; stored on different platforms; and managed with various legacy systems. HP Content Management Services provides the services and software to help you.

  • Manage all types of unstructured information
  • Ensure your systems all work together to provide one view
  • Get a handle on the information overload

With the right strategy, technology and processes in place, content management services can enhance collaboration among employees across the globe and more readily tap into intellectual capital. Managing the flow of content also can reduce bottlenecks and increase turnaround, speeding up time to market.

Bringing together the people, processes and technology to manage large volumes of data

HP Content Management Services aligns the people, processes and technology to improve access to and control of unstructured data from conception to retirement. Our services include:

  • Assessments, strategy and planning. We work with you to define a true picture of your current situation, aligning the business need with technology capabilities to produce the enterprise collaboration architecture.
  • Architecture design and implementation. Solution architecture is the unifying concept essential to deploying an effective content management system. We utilize best practice methods throughout and assess and address any risks, gaps, issues or outdated or inconsistent information.
  • Management Services. We offer standardized services and methodology across the globe, backed by standard industry best practices. We address all aspects of enterprise content management including document, image, records and web content management, along with hosting and managing repositories.

TippingPoint Next-Generation Firewall by HP

A next-generation firewall that protects mobile, cloud, and data-sharing interactions without impairing network performance.


TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) by HP

In-line threat protection that defends critical data and applications without affecting performanceand productivity.

TippingPoint Platforms

Stop the Most Advanced and Sophisticated Attacks with TippingPoint NX Platform.

Protect yourself from cyber threats that target applications, networks, and critical data with in-line, real-time intrusion and proactive network security. 

Get Up to 8 Gbps of In-line, Real-time Intrusion Protection with TippingPoint N Platform.

Secure your network and critical data with an intelligent, adaptive security Intrusion Prevention System that will protect you against cyber threats.



Network Node Manager i by HP

Network management software that helps unify fault, availability, and performance monitoring toimprove network uptime and performance, and increase responsiveness to business needs.

The NNMi main console shows the power of a single pane of glass. You can select multiple work spaces with tabular, graphical, and form-based views to help you perform tasks and display device details in the analysis pane.

Comprehensive Network Monitoring and Management

NNMi reports all types of network issues from one console. Watch this overview video to learn more or read the datasheet about plug-ins that extend device and protocol support to enable management of network devices, services, and facilities.

Try NNMi Now and See What the Hype Is All About 

We can talk about it for hours, but you won’t really know fully appreciate what NNMi will mean to you until you try it for yourself. Download a trial and take it for a ride. Pick from Linux or Windows versions. And prepare to be amazed. 


ArcSight ESM by HP

HP ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) provides a Big Data analytics approach to enterprise security, transforming Big Data into actionable intelligence that can reduce the cost of a breach and help minimize risk to business. 

In order for businesses to protect their critical data and intellectual assets, security teams need solutions that can provide timely, relevant intelligence to help them quickly detect and respond to breaches. Data volumes have exploded, making it difficult to identify the high-risk anomalies or trends that exist in your event logs. Cyber criminals have become more sophisticated, camouflaging their attacks inside mountains of your data. 

Without the right tools, organizations cannot respond quickly, losing valuable time through inefficient analysis of forensic data after a breach. Most often, companies find out about breaches when they are notified by a third party, unaware their security systems had been compromised. 


HP 3PAR StorServ Storage by HP

All-Flash, modern Tier-1 storage for the New Style of IT

HP 3PAR StoreServ offers a primary storage platform for the future, today—including the all-flash HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450 Storage array. Get all the benefits of flash storage without the compromises. Respond to demands with the agility and efficiency of 3PAR StoreServ’s single interoperable set of Tier-1 data services.

Whether you are a midsize enterprise experiencing rapid growth in your virtualized environment, a large enterprise looking to support ITaaS, or a global service provider building a hybrid or private cloud, 3PAR StoreServ has you covered.