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Nastel Technologies,founded in 1994 by David Mavashev is the premier global provider of middleware-centric application performance management solutions for mission-critical applications from the datacenter to the cloud and is the only monitoring vendor with a unified platform to support all software and appliance-based middleware technology requirements.

Nastel AutoPilot® for WebSphere MQ provides both monitoring and management capabilities and is considered the best-of-breed management solution for the technology that is often described as the nervous system of the enterprise. .

AutoPilot provides enterprises with deep dive visibility into the root-cause of problems. Its real-time analytics using Complex Event Processing can reduce the frequency and duration of outages and reduce false-positives. AutoPilot can also detect and warn about problems before users are impacted, helping keep support costs low and productivity high.

AutoPilot is used in financial services, healthcare and other industries for real-time monitoring of compliance, payment and claims processing, electronic medical record transmission, order management and many other business critical applications.

Nastel is a privately held company headquartered in New York, with offices in the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany and Mexico, and a network of partners throughout Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia.



AutoPilot® M6 by Nastel

Nastel AutoPilot® is an Application Performance Monitoring solution. It's real-time monitoring and analysis reduces the frequency and duration of incidents, end-to-end from distributed to mainframe.

Nastel Advantages

  • Best-of-breed: for WebSphere MQ management - We are the MQ Doctor®
  • Proven: AutoPilot is used by the world's largest enterprises
  • Scales. Handles millions of events per seconds, scaling as you grow
  • Proactive. Real-time analytics and alerting, reduces incident duration and frequency
  • Intelligent. Ends false alarms, improves productivity
  • Visualizes Everything: End-to-end view, with automatic "stitching" of messages and transactions into a flow of your business

AutoPilot real-time monitoring is used in production for root-cause analysis and alerting and used by development for diagnostics and help in reproducing production problems.