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Over the last few years, our world has become increasingly reliant on machines, whether it's the automated boarding pass kiosk, the grocery store self checkout, shopping on the internet or mobile transactions. We call this the Rise of The Machine and, frankly, we love it. It makes life easier, faster and more efficient for everyday users. However, the underlying technology that drives all these machines is extremely complex. Making it work is not for the faint of heart. Despite the brave new interconnected world, the age old Application Performance Management (APM) problem is still unsolved.

When a transaction breaks or slows down, users roll their eyes and ask: What’s wrong with this dumb machine?

Meanwhile, in IT world, where responsibility lies for making the system work, all hell is breaking loose:

  • Who does it impact?
  • Where did it break?
  • Why did it break?
  • What do we do to fix it?
  • How do we avoid it next time?

In today's machinistic world, in which millions of transactions are happening all the time, Precise brings a fresh approach. We call it Transaction Performance Management. Business is measured by transactions. IT is measured by transaction performance. Precise helps companies guarantee transaction performance.

Our products deliver unprecedented transaction transparency, fastest time to repair, and game-changing problem prevention. They are designed to handle transaction volume and variety in large scale production systems. Our support professionals operate (24/7/365), providing on call help to customers in their local languages and time zones.

Over 1,500 customers across the globe already rely on our products, services and expertise. Why? Because we literally wrote the book on APM. Today, we are rewriting that book with Transaction Performance Management (TPM).



Precise APM by Precise Software

Application Performance Management (APM)

“The Precise Software stack is the leader in the Application Performance Management space. Continental Resource customers are solving problems at the root of the issue now, eliminating the path of speculation as to what might have caused performance delays in their environment.” — Jon Gika - Senior Manager, Continental Resources

Performance Management for today's complex applications

Precise APM is an end-to-end performance management platform that monitors, measures, analyzes, and tunes critical business systems from the end user (batch process, customer, partner, employee) to the physical data store. It alerts to performance problems and bottlenecks anywhere across the system and provides direct drill-down to pinpoint the root cause, keeping business-critical systems available and running at peak performance.

Precise's unique approach to Application Performance Management solutions helps optimize the performance and availability of enterprise applications. This helps identify and correct performance problems before they affect your business by using agent-based and agent-less technologies as well as an overarching dashboard.

With more than 20 years of experience in application performance management, Precise Application Performance Management solutions are proven in the market and are recognized as a leading offering. In addition, they deliver the broadest breadth and depth of platform coverage in terms of monitored applications databases and operating systems, supporting 3,000 application/operating system version combinations.