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Hexis Cyber Solutions

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Hexis Cyber Solutions, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The KEYW Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: KEYW) and is based in Hanover, Maryland. Hexis provides advanced cybersecurity solutions for commercial companies, government agencies, and the Intelligence Community (IC).

Our mission is to ensure that business IT infrastructure is equipped with tools and capability to detect, engage, and remove both external and internal cyber threats. Cyber terrorists, organized crime, and foreign governments focus tremendous effort on commercial, government, and military interests as their prime target.

Hexis Cyber Solutions’ HawkEye family of products offer active, multi-disciplined approaches to achieve a higher standard of cybersecurity that is based on our expertise supporting our nation’s cyber security and cyber warfare missions to ensure that enterprises of any size, within any industries, can operate at maximum potential.



Hawkeye AP by Hexis Cyber Solutions

With the increase in sophisticated attacks and the explosion of big data, large enterprises and government organizations are seeking solutions with advanced data analysis capabilities to address new found needs of collecting, storing, searching, and analyzing Big Data.

HawkEye AP, formerly Sensage’s Log Management solution, delivers an unparalleled solution with the industry’s most unique approach to analytics and intelligence – a flexible event data collection process and a clustered, columnar-based event data warehouse. 

HawkEye AP at a Glance:Security Intelligence

  • Ability to perform sophisticated correlations and contextual investigations against large volumes of data over time
  • Open access allows users to query event data directly from the Business Intelligence tools they prefer using ODBC/JDBC interfaces
  • Out-of-the-box reporting and dashboard tools
  • Flexible querying via a SQL-driven query wizard
  • Rich reporting capabilities including ad hoc reporting and pre-defined report templates that meet specific regulatory compliance

Event Data Collection

  • Agent-less collection of any event with a time stamp
  • Open architecture that interfaces with a variety of related technologies, including endpoints and network systems, storage, mobile solutions, other SIEMs, call center applications, etc.

Event Data Warehouse

  • Ability to store all event data in its native form, rather than metadata, an aggregation, or a normalized form – maintaining the integrity of the data for future use
  • Real-time ability to access terabytes of event data, without the need to extract from any archive – allowing for rapid response to investigations and queries
  • Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) enables linear scalability in handling large data volumes – highly compressed format reduces storage requirements