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We are a business intelligence company that began with a vision about how the web could be used to transform the way people see and use data. In 2000, CTO Arman Eshraghi founded the company to develop technology that would let web developers easily embed compelling data visualizations inside web sites. Before long, the company had developed a reputation for having the easiest and most reliable technology for creating web-based data visualization. Over time, the company evolved this core technology to create a platform that provides an extraordinarily fast and easy way to create entire web-based BI applications. Our exclusive Elemental Design Approach lets IT professionals and developers design and deploy BI solutions in a fraction of the time it takes with any other solution.

Today, our technology supports the BI initiatives of over 1000 companies around the globe that are delivering meaningful information to their employees, partners, and customers in a faster, more flexible, and less expensive way. In addition to companies using the technology internally, we are also a leading provider to the ISV and SaaS industries, where our technology is used on an OEM basis to seamlessly embed data visualizations directly in our customers’ own software and services, increasing their revenues as well as customer satisfaction.

We continue to evolve our technology and expand our market share by providing new advancements in mobile BI, analytics, self-service BI, and personalization. The company is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, near our nation's capital, with sales and support offices in the UK and Europe. We are a private, venture-backed firm, with investments from GroTech Ventures, Updata Partners, Summit Partners, and LLR Partners.



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The All-in-One Information Platform:

  • Fast - Choose from 600+ pre-built elementsEasy
  • Eliminate coding with the drag and drop interfaceFlexible
  • Connect to nearly any data source