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TIBCO Jaspersoft

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The Intelligence Inside

We empower millions of people every day to make faster decisions by bringing them timely, actionable data inside their apps and business processes through an embeddable reporting and analytics platform.

Our product, unlike traditional BI tools, allows anyone to easily self-serve and get the answers they need inside their preferred app or on their favorite device. Our platform, unlike desktop visualization tools, scales architecturally and economically to reach everyone.



Jaspersoft BI Enterprise by TIBCO Jaspersoft

Jaspersoft BI Enterprise Edition

Jaspersoft BI Enterprise Edition comes with our multi-tenant enabled BI Server and provides self-service reporting, dashboards, and OLAP-based analysis. Non-technical users can use the web-based tools to build their own reports, perform advanced OLAP powered analysis, and view interactive dashboards. The Enterprise Edition comes with the assurance of professional quality technical support and commercial licensing protection.