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Salient Management

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Who We Are

Salient Management Company is a developer of super scalable in memory self service visual data mining, discovery and analysis systems, which are used by business and public sector clients worldwide.

What We Do

We enable everyday business managers to see clearly and precisely where to achieve maximum return on their resources.

  • We Measure-Value Added Where the money goes, what is achieved in return, and who or what is responsible, in exacting detail, daily.
  • We Eliminate- ssumptions We put 100% of your history in memory, not just a slice or a summary – and we and put it all at your fingertips, so there just isn’t a good reason not to have exactly the answer you need in less than 3 seconds.
  • We Enable Your Intuition-Now you will see instantly the outliers within graphical patterns and trends within the big data, and then follow any hunch all the way to the detailed history of cause and effect behind a single outlier. This is the information you can act on!

How We Do It

  • We capture the intelligence of created value – how business activity causes waste, profit or growth – from every detail of every transaction every day.
  • We integrate the words and images that complete the picture.
  • And we make this knowledge so flexible, fast and easy to access that decision makers never have to work without it.




Salient Collaborative Intelligence Suite by Salient Management

A Radical Innovation

Salient has pioneered a new business intelligence paradigm that merges the unique thought process of each individual with advanced data visualization. This enables everyone – non-technical as well as technical – to interrogate the data in order to discern patterns, trends and outliers. Users can understand the relationships among activities, costs and outcomes – and discover root cause in seconds.