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According to Gartner, we are the world’s largest Business Intelligence vendor for companies using Microsoft Dynamics NAV or AX. In fact, more than 80 per cent of our clients are MS Dynamics users.

Gartner has included TARGIT in the "Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms” as a Niche Player. Additionally, DynamicsWorld ranks TARGIT as a top add-on for NAV and AX, while BARC’s BI Surveys gives high scores to TARGIT in user-friendliness, visualization and innovation.

A global organization

TARGIT Headquarters is located in Denmark while two US subsidiaries are located in Tampa, Florida and Boston, Massachusetts. Additionally, there are distribution offices in more than 12 countries worldwide.

We have more than 380 partners marketing TARGIT throughout the world and today TARGIT has over 5,100 customers with more than 356,000 named users.

We enjoy working in a dynamic environment where keeping ahead of the ever-changing demands of businesses is a key driver. We take pride in providing the best service to each and every business partner and customer. And we have the courage to act.

TARGIT's history

TARGIT was founded in 1986 with CEO Morten Sandlykke as one of the founding partners. Back then, we worked closely together with other large Danish software companies like Navision and XAL, known today as MS Dynamics NAV and AX, and we still share the technologies and innovative business ideologies with these platforms.

Patented technology

The first version of the TARGIT Business Intelligence technology was launched during spring of 1996, and the core technology of TARGIT’s Business Intelligence software is protected by several international patents.



TARGIT Business Intelligence in Services by TARGIT

Services-focused businesses manage massive amounts of information, from contractors to suppliers to employees to customers. Every service generates a new record, and every new record is an opportunity to learn more about how to make your business more efficient and successful.