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arcplan - it simply works Flexible Business Intelligence, Planning, and Dashboards arcplan software solutions enable you to deploy business intelligence, analysis, and planning applications that meet all of your organizational needs. Our open approach to data connectivity provides direct access to more than 20 data sources in their native environments. arcplan does not require you to extract your data and aggregate content into a proprietary data source. Instead arcplan products connect directly to numerous relational and multidimensional data sources from vendors such as SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Teradata and others. With arcplan - it simply works.



arcplan Enterprise® by arcplan

arcplan Enterprise is our business intelligence reporting and analytics platform. Customers agree that it is the most flexible software available for rapid creation of custom BI applications like reports, dashboards, ad-hoc analyses, etc. With arcplan Enterprise, you deliver actionable, contextual knowledge to decision-makers at every level so that you have the intelligence to understand and change how you operate.

Analytics When You Need It

With arcplan Enterprise, you get business intelligence when you need it, cost-effectively. arcplan Enterprise's complementary approach analyzes information from multiple data sources such as ERP, OLAP, relational databases, and web services simultaneously. With arcplan's robust, intuitive user interface, you get answers and can take action faster, skipping the costly implementation of a separate, complex analytical data store. When changes are made to your processes, arcplan adapts quickly to new data requirements, ensuring timely and cost-effective maintenance as well.

arcplan Enterprise Architecture Overview

Scalable analytics – the foundation for better business performance – often requires an architecture for analyzing multiple data stores simultaneously and delivering the right analysis to the right audience in the right time. arcplan's three-tier architecture is designed to ensure success for even the most robust environments.

Core components of the arcplan Enterprise architecture

  • arcplan Application Designer - arcplan's development frontend for flexible BI solutions enables organizations to create customized applications through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Any number of charts, graphs, tables, text, and graphics can be combined, creating a unique look and feel for each application.
  • Data Sources - arcplan communication interfaces provide two-way access to a wide variety of data sources such as ERP, relational databases, OLAP, etc. As write-back is a standard for arcplan interfaces, organizations can create applications that take action, not just monitor.
  • arcplan Application Server - This Windows server provides consistent, centralized analytics for any user, over the web and in real time. It’s available as 32 bit and 64 bit installation.
  • Web Services / SOA - arcplan Enterprise is fully SOA-enabled, providing comprehensive web services support for any arcplan analysis. Provider and consumer support for these web services means that arcplan results fit flexibly within your environment.
  • Administration Console - IT professionals use the built-in Administration Console to store and manage developed applications. The centralized management eases application distribution and extensions.