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Pyramid Analytics

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Our mission it to deliver Governed Data Discovery and Enterprise Business Analytics.

Combining the simplicity and familiarity of Self-Service BI and Enterprise Business Analytics in an easy-to-manage, web-deployed solution; we empower users in the organizations to analyze, predict, present and report on all data sources to improve business performance WITHIN a governed, managed framework.



BI Office by Pyramid Analytics

BI Office: A web-based Governed Data Discovery and BI platform

BI Office offers the full spectrum of data discovery and business analytics tools in a managed framework- or Governed Data Discovery.

BI Office is a web-based, cloud-enabled BI platform comprising three user interfaces: data discovery & analytics (bioXL), story & dashboards (bioPoint) and analytic narratives, report publishing and distribution (bioWriter). These modules are seamlessly integrated to form a single platform, allowing for instance an analytic view created in bioXL to be inserted into dashboard or a report by simply dragging and dropping. Dashboards are made interactive by simply drawing arrows between data assets. The Universal Data Mash-up and Connector tool (‘Mash-Pit’) enables users to take data from any data source (Big Data and small data) and build data models in minutes.

Combining a set of business user centric functionality with the horsepower of centralized governance, BI Office goes well beyond other data discovery or visualization tools.