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Angoss is a global leader in delivering powerful predictive analytics that help businesses discover valuable insights and intelligence, while providing clear and detailed recommendations to improve risk, marketing and sales performance.

Angoss’ suite of products are flexible, agile and visual— making predictive analytics accessible and easy to use for technical and business users. Its predictive analytics software suite includes: KnowledgeSEEKER®, KnowledgeSTUDIO®, KnowledgeREADER™, and ScorecardBUILDER™ all with best-in-class Decision Trees and Strategy Trees.

Fully hosted and managed KnowledgeCLOUD™ solutions provide industry leading analytics for organizations that need in-house specialization. Solutions include KnowledgeSCORE™ for lead and opportunity scoring, FundGUARD™ for asset management, and ClaimGUARD™ for insurance fraud detection.

Many of the world’s leading financial services, insurance, telco, retail, high tech, and healthcare organizations use Angoss predictive analytics to grow revenue, increase sales productivity and improve marketing effectiveness, while also reducing risk and cost.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Angoss has offices in the United States, United Kingdom and Asia.

Angoss is recognized as a leader in several analyst reports:

  • by Gartner as a “Challenger” in the Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics Platforms, 2014
  • by Forrester as a “Contender” in The Forrester Wave™ Big Data Predictive Analytics Solutions, 2013
  • by Forrester as a “Strong Performer” in The Forrester Wave™ Customer Analytics Solutions, 2012
  • by Hurwitz and Associates as a “Victor” in The Victory Index for Predictive Analytics, 2011



KnowledgeSEEKER by Angoss


Powerful, Market-Leading Decision Trees for Data Driven Decisions

Widely known for its industry leading, patented Decision Trees and its graphical wizard-driven interface, KnowledgeSEEKER is a data mining and predictive analytics software tool helping data analysts and business users with data exploration, development and deployment of predictive models. It allows users to quickly develop insights to advance their business objectives-unlocking actionable knowledge from their data assets.

Angoss Decision Trees

Angoss Software is highly recognized for its patented, market-leading Decision Trees – which are at the core of KnowledgeSEEKER and provide an intuitive interface for building and exploring segments, discovering relationships between variables, performing variable reduction and much more.

With an easy to use point-and-click interface, Angoss Decision Trees can be grown manually by creating custom splits or automatically using segmentation algorithms, or using a combination of both methods. This visual, real-time exploration aided by many usability features such as pan and zoom, variable search, and copying and pasting splits saves time for significant productivity and efficiency gains.

Angoss Strategy Trees

Unique, patent pending Angoss Strategy Trees are the first of their kind for building and deploying predictive strategies. Strategy Trees combine the usability of Angoss industry-leading Decision Trees with an intuitive, visual and collaborative approach for strategy design, authoring and validation workflow. Strategy Trees combine customer segments, scores, business rules, and calculations – applying user-defined treatments and actions to support decisioning and the development of business strategies, actions & optimization.

Strategy Trees allow users to analyze an unlimited number of key performance indicators (KPIs) within a single graphical tree view – eliminating the need to create multiple trees and compare segments against them. As a result the user gets a holistic view of all strategic options at a glance and greater control over planning next actions.

Automated Workflow

KnowledgeSEEKER provides users with a powerful automated canvas for building, displaying, refreshing, and reusing analytic workflows. The user friendly visual canvas enables the creation of a workflow in minutes with a few simple drag and drop steps – eliminating the need to write code, increasing efficiency.

Workflow process nodes are simply dragged onto the canvas where they can be connected to form a workflow and run individually or in batch sequentially with the ability to add new data or refresh with the click of a button. The workflow provides instant visual documentation of analytical tasks.