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COLLABORATE AND LEVERAGE YOUR DATA WHERE IT LIVES. Alpine Chorus enables Big Data agility for your data science team. The first solution of its kind, Chorus provides an analytic productivity platform that enables the team to search, explore, visualize, and import data from anywhere in the organization. It provides rich social network features that revolve around datasets, insights, methods, and workflows, allowing data analysts, data scientists, IT staff, DBAs, executives, and other stakeholders to participate and collaborate on Big Data. Customers deploy Chorus to create an agile, analytic infrastructure; teams can create workspaces on the fly with self-service provisioning and then instantly start creating and sharing insights. Alpine Chorus cuts weeks and months from the analytics process because it eliminates unnecessary data movement. Models run faster and are deployed directly within the database or Hadoop. Its workflow structure provides a transparent history of all transformations for auditing and data governance.

ON-DEMAND VISUALIZATIONS. By providing the data science team a rapid visual representation of information, there is no longer a need to export data to a local desktop, import into R or another tool, and then create visualization. Not intended to replace advanced reporting tools, Alpine Chorus includes a set of visualization options that provide a data preview to speed insight and understanding. Alpine Chorus supports histograms; frequency, heat-map, time series, and box plot charts for on-demand visualizations.

COMPREHENSIVE SEARCH AND SELF-SERVICE DATA. Gone are the days of hunting through email or shared drives for one specific comment or piece of code. Instead, everything is indexed and viewable with a simple search. Alpine Chorus delivers federated search across data assets anywhere in the enterprise. Alpine Chorus indexes all metadata, comments, SQl, and data assets to create a living data dictionary available in the form of a search prompt.

BROWSE DATABASE AND HADOOP FILE SYSTEM DATA. With Alpine Chorus, analysts can browse and explore datasets across the enterprise. Once imported into the workspace, Alpine Chorus will manage the flow of data, track dependencies, and refresh their copy when the source is updated with new data. Analysts can operate on the data and share results of their analysis as a new dataset, which can then be discovered and accessed by other users.

SELF-SERVICE PROVISIONING. With Alpine Chorus, the data science team can create new sandboxes with a few simple clicks. There is no longer a need to file a ticket with IT and wait days (or weeks) for the solution. With self- service provisioning, users can instantiate new sandbox schemas on the fly within existing infrastructure.

AUTOMATED DATA SERVICES. Alpine Chorus dramatically simplifies the process of importing data into the analyst sandbox. A user can upload a delimited file (e.g., CSV, TAB Separated, etc.) directly from their desktop and Alpine Chorus will automatically suggest the correct table structure for the data in the file. Collaborators can then further refine the structure and share the resulting dataset with other users. Alpine Chorus also integrates to existing systems through a REST API. The data import can be scheduled at set intervals or to run with specific workflows.

MINE, MODEL, AND LEVERAGE YOUR DATA WHERE IT LIVES. With Alpine Chorus, business analysts and data scientists perform every aspect of the analytics workflow —exploration and profiling, transformation, modeling, and scoring— without needing to extract or move data to a separate analytics environment.



Alpine Advanced Analytics by Alpine Data Labs

CollaborateData, People, Insights in One Place

  • Secure and transparent data source, analysis, and resultsAvoid the expense of endless iteration by creating a feedback loop supported by any team member
  • Search data, models, people and insights all in one place
  • Create, update, and deploy workflows with an easy to use API

Code Free.Don't code. Do analytics.

  • Hypothesis testing and predictive modeling in minutes using full statistical functionality including Time-Series Analysis, Classification, Regression, Decision Trees and more
  • Scale to billions of rows and terabyte-sized datasets and automate effortlessly
  • Point and click effortlessly through data transformation, feature creation, and model building
  • Complete customization with native support for Hadoop and Relational Databases

No Data MovementBring the app to the data.

  • Curate and leverage data, models, and results securely in your environment to avoid data silos
  • End-to-end workflows cover extraction, transformation, modeling, and scoring
  • A small app footprint means deployment is fast, frictionless, and integration is simple
  • Truly a self-service high performance analytics platform