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Modern Marketers choose Oracle Marketing Cloud to build customer obsessed cultures, create and manage ideal customers, and power revenue performance. They use award-winning technology and expertise to transform marketing by truly knowing the customer, engaging with cross-channel marketing, and achieving data driven accountability. Integrated information from cross-channel, content, and social marketing with data management and dozens of AppCloud apps enables these businesses to target, engage, convert, analyze, and use marketing technology to deliver a better customer experience.



Oracle Marketing Cloud by Oracle Eloqua

The only Modern Marketing solution that integrates cross-channel, content, and social marketing with data management for the enterprise.


Creating Ideal Customers

Every business talks about focusing on the customer. But few actually deliver. Why? Because digital marketing technology can’t tell a compelling story. It lacks engaging dialogue with no connection beyond the transaction. It’s lost in translation because marketers don’t speak code. And it’s confusing to the customer because marketing and IT can’t connect process and data.

Take a look at your digital marketing picture. From a distance it may look fine. But look up close. It’s fragmented and the dots are not connected. You need much higher resolution. Step back and see the big picture. Zoom in on the individual customer. But you’ll need Modern Marketing technology engineered with enterprise grade data management and proven cloud performance.

Explore the people, processes, and technology of the Oracle Marketing Cloud. Create a culture of customer obsession. Simplify marketing across all channels to turn casual prospects into passionate advocates. Engage ideal customers with a meaningful experience. Personalize your brand narrative for each customer in every chapter of your story to increase engagement and revenue.

Marketing Simplicity

Gain the most comprehensive view of customer data. Simplify marketing complexity with the most powerful cross-channel platform. Deliver personalized content at each step of the customer journey.

Customer Centricity

Capture data and use a single customer profile for every marketing process. Recognize every customer as an individual. Engage customers intelligently with content in context to deepen the relationship.

Enterprise Reliability

Consider the advantage of a single unified solution that marketers love and IT trusts. Connect all marketing technology on one platform. Unify your data and execute programs across all digital channels.