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In 2007, my co-founders and I created Marketo with a passion and a vision to build a great company – one that changes the market with our technology innovation and thought leadership; one that delivers real value to our customers; one that delights our users on a daily basis with the experience of working with our software; one that creates substantial returns for our investors and employees; and one that is a special place to work.

Marketo’s vision is rooted in the idea that both the day-to-day jobs and the strategic role of marketing and sales professionals have been disrupted by repeated waves of change over the last decade or so: the Internet and World Wide Web; Google and search marketing; e-commerce; and more recently by social media and ubiquitous mobile computing. Because marketing departments in most companies “own” these digital channels, they in turn have become more important than ever to companies’ customer acquisition success, creation of customer lifetime value, and ultimately, revenue growth.

Marketo builds the marketing automation software that makes this possible, effective, and dare I say it, even fun.

From the beginning, Marketo’s solution has been guided by three key themes:

  • Our software must be easy to adopt and use. Marketing automation software is fundamentally different from other kinds of business applications, like CRM or ERP. With those systems, companies typically configure them once, and then use them for months or even years with relatively little change. Marketing is much more dynamic – users need to constantly conceive, build and launch new marketing campaigns every few days or weeks, with minimum effort and no IT support. Our customers at Marketo typically tell us that they spend one-half to one-third of the time managing Marketo as they did with competing systems, which translates into much more time for them to invest in the creative aspects of their job.
  • Our software must be powerful enough to solve real-world challenges. Modern marketing is challenging, to say the least. Marketers must design campaigns which span multiple fast-moving digital channels like email and social media. Customer data is the lifeblood of the marketing organization. Data must be kept clean and accurate, and users must be able to rapidly segment and select customers for their campaigns. And today’s marketer needs to be able to prove the results of their marketing investments, so sophisticated-yet-easy reporting and analytic tools are as important as campaign tools. Marketo was designed and built by real world marketing professionals who understand what marketers need to be successful. Still, Marketo always balances powerful with easy, so that you can unleash the power when you need it, without having it in the way when you just need to get something simple done and out the door.
  • Our software must be complete, for you and your customers. Your customers don’t care about what marketing software you use. But they will care if you use multiple disconnected systems that create a confusing user experience as they move from the web to email to social channels and beyond. Marketo marketing software spans the entire customer experience, across every marketing channel. And with our industry-leading CRM integration capabilities, the common experience extends to your sales team and the customers they talk to as well. Looking inward toward the marketing user, only Marketo combines completely integrated tools for multi-channel campaign management, social marketing automation, event management, inbound marketing, and customer data management with powerful analytic tools to make sense of it all. Combined with our global partner network, Marketo is the most complete marketing solution available today.



Marketing Automation: B2B marketing & lead management by Marketo

Easily create, automate and measure engaging campaigns across all your marketing channels.

Our marketing automation software gives you the power and flexibility to quickly launch highly targeted campaigns across your marketing channels in order to generate more revenue with less manual effort. Only Marketo provides ease and speed combined with enterprise-level power and flexibility so you never outgrow the system or run into roadblocks.

Generate Demand

Your potential buyers are out there researching solutions. Help them find and learn about yours more easily.

Build Relationships

Easily build automated campaigns that engage prospects in a personalized way, without help from IT.

Drive Sales

Convert more prospects into customers by triggering a sales call or relevant offer at exactly the right time.

Measure and Optimize

Move beyond opens and clicks. Quickly determine how each of your campaigns and channels impact pipeline and revenue.