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Corvil provides the leading Operational Performance Monitoring Platform (OPM) for IT. Customers use Corvil to optimize and safeguard the operational performance of their business processes and services and their IT systems.

The Corvil Vision

Safeguarding Business Performance In A New Era Of IT Automation

Corvil believes that business transacted today can be transacted faster and cheaper tomorrow. New technologies are bringing increased opportunity for IT automation to enable more efficient business. The drive for business growth is forcing business to adopt new technologies and move their business into a faster and more efficient paradigm. Failing to do this puts them at risk relative to businesses that successfully embrace the new paradigm.

 A Sign Of Things To Come – Electronic Trading

A good example of a faster business world is what happened with electronic trading. Over the past five years the operations of Financial Markets have been fundamentally transformed as the industry mass migrated from floor trading to algorithmic trading using the latest innovations in high-speed IT. The trading process migrated from a human to human controlled process to a machine to machine controlled process. As result, process execution frequency increased by 10,000 times and cost per transaction was slashed. Businesses fundamentally had to adapt to the new P&L norm or risk extinction. 

The Tip Of The Iceberg

New examples are rapidly emerging of business processes moving to machine control and execution. Real Time Bidding (RTB) is about to have a dramatic impact on the advertising world where a real-time auction process will occur at Ad Exchanges between advertisers using programmatic buying before an ad is loaded in a web page. The entertainment industry is transforming itself with new real-time online gambling and twitch gaming. Yet another example of industry business practice transforming is in the insurance industry with the adoption of Machine to Machine (M2M) telematics for real-time customer event collection and quoting. Similar initiatives are happening in Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Pharmaceutical verticals. This is the tip of the iceberg. The emerging era of the Internet Of Things (IOT), The Cloud, Big Data and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) will create an endless set of opportunities for businesses to execute their work processes with much greater speed and efficiency.

It’s Time To Prepare For Business In A Faster World

However, a major challenge emerges in monitoring this faster world of business. Executing business transaction at higher frequency and lower latency decreases the predictability of business process outcome and increases the risk of operational malfunction. If you can’t monitor the operational performance of IT, then you can’t monitor the operational performance of the business. If you can’t capture the data associated with the business processes then you can’t analyse and optimize the operations of the business. Legacy methods and tools fall short in this faster world. A new approach is used by Corvil. It starts with short-timescale monitoring of wire data. This wire data is transformed and enriched allowing real-time performance analysis of network, application and transaction layers. Operational intelligence correlated with business events, processes and services are extracted and presented for further analysis. We call this Operational Performance Monitoring.



CorvilNet Appliances by Corvil

As data rates continue to grow exponentially, operational performance monitoring is more important than ever, but firms must continue to manage costs. The Corvil Fusion Architecture includes a range of appliances that enable Corvil’s customers to deploy operational performance monitoring systems more broadly in their organization. Our customers range from the small proprietary trading shop to global service providers and financial institutions.

The product architecture deals with the diverse application requirements, distributed nature and real-time analysis demands of modern enterprise environments. CorvilNet is the only all-in-one system that provides precision monitoring and rapid troubleshooting for both the application operations and network management teams and our appliance suite offers multiple scaling and connectivity options to suit the different requirements.

The CorvilNet Appliance:

  • Delivers twice the processing capacity, allowing customers to monitor greater volumes of market data and client trade flow
  • The CNE-7300 appliance can perform full decode and analysis on up to 2 million messages per second
  • Storage capacity is also more than doubled allowing data to be retained and analyzed for longer periods of time
  • Data capture rates have more than doubled, and a new auto-compression feature uses spare CPU cycles to compress data which further increases disk capacity and capture rates
  • The CNE-7300 has an effective storage capacity of 60TB
  • This performance improvement is delivered in a smaller form factor with reduced power and cooling requirements, important for all data centers but critically important for co-location facilities where many customers deploy Corvil equipment