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Our globally connected world has forced businesses to rethink how they communicate. Mobile lifestyles, a flood of technology, economic pressures and an “always on” mentality have created both opportunity and challenges for organizations of all sizes.

Mitel® (NASDAQ: MITL) (TSX: MNW) is a global leader in business communications that easily connect employees, partners and customers -- anywhere, anytime and over any device, for the smallest business to the largest enterprise. Mitel offers customers maximum choice with one of the industry’s broadest portfolios and the best path to the cloud. With more than US$1 billion in combined annual revenue, 60 million customers worldwide, and #1 market share in Western Europe, Mitel is a clear market leader in business communications.



Mitel MiContact Center by Mitel

Mitel MiContact Center products help business of all sizes to serve their customers while improving employee productivity and controlling operational costs.

Contact centers come in all shapes and sizes.

To meet the needs of internal “customers,” some departments in large organizations even perform a contact center role without thinking of themselves as contact centers.

At the other end of the spectrum are enterprise-class operations that might have agents at multiple sites worldwide. They require automated interactions, advanced routing algorithms, workforce management tools, and a whole array of other capabilities to work effectively.

Contact centers that build relationships

Whether it is a department, an enterprise, or something in between, the goal of any contact center is ensuring that customers get the kind of service they need to build and maintain profitable relationships:

  • Empower customers
  • Ensure agent productivity
  • Manage efficiently
  • Streamline operations



Mitel MiCloud by Mitel

Mitel’s MiCloud solution is a comprehensive program geared to deliver its core product portfolio in the cloud. These solutions are a perfect fit for all organizations—from the SMB to large enterprises as well as service providers.

Increasingly, large organizations are delivering business and communications technology to their employees via public and private networks—from the cloud. Smaller organizations are also embracing the trend by purchasing cloud-based offerings from service providers.

Whether for in-house use or service provision, the benefits of the cloud are the same: economies of scale, unparalleled flexibility and the promise of easier access to ongoing technology advances and ever-greater productivity.

Cloud-Ready Mitel Solutions

MiCloud offers a suite of solutions to deliver its core products—MiVoice, MiCollab and MiContact Center—to specific segments of the market. Mitel’s Freedom Architecture seamlessly ties all of its communication applications together to provide an “in office” experience anywhere and on any device. And its cloud-ready software is single-stream, meaning you will use the same interface no matter how large your business grows or how you decide to deploy it.