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Aastra - A Mitel Company

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Aastra USA Inc. was formed by combining three organizations, each with a rich heritage of its own:

  • Aastra Telecom began in 1992 when Aastra Technologies (previously an engineering company) entered the telecommunications market.  Aastra Telecom began to develop and market consumer-oriented products, becoming the #1 volume supplier of Caller ID equipment by 1999. Starting in 2000, the company began expanding the portfolio with acquisitions of telephone and telephony server product lines from major providers such as Nortel and Lucent.  Today Aastra develops IP-PBX systems for small business as well as a complete line of analog, SIP, and wireless endpoints for organizations of all sizes.
  • Acquired by Aastra in March 2005, Intecom has been designing and delivering innovative solutions for the large enterprise communications market for 30 years.  Many of our customers have been with us for over 25 years, a testament to the fact that we understand the unique communication needs of large campus environments such as colleges and universities, health care institutions, government entities and multi-national corporations.
  • In April 2008, the latest group joined the Aastra USA family via the Aastra acquisition of the Ericsson Enterprise Communications business unit.  Providing solutions for medium to large enterprises and contact centers, this group brought even more loyal customers in the Higher Ed, Health Care and Government sectors.

By combining these three portfolios, Aastra USA can meet the needs of customers of all sizes, from single-line businesses to multi-national organizations with numerous networked locations.  We are dedicated to helping enterprises succeed by meeting their expanding communication technology needs while exceeding their expectations for value, performance and service. 



Solidus eCare by Aastra - A Mitel Company

Solidus eCare - Intelligent Interaction for Excellent Customer Care

Solidus eCare is a rich suite of seamlessly integrated Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) and contact center applications for intelligent interaction in the enterprise. With Solidus eCare you get a powerful and flexible toolbox, providing contact center services, self-service applications and business automation integration. It also offers clear, easy-to-use, historical, real-time reporting and analytics tools to solve business problems, reduce operational costs and improve performance.

A Fully Integrated End-To-End Solution for Enterprise Communication

Aastra’s contact center solution promises everything you need to raise the bar of excellence, heightening customer satisfaction, organizational productivity and business profitability.

Best of all, it is all available in one single solution. As enterprises explore their growth strategies in revenue and productivity, gaining a rapid return on investment (ROI) and heightening customer loyalty and value have consistently been identified as number one priorities on corporate agendas.

Comprehensive solution - the heart of the business

Solidus eCare, a rich suite of seamlessly integrated Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) and contact center applications, offers advanced features to create efficiencies and peak management in your contact center. With full flexibility, full scalability, full openness and high availability, Solidus eCare enables consistent, efficient, first-rate customer service across all media.

Convenient one-stop shopping

Digging into the toolbox, you’ll find an open integration environment, multimedia support, and a built-in auto attendant. Unique to Aastra’s architecture are the embedded IP recording capabilities and the integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR). You’ll also find the BluStar Agent - Aastra’s latest agent application - with advanced UCC features accessible to agents from any terminal, connecting them to the rest of the organization. Today’s contact centers generate more data than virtually any other part of the business.

The integrated monitoring, as well as reporting and analytics applications enhance visibility of your workflows. For example, appointment management, scheduling and self-service applications; repetitive routine tasks (such as appointment reminders, warnings, notifications etc.) can be automated so staff can concentrate on more specialized activities.

Main benefits with Solidus eare:

  • All-in-one contact center
  • Integrated Mobility
  • Business Process Efficiency
  • Open for Easy Integration
  • Business Control through Analytics and Reporting

Solidus eCare is also deployable in a customer’s existing VMware virtualized server environment, giving you all the benefits that virtualization technology has to offer, including increased VMware redundancy options. Viewed as an extremely cost-effective move, not only is the hardware footprint diminished, but also energy consumption, maintenance costs, physical space and staffing requirements.