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Connect your employees, partners and customers

An innovative technology leader, blueKiwi is Europe’s largest SaaS provider of Enterprise Social Software. We help enterprises worldwide improve their business performance through collaborative social networking.

Since becoming an Atos company in early 2012, blueKiwi has leveraged Atos’s global presence and Cloud technology expertise to further evolve our powerful SaaS solution. blueKiwi’s focus on enterprise social networks, combined with Atos’s broader product and service portfolio, creates a powerful duo, enabling us to offer further value to our customers through a unique blend of consultancy, innovation and implementation.

Why blueKiwi?

A trusted partner.

We’re the partner you can count on to ensure your success, from a hassle-free product deployment, to consulting, integration and beyond.

Best fit cloud offerings.

You have a range of cloud offerings to choose from so it’s easy to find the right fit for your business – from multi-to-single tenant, from private to highly private, at home or abroad.

Social business leadership.

You’re working with an organisation that knows social business better than anyone else. With an 80,000 employee deployment, our goal is to perform better and eradicate internal email in the process.



blueKiwi ZEN by blueKiwi

Collaborate Anywhere, Work Everywhere

Find balance in your work. Accomplish business goals faster. Grow professional relationships. Work the way you want. blueKiwi enterprise social software becomes your organization’s social business hub, enhancing professional relationships, helping you to establish priorities and connecting users to the social network via the applications and devices they prefer.

Smarter… not harder

With blueKiwi, you can eliminate the complexity of today’s work environment by providing a single, easily accessible place for users to collaborate, organize and exchange information. In this uniquely collaborative work environment, membership is not dictated by job description, but by experience and expertise. By creating a place where users can contribute and share, blueKiwi captures the powerful collective knowledge of an entire organization. This helps employees get the answers they need to time-sensitive questions and equips them to make better decisions.

And blueKiwi’s new social recommendation engine helps users build new connections by bringing the expertise of the extended network directly to them – and by recommending additional people, topics and content that may help further develop their work.

Put “social” to work for you

Enterprise social networks are all about transparency and collaboration, something the business world is now recognizing as essential to its success. With blueKiwi, your employees can improve communication and information sharing among teams, thereby increasing their ability to successfully reach business goals.

A blueKiwi enterprise social network can connect everyone at your organization anywhere – using tools familiar to them. With mobile devices to access information on the go and business apps like Microsoft Outlook and Office to ease new app integration, going social is simple. And with blueKiwi, you have a single space to collaborate and exchange ideas on a subject – so no one is left behind.

Your enterprise social network is not just about communicating with the people you know, it’s a new way of working where you can discover, recognize and capitalize on new talent and opportunities.