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Agiloft, Inc. is a trusted provider of agile business process software. Our unique platform enables our pre-built and custom applications to be tailored to your exact needs without writing custom code, so deployment times and costs are a fraction of other systems.

Our design experts ensure success with a full range of services, and the system can be deployed on our cloud infrastructure or on premise. Agiloft offers the most flexible and cost-effective integrated solution for managing complex business processes. Hundreds of customers, from startups to Fortune 100 companies, are using Agiloft to manage their Service Desk, Assets, Repairs, Contracts, Changes, Billing, CRM, SOX Compliance, and dozens of other custom processes.

With a strong focus on engineering excellence, we have an absolute dedication to world-class customer service. Thanks to our unique, adaptive platform and over a decade of experience designing and implementing sophisticated process automation solutions, we can offer fixed-price implementations backed by an unconditional guarantee of total customer satisfaction.

We've enjoyed pure organic growth from the start and have remained self-funded and profitable, with no debt or external investors. Our Dun & Bradstreet number is 83-607-8865.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we have offices in the U.S., Russia, and New Zealand. We have partners and resellers in the U.S., Europe, South America, and Asia.



Agiloft Document Management Software by Agiloft

Agiloft has everything you need to manage your company's documents, from contracts and user guides, to HR materials, knowledgebase articles, and financial reports. The application handles the full document lifecycle from assembly through publication and retirement.

Agiloft also lets you easily relate documents to relevant business processes, making the information visible and actionable throughout your organization.

For instance:

  • Manuals or user guides may be linked to the particular software releases they apply to, so that update tasks are automatically triggered when a new release is scheduled.
  • HR documents may be related to particular departments, office locations, or employee teams. Agiloft generates automatic notifications to the appropriate people when they change.
  • Support technicians dealing with customers can view the details of the customer's support contract documentation to determine whether it's valid and what it covers.
  • Sales contracts can be linked to your customer onboarding process.

With our solution you get more than a stand-alone document management tool - you get an integrated system that can be extended in any direction to make your business more efficient and your staff better informed.


Agiloft Service Desk Suite by Agiloft

Agiloft has deployed service desks for over 2.5 million named users at companies big and small. It is designed to address the most complex support requirements of sophisticated organizations. We used our decade of experience implementing internal and external support solutions for customers to design a robust suite based on service desk best practices.

Take our out-of-the-box, best practice starting point. Combine it with our graphical workflow editor, adaptive business rules engine, powerful searching, fine-grained access control, comprehensive reports and dashboards, and ease of customization. The result: a full featured system that can be quickly deployed at a fraction of the time and cost of other solutions.

Don't take our word for it! Agiloft recently won the InfoTech Analyst award as the most innovative and Best Overall Value product among mid-market service-desks. View the Report Summary, or download the Full Report.

With Agiloft you will slash deployment time and reap the benefit of a faster return on investment. Because your administrator can make deep configuration changes using just a browser, the costs, delays and uncertainty of custom code are eliminated. Once Agiloft is in production, your company continues to benefit from our agile technology. Processes inevitably change, and your automation has to change with them. Now, you can make such changes quickly, without having to struggle with opaque and aging custom code.

The Agiloft Service Desk includes out-of-the-box templates with everything needed for an integrated system, starting with: internal helpdesk, external customer support, change management, asset management, and an alternative ITIL based version of the service desk.

The system extends beyond these core functions to also offer client and vendor contract management, project and task management, timekeeping, customer surveys, and even repair tracking. Turn these functions on or off as desired to implement a fully integrated, complete IT service desk solution at no extra cost.