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Health Asset Management, Inc. (HAMi) is a computer software provider headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida USA. It was founded in 1997 by Michael D. Tarpley. HAMi’s original software was developed for asset management before expanding to contract management and other uses. In 1999, work continued on software development and adoption of the cloud computing technologies early on led to the delivery of a Web-based solution now known as “cloud computing”. The software was then renamed PaperTracer Business Process Management Software (PaperTracer). It will systematically record, index, store, retrieve and manage paper, digital documents and the data contained in those documents. HAMi has used a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model since 2001 and has over 13 years of technical expertise and experience to meet the requirements of the clients’ business process needs. Our client base represents over 55 institutions. They are from healthcare, research, education and other industries both nationally and internationally.



PaperTracer by PaperTracer

PaperTracer: Business Process Management Software (BPM)

PaperTracer... simply stated, we are a provider of Business Process Management Software systems that allows our customers to easily use our SQL Modules to deploy powerful custom SQL databases, make them collaborative with both internal and external users, personalize with your Corporate Logo, and begin using the software within a matter of minutes!