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Cognidox Limited is a software company providing document management solutions. The company’s software solves two problems – product document control and easy-to-deploy web portals for customer-facing documents.Our products are used inside companies to improve product design, and between companies for knowledge transfer.

The company was founded in 2008 by Vittal Aithal and Paul Walsh. They'd worked together for over a decade in different companies, but always around the topic of improving communications between SW/HW development teams and the rest of the company. From 2000, while working for a fabless semiconductor company (Virata), they built an internal product called Doxbox. The rights for Doxbox were granted to them and with a new name they formed a company to offer it as a product for the high tech, media tech and clean tech sectors.

Cognidox develop using GNU/Linux, but work with many operating systems. In December 2009 the company was chosen as the Microsoft BizSpark 'company of the day'.

The company is based in Cambridge, UK. It's not only a beautiful and historical location, but an area packed with companies working on amazing technology innovations.



CogniDox DMS by Cognidox

CogniDox DMS - lean document management

CogniDox DMS solves the problems faced by High-tech companies who generate many design documents and find that shared network drives are not secure, scalable or easy to use. CogniDox provides a centralised, secure vault that both protects valuable intellectual property and makes it easy to find (and re-use) existing knowledge.

Above all, document control increases employee productivity by cutting out the waste associated with searching, reviewing through email attachments and working with the wrong version of documents. You could call it "Lean document management".

Simple enough to be used across all company departments, CogniDox gives special benefits to those in product management and other customer-facing roles. It's also of great benefit if you are responsible for Quality Control procedures and compliance, e.g. for ISO 9001, ISO 13485, 21CFR 11, TS 16949, TL 9000, SOX, etc.

Read more about the benefits for different job roles.

CogniDox has been designed for Hi-tech, Cleantech and Medtech companies. No other DMS fits as well into the Product lifecycle when it comes to integration with development tools and publishing content to customers and partners.