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Hours in the day are finite and therefore time is your most precious resource. This means 3 things: You need to track the data You need to use the data You need to make it painless


When you’ve used up the 24 hours in a day....they’re gone

When a timesheet mistake is made....the payroll check is already cut

When you can’t assign the right resources....the project is stalled


Replicon is the leading provider of cloud time tracking applications. We provide unprecedented visibility into time, resource and project data along with embedded reporting for real-time analytics that reduce compliance risk, keep costs down and provide greater insight into business performance. Replicon’s award-winning products are delivered 100% in the cloud on a single platform, and are therefore simple and hassle-free to trial, buy, deploy and use. Replicon is a global company with employees in Australia, Canada, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


Hands down, using our cloud application is the easiest, most accurate and the most secure way to track time.

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TimeAttend by Replicon

Simplify Time and Attendance Tracking

Time Capture & Approval

Track time for any employee type with our highly configurable and intuitive timesheets. Leverage flexible approval workflows that adapt to your business processes to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Overtime Management

Keep overtime costs in check with configurable calculation rules that increase accuracy and improve compliance with overtime laws.

Absence Management

Automate your time off management with self-service time off request capabilities and advanced accrual rules and calculations.

Real-time Reporting

Enjoy real-time insights with pre-delivered reports that can be customized with filters and groupings to get the exact data you need.


Replicon Project and Program Management (PPM) by Replicon

A complete solution to manage your entire portfolio of projects ― from kick-off to completion.

Gain the visibility you need for efficient, successful Project Management and Costing with central access to real-time project information throughout the project lifecycle.

Easy project set up and administration

  • Create projects with multi-level hierarchies in seconds
  • Easily define project milestones
  • Assign approved expenses by project
  • Set budgets for time and costs per project

Robust project tracking

  • Get real-time visibility into project costs and hours worked
  • Track budget to actuals to ensure projects are on-time and on-budget
  • Get a bird’s eye view of all projects across all stages