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GigaVUE® H Series

by Gigamon

Product Information  

GigaVUE® H Series

Category: Network Packet Brokers

Product Description

High-density, High-scale Traffic Visibility Fabric™ Nodes

A variety of systems are deployed throughout Enterprise and Service Provider infrastructure to provide visibility of the traffic traversing production networks. These systems are only as effective as the traffic and communications that they can see; limit visibility to the traffic, and the value of the monitoring, management or security system is equally limited. IT Managers therefore attempt to connect the systems at the most appropriate location within the environment, although the definition of “most appropriate” changes frequently due to the dynamic nature of the network and the systems that connect to that network.

As requirements on networking and infrastructure continued to demand more flexible, scalable and versatile solutions, Gigamon pioneered a new approach to deliver pervasive and extensible visibility into the network. Understanding the criticality and priority of one communication flow over another, one application over another, and one packet over another, created the foundation for the development of the Traffic Visibility Fabric. The Gigamon Visibility Fabric is a truly pervasive framework, able to see across the boundary of physical and virtual, and therefore able to see into the cloud and provide the clarity that is essential to secure maintain, and support network-based services and applications.

Vendor Information


Gigamon® provides intelligent Traffic Visibility solutions for enterprises, data centers and service providers around the globe. Our technology empowers infrastructure architects, managers and operators with unmatched visibility into the traffic traversing both physical and virtual networks without affecting the performance or stability of the production environment. Through patented technologies, the Gigamon GigaVUE® portfolio of high availability and high density products intelligently delivers the appropriate network traffic to security, monitoring or management systems.