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vBroker Series

by VSS Monitoring

Product Information  

vBroker Series

Category: Network Packet Brokers

Product Description

The vBroker™ Series

provides network-wide visibility by accessing, capturing, and brokering traffic from one or more full-duplex networks to multiple passive network monitoring and/or active security tools. Policy-based triggers, health checks, and fail-open / fail-closed configurability combine with filtering, grooming and load balancing to provide redundancy and high availability for in-band and out-of-band visibility.

VSS vBroker modular appliances solve a variety of network-related IT challenges in your network and data centers, including improving the link-layer visibility and data access of monitoring and security tools, accelerating the time to diagnose performance problems and security incidents, and making sure CapEx and OpEx costs remain stable as network size and speeds grow.

With VSS' visionary vMesh™ approach to architecture, you get the flexibility and modularity to deploy just the appliances you need with the ability to scale link-layer visibility and data access to a system-level architecture with over 250 devices and 10,000 ports globally. The business benefits include more flexible capital requirements, higher tool utilization and ROI, and lower operating costs.

  • Gain link-layer visibility and data access across entire network 
  •  Centralize tools while increasing their reach greatly improving tool ROI
  •  Flexible access to both passive and active inline tools 
  •  Boost monitoring and security tool efficiency 
  •  Reduce both CapEx / OpEx through longer tool lifecycles 
  •  Support network upgrades by load balancing existing tools 
  •  Quickly provision new tools by eliminating SPAN port contention 
  •  Centrally, remotely, and/or locally manage network visibility and access
  •  Manage and maintain security and monitoring tools with zero network downtime




Vendor Information


World Leadership

VSS Monitoring is a world leader in network packet brokers (NPB), providing a unique systems approach to enable network-wide and link-layer visibility, access and offload for a broad ecosystem of network monitoring and security tools. Deployed globally by 80% of the world's tier 1 service providers, F500 corporations and major government agencies, VSS Monitoring packet brokers improve tool usage and efficiency, simplify IT operations, and greatly enhance tool ROI.

Visionary Approach

The VSS Monitoring family of network packet brokers (NPB) is a comprehensive portfolio of network infrastructure appliances that enables customers to gain network-wide visibility and traffic capture for their ecosystem of network performance and security tools. Unlike traditional network TAP (test access port) and aggregator products, it provides link-layer visibility and access across LAN, WAN and Internet boundaries via its unique vMesh™ architecture that seamlessly connects hundreds of packet brokers to form a brokering system or fabric across multiple locations, as well as offloads multiple processing tasks from IT tools, making them significantly more efficient and yielding higher return on investment (ROI). Additionally, it provides unique support for brokering packets to inline security tools, enabling security-in-layers architectures to perform optimally and as designed.

Industry Leading Products

VSS Monitoring network packet brokers provides the widest access to, and link-layer visibility across, the entire network, enabling the most effective application and network performance monitoring , due to maximum tool efficiency with full integration and leveraging of security tools across local and global networks. VSS NPBs extended lifecycles for network monitoring and security tools, enabling higher ROI and better investment protection for our customer's tools and solutions. VSS has pioneered many industry firsts including the vMesh™ architecture that allows up to 256 network packet brokers to be meshed together to create a fault-tolerant fabric to enable a system-level approach to the network monitoring and security infrastructure. It creates unprecedented visibility, density, and scale for NPBs and for the analysis and service assurance solutions they support.

Global Presence

Founded in 2003, and acquired by Danaher Corporation (a Fortune 200 company), in 2012, with more than 1000 customers in over 120 countries from the telecom, enterprise, government and financial sectors have deployed VSS Monitoring's advanced systems-based network packet broker solutions. Based in Silicon Valley, VSS has grown profitably into a world market leader, with the largest and most knowledgeable team of customer support engineers and solution partners across the Americas, Asia and Europe. VSS products are designed and manufactured in California's Silicon Valley.