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Product Information  


Category: Network Packet Brokers

Product Description

IntellaFlex Packet Aggregator Blades

  • Reduce monitoring costs by sharing expensive network tools
  • Highest scalability and port density in the industry
  • Maximize tool investments
  • Packet aggregation, packet filtering, data rate conversion, network load balancing

Save Tool Budget With Data Rate Conversion

Data rate conversion through IntellaFlex blades allows you to realize substantial ROI by eliminating the need to purchase dedicated devices for every data rate represented in your network.


Share Tools With Packet Aggregation & Packet Filtering

With APCON's packet aggregation technology, data center managers are able to combine several data streams to share an inventory of expensive monitoring devices – often distributed across multiple locations – while preventing oversubscription and data loss. Packet filtering and network load balancing reduces the combined stream to meet available bandwidth. This saves capital expense on redundant tools.

Vendor Information


APCON, Inc. is a pioneer in the field of switching technology and is globally recognized as the leading provider of packet aggregation switching solutions. Organizations in over 40 countries currently depend on APCON solutions in their network infrastructures. Customers include Fortune 1000 companies, and networking and computer OEMs, as well as government and military organizations, telecommunication and service providers, financial services firms, and medical companies.

APCON's IntellaPatch® switches are the industry's leading state-of-the-art device connectivity solution. Combined with the new IntellaFlex™ Packet Aggregator family, IntellaPatch provides the widest array of modular switching solutions based on scalable chassis, multi-protocol blades, and intuitive embedded management software. APCON's combined switching, aggregation and filtering technology makes it possible to reduce monitoring equipment investments by an average of 50 percent per data center while still guaranteeing customers they will have 100 percent network visibility 24×7×365.

APCON is headquartered near Portland, Oregon, where it has operated since 1993. APCON's in-house staff manages product design and development, manufacturing, quality assurance and final testing, customer training and long-term servicing of its solutions – whether for a system with a single switch or an installation of multiple switches.