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TIBCO LogLogic

by Tibco

Product Information  

TIBCO LogLogic

Category: Security Information and Event Management

Product Description

With the ability to process over 1,000,000 events per second from more than 10,000 devices, TIBCO LogLogic® prepares you to manage – and take advantage of – the explosive growth in machine data.

TIBCO® LogLogic is the only log management solution that offers you: -

  • Enterprise Class Log Management: The ability to ingest, process, and display Machine Big Data from any source to create a universal platform for security, compliance, IT operations.
  • Effortless Lifecycle: A plug-and-play, centrally managed platform automates the complete lifecycle of machine data. -
  • Predictive Intelligence for Machine Big Data: A complete solution that empowers your organization to anticipate risks and uncover opportunities by interpreting machine data for intelligent search and visual analytics.

Key enterprise-class features give you:

  • Universal Machine Big Data Strategy: Provides the right data, at the right time, at the right cost, to the right systems required for compliance, security, IT operations and application management solutions.
  • Actionable Insight into Machine Big Data: Discovers patterns in Machine Big Data and real-time events to immediately identify strategic business opportunities or threats.
  • Unified Management of All Log Sources: Provides a centralized solution for managing enterprise class machine generated big data from all assets across the entire infrastructure, and optimized to provide Logging as a Service (LaaS) for IT. 
  • Fastest Time from Event to Action: Dramatically reduces the time and costs needed to uncover information within enterprise-level data volumes and react in real time

Vendor Information


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) is a global leader in infrastructure and business intelligence software. Whether it's optimizing inventory, cross-selling products, or averting crisis before it happens, TIBCO uniquely delivers the Two-Second Advantage® – the ability to capture the right information at the right time and act on it preemptively for a competitive advantage. With a broad mix of innovative products and services, TIBCO is the strategic technology partner trusted by businesses around the world.

The Challenge: Big Data & Meeting the Demands of Digital Consumers

Organizations today are being challenged by an explosion of data and the demands of digital consumers. The increasing volume, variety, and velocity of information is overwhelming traditional IT systems, while today's always-on customers are demanding personalized, real-time services through the channel of their choice.

Transforming your business to solve these 21st-century challenges cannot be achieved with 20th-century technologies. It requires an IT platform that can make sense of the deluge of data, understand events, glean insight from hidden patterns, and respond intelligently in real time – enabling you to be the first to insight and the first to action.

Harness the Power of TIBCO's Event-Enabled Enterprise Platform

The TIBCO platform is unique in its ability to seek, understand, and respond to real-time events. This provides comprehensive visibility into trends and opportunities, as well as the intelligence and agility to recognize and instantly react to key events – capturing opportunities and averting risks within ever-shortening time frames.

Automation of your systems, data, processes, business rules, and people is at the core of the TIBCO platform, creating an environment that allows real-time information to flow freely across your enterprise. With a foundation of automation, TIBCO's event processing then correlates all of the events happening throughout your ecosystem – seeking out and identifying the most meaningful events and immediately taking intelligent action.

TIBCO's visual analytics give you the tools to understand big data, enabling you to clearly see what's going on throughout your organization and optimize operations. As requirements change, TIBCO's cloud technologies provide elastic computing to meet fluctuating demands with an efficiency that changes the cost structure of your IT, so you can do more with less.


The TIBCO platform is uniquely suited to transform your business into an event-enabled enterprise, so you can meet the challenges of the 21st century. With the power of real-time event processing and insightful analytics, the TIBCO platform enables you to achieve the two-second advantage.

We are committed to flawless execution and delivery, and we take pride in helping our customers thrive in today's challenging environment. We share the visions of our customers, and our commitment to building these visions never ends. Working together, we can make the world a better place.