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OpenText Cordsys

by OpenText

Product Information  

OpenText Cordsys

Category: Business Process Management Suites

Product Description

Successful businesses need to be built-to-change. However, many organizations are hindered by IT landscapes that are built-to-last. Opentext Cordys closes this gap through a powerful, next generation Business Process Management Suite that enables organizations to adopt and embrace change and at the same time stay in control. OpenText Cordys puts the business in direct control of their processes and fosters alignment between business and IT, resulting in tangible benefits for both. OpenText Cordys is unique in its ability to align IT with business needs.

OpenText Cordys is designed to support a continuous process improvement cycle that follows the natural flow of iterative and agile transformation:

Discovery of processes based on mining techniques or simplified manual goal- and activity modeling

  • Modeling processes according the business objectives and strategy
  • Executing processes in exact accordance with designs
  • Monitoring processes and business activities closely in real-time
  • Improving processes and analyzing feedback on a continuous basis

With OpenText Cordys you can leverage new process-oriented solutions and services from the cloud, while respecting existing enterprise software. Deliver better customer service and release additional value from existing IT.

Vendor Information


Who we are 

OpenText is a global, publically-traded Canadian software company with more than 5000 employees in over 60 offices around the world.

We are the global leader in Enterprise Information Management. Our software solutions help large enterprises manage and secure their unstructured digital data – the kind that doesn’t easily fit into the rows and columns of a database – and use it to benefit their business and gain competitive advantage.

Today, we offer 5 solution suites to target key sources of unstructured digital data found within the enterprise. Our solutions are deployed both on premises and in the cloud.

A bright future

OpenText is a profitable business with seasoned leadership and a proven formula for success. In addition, we have momentum in a large and rapidly growing market.

The EIM market is projected to grow at 10% from $13B today to $19B by 2016. Many enterprises have fully extracted value from their structured information (ERP systems) and are now transferring their budgets to EIM.

Our history

OpenText began in the late ‘80s as a University of Waterloo research project to digitize all 60 million words of the Oxford Dictionary – and make them searchable (thus, the meaning behind “OpenText”).

During that process something happened that would change the world: the Internet’s first search engine technology was created.

OpenText incorporated in 1991 and the new search engine technology it invented was soon adopted by Yahoo!, one of its first customers. This was the first of many innovations that would lead the company beyond search and, ultimately, into the world of EIM.