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Vitria Operational Intelligence

by Vitria

Product Information  

Vitria Operational Intelligence

Category: Business Process Management Suites

Product Description

Introducing Vitria Operational Intelligence

Vitria Operational Intelligence (OI) empowers business leaders to quickly act on insights gleaned from streaming data and information – while it still counts. It is the only unified software platform that combines the ability to analyze streaming Big Data, complex events and processes with the ability to take immediate action on discovered insights through automated processes and guided workflows.

With Vitria OI, enterprises can continuously monitor business activity across multiple applications to gain real-time actionable insight. Examples of activity patterns that can be quickly uncovered, analyzed, and acted upon – in seconds and minutes – include those related to financial transactions, orders, shipments, packages, vehicles, online customers, passengers, and people of interest.

Organizations are producing increasingly vast volumes of high velocity data in a myriad of formats – commonly referred to as Big Data. Previously, they have had to resort to capturing, storing and then attempting to extract insights from data warehouses after the fact. Vitria OI lets them continuously analyze streaming Big Data, in real-time – and take immediate action.

Vendor Information


Vitria provides the industry’s leading streaming analytics platform that delivers continuous operational intelligence. Enterprises have deployed Vitria Operational Intelligence (OI) to help them uncover, analyze and act on insights from streaming data—in seconds and minutes. With Vitria OI, they can continuously monitor their network and infrastructure, improve their customers’ experience in real-time, engage in more targeted one-to-one marketing to increase customer loyalty and reduce churn, proactively detect and prevent cyber security attacks and fraud, monetize M2M initiatives, and more.

Vitria was founded in 1994 by Dr. JoMei Chang (CEO) and Dr. Dale Skeen (CTO). Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Vitria is a privately-held company with offices around the world.