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by AppNeta

Product Information  


Category: Application Performance Monitoring
Category: Network Performance Monitoring

Product Description

Code-level insight for web apps

Combine full-stack application tracing and brilliant data visualization to build faster, more reliable web apps.

  • Visualize request patterns in one place to separate the noisy from the systematic.
  • Zoom-in on trends based performance — no guessing involved.
  • Understand spikes in the graphs, even if the cause is only a single outlying request.
  • Cross-correlate information between multiple sources. Want to find the controller and action that scans entire MongoDB collections? Done, in a single screen.
  • Track every machine involved in a transaction & identify bottlenecks in a single click.
  • Isolate interesting calls & drill down to the line of code & machine it ran on.
  • Tie together code & infrastructure metrics with database, service, & cache calls, all in the context of a single transaction.
  • Smart Tracing means you can run in production, with negligible overhead (<1%).
  • Monitor the full stack in one place with the User Satisfaction Dashboard. Know where problems originate: browser, network, or backend code.
  • Combine the best of real user behaviors with synthetic baselines to understand your customer’s true web application experience from anywhere in the world.
  • Tie end user experiences back to actual server side transactions.
  • Gain continuous visibility into end user experience of business—critical web apps with synthetic monitoring fromAppView.



Shutterfly, MapMyFitness, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, eBay, Citrix

Vendor Information


AppNeta is the Full Stack Application Performance Management (APM) technology leader, providing integrated performance visibility into the application code, through the network, to the end user.

AppNeta's SaaS solutions give Development, Application and IT Operations teams broad, detailed performance data to see across their web, mobile and cloud-delivered application environments and pinpoint tough performance bottlenecks.

With AppNeta, customers have all of the performance data they need to assure ongoing and exceptional delivery of business critical applications and end user experience.