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Trustwave SIEM

by Trustwave

Product Information  

Trustwave SIEM

Category: Security Information and Event Management

Product Description

Trustwave SIEM Portfolio

SIEM technologies are helping businesses improve compliance management, and helping safeguard them from data breaches and fraud. Proactively "seeing" and preparing for evolving and advanced and persistent threats, and minimizing the impact of those threats by enabling you to collect, analyze, and assess security and non-security events for rapid identification, prioritization, and response are core benefits of our SIEM solutions.

Reduce Cost and Enhance Security

When you choose a Trustwave Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution to monitor and protect your data, you get superior quality and mature security and compliance coverage.

A Unified Security Approach

Trustwave SIEM solutions help businesses of all sizes protect their environment as part of both organizational compliance and defense-in-depth security strategies. We offer a variety of SIEM deployment options including software, managed security services and appliances that:

  • Are engineered and designed to address the full breadth of needs – from log management to sophisticated enterprise security demands.
  • Can scale from a single business site to multiple global 24x7x365 Security Operations Centers.
  • Function as the nerve center of your unified security approach, enabling other products to share intelligence and events that uncover threats that single, point products miss.
  • Include big data intelligent security capabilities as well as interoperability that enable flexible architectures and meet the toughest business, compliance, and technical requirements.


Vendor Information


Trustwave helps businesses fight cybercrime, protect data and reduce security risk. We give organizations-ranging from Fortune 500 enterprises to small- and medium-sized businesses-the services and technologies they need to transform the way they plan, prepare, integrate and manage their information security and compliance programs.

Smart Security On Demand

We deliver automated, sustainable and cost-effective data protection, risk management and threat intelligence to our customers—what we call SMART SECURITY ON DEMAND.

With more than 2 million enrollees, our TrustKeeper® platform is available in the cloud. We also offer industry-leading managed security services, award-winning technology products, as well as consulting, systems integration and other professional services. Many of our solutions are available across multiple delivery mechanisms, giving our customers flexibility as they design and implement their security infrastructure.

Must-Have Data Protection

Financially-motivated hackers, corporate data breaches, compliance requirements, and the need for businesses to secure what many consider the lifeblood of their business—their confidential data—have put businesses on notice that security is a "must have." Our comprehensive suite of technologies and services help businesses secure critical information throughout its lifecycle and comply with sometimes daunting regulatory requirements.

Trusted Advisors

With automation, tools and intelligence, we find better ways for businesses to overcome their security challenges. Our qualified security assessors, ethical hackers and other experts are some of the industry’s most trusted sources for risk assessments, threat research, forensic investigations, and security training. We performed hundreds of security breach investigations and thousands of ethical hacking projects last year. We’re also selected by more enterprises for compliance than the next ten service providers combined, and some of the world’s largest financial institutions rely on our knowledge and technology to help their customers validate, achieve and maintain compliance.

Threat Intelligence Built-In

Our large, global client footprint gives us visibility into security threats-visibility enhanced by our SpiderLabs teams' applied research and field testing. Last year, we researched more than 9 million Web application attacks, more than 2 million network and vulnerability scans, more than 5 million malicious websites, more than 20 billion emails as well as zero-day threats, which- combined—fuels the threat intelligence we bake into our services and technologies to help customers prepare proactively for threats and reduce overall risk exposure.

PCI Compliance and Beyond

For years we’ve pioneered and led the PCI compliance space—helping enterprises, banks and their customers address risks and challenges of payment card fraud and compromise. But we excel at more than PCI. Our multi- compliance framework applies to other business-impacting regulations and standards including HIPAA, FISMA, GLBA, ISO, and SOX. We also offer enterprise risk assessment services related to big data, the cloud, and mobility.