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Birst Enterprise-caliber Cloud BI

by Birst

Product Information  

Birst Enterprise-caliber Cloud BI

Category: Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms

Product Description

Enterprise-caliber BI delivers accurate, actionable content in an intuitive, self-service business intelligence environment. It allows users to combine data from different source systems in a single BI platform to get answers to their most pressing business concerns in real time. And, when the questions change, it adapts quickly to the new request.

Unified business analytics

Pixel-perfect banded reporting, ad hoc query, data discovery and in-dashboard ad-hoc pivot from a single platform. Every interface has an extensive library of interactive visualizations. Create pivot tables, visualize data, and drill down into reports, all without involving IT.

Advanced analytics 

All data elements in our analytical data store, including modeling results and all logical measures, are accessible for OLAP-style point and click analysis and report generation. Perform custom calculations with look-ups and statistical functions using Birst’s logical query language. Empower users to stay on top of their data with real-time alerts and notifications.

Collaborate and distribute analysis 

Annotate dashboards with “sticky notes” to collaborate with your peers. Securely share critical analysis throughout the organization. Distribute results via email, file servers, or on mobile devices. Every report and dashboard can be scheduled, exported to PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, CSV and distributed via email throughout the enterprise.

Integrate data from many systems

Birst provides data extract options for on-premise databases, flat files, as well as on-premise and cloud applications. Integrate data from SAP BW,, NetSuite, Marketo, Microsoft Analysis Services, and other operational systems. Birst extracts and loads data into an analytical data store or connects in real-time with Birst Live Access. 

Automate complex data management tasks

Address the challenges of data integration with Birst’s uniform logical layer and automated data warehouse. Generate fact tables, dimension tables, join relationships, and the scripts for loading data —all with just a few clicks. Birst's BI platform automates database management activities including creation of time series measures, index management, and optimization of disk I/O for performance.

Deploy BI in weeks, not months 

Don’t let BI slow down your business. Our customized solutions are deployed in weeks and subsequent features are released every two weeks. Birst’s BI platform ensures data accuracy and automation, easy integration and aggregation, support for multiple information consumption styles, flexible deployment options, and enterprise-wide scalability.


Feature Name Support
Business Performance Management Metrics and KPIs
Business Size Large, Medium, Public Administrations, Small
Data Analysis Advanced Analytics, Extract, Transform and Load (ETL), Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), Predictive Analytics, Real-time Data Analysis, Standard Analytics
Data Management Data Discovery, Data Governance, Data Mashup and Modeling, Data Warehousing, Enterprise Data Integration, Metadata Management
Deployment Model Cloud-Based, Mobile Access, On-Premise, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
Extended Functionality API, Collaboration Tools, Development Tools, Industry Vertical Functionality, Portal Integration, Self-service Capabilities, Support for Big Data Sources, Third-party Apps Integration, Wide Database Support
Help and Support 24/7 Customer Support, Email Support, Online Tutorials, Phone Support, Social Media, Technical Support, Training
Information Delivery Ad hoc Report/Query, Advanced Reporting, Dashboarding, Graphic User Interface, Intelligent Alerts, Interactive Reporting, Interactive Visualization, Microsoft Office Integration, Mobile BI Capabilities, Reporting
OS Support Android, Linux, Mac, Oracle, Windows
Pricing Model Free Trial, Subscription
Security and Control Application-level Security, Central Administration, Data Encryption, Data Redundancy and Backup, Data-level Security, Flexible Authentication Options, Multi-tenant Security, Single Sign-On

Vendor Information


Birst brings the benefits of fact-based decision making to a much broader audience than ever before by providing enterprise-class analysis and reporting that is quick to deploy, easy to use, and affordable. Founded in 2005 by Business Intelligence experts, we witnessed firsthand the power of enterprise-wide BI platforms, but were dismayed to see how the fragmented offerings, complexity, and high costs inhibited widespread adoption.

With the rise of powerful Cloud-based technologies, we recognized we could build a robust, multi-tenant BI platform that would unify the traditionally siloed BI technologies, automate critical data management tasks, and greatly reduce complexity—speeding deployments and reducing overall costs. We wanted to deliver real BI—more than a simple charting engine for one or two data sources and one that did not assume that IT had already built a data infrastructure ready for analysis. It would address a business’ entire analytics needs across all data sources, transforming raw data to analysis-ready information. It would empower business users to make meaningful business decisions without the constant involvement of IT.

At Birst we’re giving business meaning to data – by enabling business users to analyze all of their data, from all types of sources, to solve real problems. Fast. Our enterprise-caliber Cloud BI approach is less costly and more agile than traditional, on-premise BI and more powerful than Data Discovery.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California with offices in Europe, Middle East and Asia, Birst is among the fastest growing business-to-business software providers. Selling directly to businesses as well as other software vendors who seek to embed analytics into their applications, more than 1,000 organizations currently rely upon Birst for their business analytics needs.